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Two naughty mothers

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Two naughty mothers


Susan Holcomb leaned back on the redwood lounge chair, enjoying the way the sun burned down on her bare thighs. On the small table next to her was a frosted bottle of imported beer. She was not much of a drinker, but on days as hot as this, she enjoyed a beer.

On the soft grass was her son, Robert. He was wrestling with his friend from next door. Robert was not yet in high school. He would be starting this coming fall. His friend, Tom, had just completed his first year in high school. Susan thought it strange that they should be such good friends. Although there was only a year difference in their ages, the social structure of teenagers usually prevented one from associating with someone in a lower class.

Susan shifted her position on the lounge chair, and her skirt slipped higher on her long, creamy thighs. She watched the boys with half-closed eyes, feeling dreamy and lazy. The sun was at its peak, and the afternoon was going to be even hotter. She could feel sweat at her armpits and between her thighs. Unknowingly, she spread her feet farther apart. Closing her eyes to the rays of the sun, she let her mind drift. She began thinking about sex, something she thought about a lot.

Susan was an extremely sensual woman. She enjoyed and loved sex for sex's sake. It was something she could easily separate from love.

Although she had remained faithful to her husband until the divorce, it had not prevented her from imagining all sorts of erotic situations, with herself the center of attention.

Even now she could feel her tits swelling inside her thin blouse, her nipples tingling with sensation. There was a throb of anticipation between her thighs, inside her cunt. Her pussy twitched and quivered, the hairy lips puffing up. Her clit burned with the need to be touched, and she considered going into the house and fingering her cunt to an orgasm.

She did not notice when Karen Mason entered the yard.

Karen was Tom's mother, a year older than Susan's thirty-two. Karen was an extremely beautiful woman, tall and slender, with deliciously shaped curves. Karen's tits arched and swelled out in perfection, and her ass was a delight to look upon. It was tight and curvy, and flexed when she walked. Karen was as sensual as Susan, if not more so. She knew she was attractive, and dressed to show off her inviting body. She wore a halter over her tits, and the nipples were outlined clearly. She also wore a pair of very brief shorts, with slits up each side almost to her waist.

"My, my," Karen said quietly.

Susan opened her eyes. "Oh, hello, Karen."