Kathy Andrews

What a hot mom!


"Want some pussy, darling?"

Mack's newspapers rattled.

"Do I want some what?" he asked.

"Pussy!" Judy smiled at him, her eyes soft, but hot. "I asked if you wanted some pussy. If you'd take your nose out of that fucking newspaper once in a while, you'd hear clearly what I said.?

“Pussy… " Mack said softly, eyeing his wife. "Since when are you giving out pussy, Judy?"

"Since anytime you want it," she replied.

Mack folded the paper and placed it on a lawn chair next to the patio table. He looked out into the back yard, seeing their daughter and son romping around in the pool. It was some time before he spoke.

"Judy, I don't understand you," he said carefully. "Do you know how long it's been since we fucked?"

"Ages," Judy responded, running her tongue over her lips.