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Honey Bare

King Coral

King Coral

Honey Bare



She was a passionate tigress… and she wanted me! “I’d like to try out my topless act for you, Lincoln,” she murmured, her fingertips brushing the insides of my thighs enticingly.

Her hips swayed and moved sensually while her hand began unzipping her blouse.

Then she was slipping out of it – and my breath caught in my throat.

Honey was topless, except for the sheer black bra that hardly contained her golden breasts. The rigid nipples threatening to break through the gauzy material.

Suddenly she reached behind and unhooked the garment letting it drift to the floor as her magnificent caramel-colored orbs sprang forth. Slowly, her hands came up to cup and stroke them, causing the puckered nipples to jut out even further.

Her glance was fixed on my face as she began to push the half slip down over her flaring hips. Thrusting her femininity towards me with faster and faster bumps, she moved just within’ my reach. And I suddenly realized that the sensuality of the dance had actually gotten to her. She wasn’t acting anymore! “Lincoln,” she moaned, offering herself to me completely, “I need to be loved – now!”

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