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Daughter loves to suck

Kathy Harris

Kathy Harris

Daughter loves to suck


Kelly Fowler awoke in the middle of the night to the lewd sounds of her father fucking her mother. The girl sat up in bed, feeling her heart beginning to pound with excitement. This happened several times a week, at least. The obscene sounds of hot fucking taking place in the master bedroom right next door to Kelly's own room would bring the girl fully awake. She would lie in bed and listen to her parents fucking. And, as she listened, she would grow more and more excited until she would finally be forced to play with her little pussy until she came.

Kelly gasped as she saw her daddy's large balls swinging up and smacking against her mother's asscheeks. The man was snorting and panting as he humped on top of his wife like a wild beast.

Alice, Kelly's mother, was raking her fingernails across her husband's tautened asscheeks. From the sounds they were both making, Kelly could tell that they were both getting off on this fuck in a very big way.

In a matter of seconds, Kelly's little pussy began to drool and her cuntjuices flooded her entire crotch, spilling out from between her cuntlips and dribbling on down her quaking thighs. As she watched her father fucking her mother, the girl found herself wishing with all her heart that some day she would be married to a big, handsome man like her father who would give her the kind of fucking pleasure her mother was lucky enough to experience.

Kelly moaned softly, beginning to rub her little pussy through her nightgown now. She could tell that her mother was coming hard, one orgasm rapidly giving way to another and yet another.

Now Tom, Kelly's father, rolled over onto his back, letting his wife ride up and down on his long, thick prick. Kelly felt a twinge of jealousy as she stared hard at her father's cock. But then she silently scolded herself for such thoughts. After all, she told herself, if I got it on with my own father, that would be incest. And the girl could think of no greater sin than that.

Just then, Tom pulled completely out of his wife's pussy and Kelly saw his huge cock thrusting upward into the air. She gave a little strangled gasp, her eyes all but bulging out of her head. She was not sure just how big most men's cocks were since she had never seen one, but she was smart enough to realize that the throbbing shaft of fuckmeat rising up from the wiry patch of prick hairs between her father's legs was unusually large.

God, he's hung like a horse! Kelly thought lewdly. The man's cock was super-long and so thick around that he was unable to fit his large fingers around its middle.

She gasped again and Tom turned his head. Suddenly, Kelly found herself staring straight into her father's smoldering eyes. A big grin creased his ruggedly handsome features as he stared at the virgin.

Alice was lying on her belly on the bed at this point, and her eyes were closed so she did not see what was happening.