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Fun with daughter

Kathy Harris

Kathy Harris

Fun with daughter


Nikki Andrews left her sister Margo's room with a smile, a smile of sexual satisfaction and pleasure. It was the middle of the night and the two horny teenagers had just gotten it on, and not for the first time.

She paused briefly before her brother Mark's room, then continued on.

Still smiling, Nikki padded barefoot down the hall back toward her room. As she was about to pass the master bedroom, she heard a strange sound that made her pause. Her heart raced and she began to breathe faster, recognizing the groan as the kind of sound that she and her sister made when they were making it together.

The door to her parents' bedroom was slightly ajar. When Nikki pushed it open farther, peering into the moonlit darkness, she saw her mother sitting on the bed with one hand wrapped around her dad's cock.

Nikki gasped and unconsciously she moved a little farther into the room, the darkness giving her the cover she needed. The only illumination in the room came from the bed which was dimly lit with moonlight.

The girl gasped with excitement when she saw her father's prick for the first time in her life. She swallowed hard, loving the sight of the long thick cock. Best of all, his prick was rock-hard and a dark red shade from aroused blood.

So that's what a man's cock looks like, the virgin thought and, in a strange way that the girl did not understand.

Nikki narrowed her eyes and squinted into the darkness to get a better look at her dad's prick. His cock was a sturdy, long rod of dark meaty flesh with big blue veins that seemed to be throbbing.

God, it's beautiful! the teenager thought to herself.

"Mmm, you're really something! You know how much I adore this huge cock of yours!" Karen Andrews sighed, squeezing her husband's big hard cock.