Kathy Harris

Hot niece, hot daughter


Looking through the window of the drugstore to the street outside, Barby Williams saw her brother, Mark, drive up in his rattletrap of a car and stop. The boy honked his horn and Barby hopped down from the counter stool, yelled a goodbye at her friends and ran outside, her braless tits jiggling lewdly within the skimpy confines of her sundress.

Mark narrowed his eyes speculatively as he watched his sister running toward him. He had been hot for the beautiful teenaged girl for a long time now, and just the thought of getting it on with her gave the six-foot boy a raging hard-on.

Hot lust filled his loins, setting his big balls on fire, and he shifted on the car seat, grinning obscenely licking his lips as he leaned across to push the door open for the girl.

Barby jumped into her brother's car, flashing a dazzling smile in his direction, and the boy grinned back at her, his eyes burning with desire.

"You're right on time! Thanks for the ride home, Mark," she murmured, noticing the big bulge in the crotch of the boy's jeans.

"No problem. Do you know just how sexy you are, Barby?" Mark asked huskily.

Barby flushed and her heart began to race, sending a thrill of sexual excitement coursing, through her.

"Hey, uh, Barby, instead of going right home, how about a drive out to the lake?" Mark asked thickly.

Barby hesitated just a moment. Then she glanced again at the boy's obvious hard-on. Her decision was an easy one.

"Sure, why not? It's a beautiful day!" she chirped, thinking that that wasn't all that was beautiful.