Kathy Harris

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Trish Barkley was awakened by a sound somewhere in the big old house. Had she really heard something, or had she been dreaming? The sound came again and, startled, Trish jumped up in bed.

But who could it be? Her husband, Len, was sleeping soundly next to her in their big kingsized bed. Her niece, Libby, who had arrived just that morning to spend a few weeks with her Aunt Trish and Uncle Len and their family, was sleeping in the guest room right next door to Trish's and Len's master bedroom. And, listening now, Trish could tell that all was quiet from within the guest room.

That left her children, whose separate bedrooms were farther down the hall of the second floor, Doug, Diane, and Stu. The three teenagers each had their own bedroom so Trish knew it wasn't the sound of them talking or roughhousing that had awakened her.

Her breath quickened and her heart hammered in her chest as she rose and threw on her robe and stepped out into the hall to investigate.

As she walked down the hall toward her kids' rooms, Trish felt a quickening in her pussy and, once again, she realized just how horny she was. She and Len had a marvelous fuck life but that evening, they had quarreled and had gone to sleep without their usual torrid fuck session.

And now Trish was paying the price for that quarrel. She moved her right hand down between her legs and almost unconsciously began to rub her hungry cunt as she moved toward the bedrooms. In his room down the hall, Stu Barkley was jerking himself off. He had been super horny all the day, ever since his sexy cousin, Libby, had arrived. He had never seen such a gorgeous, sexy chick! And, when he had accidentally stepped into the bathroom while she was toweling off after her shower, the boy had seen her huge tits and golden fleece of cunt hair, and he had had a raging hard-on ever since.

Now, as he jerked himself off, he found himself thinking about not only Libby and her beautiful little pussy, but his sister, Diane, and her little cunt. And, now, he was even going so far as to dream about fucking his own mother! Even though the young boy had never fucked anyone before, he found himself wishing fervently that he could fuck and suck all three of the beautiful females who were, right that moment, sleeping not far away from him.

That is, he thought they were all sleeping. What Stu didn't realize was that, as he jerked himself off, one of the objects of his lust-filled fantasies was making her way quietly toward him.

Stu was lying back on his bed, his face flushed, his breathing uneven, his eyes tightly closed. Even though he was only a boy, his body was reacting just as a full-grown man's would. And the teen had the build of someone much older, too – tall, lean, and muscular. He was already the object of many sex-filled fantasies enjoyed by his female classmates, and even a few of his teachers!

Stu worked out with weights which just added to his naturally muscular, sturdy build. His chest was broad and strong and already very hairy.