Kathy Harris

Sister does dogs


Gail Barkley spread her legs wider, fondling her naked pussy with increasing urgency. She could feel more and more juice seeping from the walls of her aroused cunt, and she moaned softly as she continued to make love to herself with her hand.

"Oh, wow, Scotty, I'm really horny today!" the young teenager said with a little giggle, glancing at the Irish terrier that sat next to her on the living room floor.

Gail's face suddenly sobered and she moaned again as an icy-hot wave of tingling fuck-lust swept through her. Her cheeks flushed and sweat began to ooze out from her pores. She could feel both of her dollar-sized nipples hardening, and again the youngster moaned.

Scotty responded to his mistress' throaty moan with a deep bestial growl. His ears pricked up and his furry body began to tremble. His cock was growing hard and as he breathed in the fragrant aroma of the girl's aroused pussy, his cock grew harder still. He hunched down and rubbed his stiffening dog-prick against the rough fabric of the carpet in a desperate attempt to vent the animalistic desire that pounded through him.

"Don't worry, Scotty, you don't have to get yourself off like that," Gail said, giggling again as she gazed at her dog. "As soon as I make myself come, I'll take good care of you, I promise."

While Scotty whimpered beside her, the teenaged girl closed her eyes and gave every bit of her concentration to giving herself as much erotic pleasure as possible.

As Gail squeezed her cunt, her fingers grew wetter. More and more juice was oozing from her pussy. The warm sauce trickled out from between the girl's swollen cuntlips and began to run down her thighs.

Gail stroked her hard clit with one finger while she fucked her middle finger straight up into her tight little pussy hole.

"God, that's good!" she cried, writhing and rocking from side to side on the floor.

Scotty whined and moved between his mistress' legs, his cock hard and throbbing.