Kathy Harris

The family hot daughter



When a girl becomes a woman, she is usually subjected to biological and psychological forces which are totally unfamiliar to her, and, usually, over which she has no control. Some times it can seem to a young girl that entering the world of sexuality is tearing her apart, ripping away her emotions and exposing parts of her which were totally unknown before.

In America, young girls are further frustrated by the fact that they are forced to hide what they are feeling, to deny the desires they feel. Oftentimes, the feelings of frustration and guilt which girls are forced to carry end up being more damaging than their newborn sexuality.

Marge Randall, the young girl in THE FAMILY'S HOT DAUGHTER, is also a victim of passions and desires beyond control. Unlike others, though, she has given in to them, has let them take control of her actions.

Drawn into the web of lust which she has weaved about herself is her family. They find themselves objects of Marge's lust, and there is very little they can do to change what is happening, to alter the dangerous course they are all following.

THE FAMILY'S HOT DAUGHTER is the story of a young girl whose passions have run wild. Whether Marge is right or wrong in what she does is something to be decided on an individual basis.

The Publisher