Kathy Harris

The family_s hot fun



"But, Daddy," Sally Mathews pouted, "why do you have to go away?"

"Honey, I already explained," Gary said with exaggerated patience, "your mom and I are separating. We'll probably be getting a divorce. At any rate, we just don't get along with each other at all anymore and we both need this separation."

"But, I'll miss you soooo much!" Sally wailed as tears filled her eyes. "What will I ever do without you, Daddy?"

"I know, baby. I'll miss you too. A lot. But let's not waste anymore of our precious time talking. Let's fuck for one last time and then I'll tell you an idea your mom and I came up with so you and your sisters won't be without aman around."

"Okay, Daddy. Let's fuck!" Sally cried happily.

Sally was the oldest of four daughters and she had always been her father's special little pet. Her daddy had been her first lover, and he was still her best fuck, which was why the young teenager knew that she would miss him terribly.

Gary liked to dress Sally like a little girl half her age when they fucked. Hidden in a trunk in his walk-in closet were the many outfits and costumes he had bought especially for their fuck sessions together.

Now, as the father and daughter stood nakedly in the master bedroom, Gary handed the young girl the outfit he wanted her to wear for what might be their last fuck together.