Kathy Harris

The family_s wild affairs


Shafts of bright moonlight splashed across Valerie Swanson's naked teenaged body as she twisted with sexual desire on the king-sized bed in her room.

She moved one hand up and down her inner thighs, brushing against her nest of pussy-fur. She sighed, realizing that, as usual when she was feeling so horny, her thoughts were on the one lover she knew she could never have… the one lover she wanted more than all of her boyfriends put together – her brother.

Les Swanson was older than she was, and ever since she was a very little girl, Val had followed him around, her young heart full of love and adoration for the handsome, charismatic boy.

Now that she was a young teenager, Val recognized the feelings she had for her brother as those of a girl in love. She groaned softly as she began to rub her moistening pussy. She loved touching the soft, curly pussy fuzz. But she knew that she would like it a lot better if it were her brother's hand between her legs.

She let her fingers smoothly slide between the moist pink lips of her cunt. She felt her jutting red clit quivering and hard.

"Oh," she moaned, feeling intensely excited. She rubbed her finger over her clit, and she was conscious of her flowing cunt-juices now as she teasingly stroking up and down.

Val was no virgin, and she loved fucking with several of the boys she regularly dated. But, more and more lately, she had been feeling dissatisfied with sex. Oh, she always came, usually many times during her fuck sessions with young boys.

But she longed to fuck her brother. She knew it was something that could never happen, simply because he was her brother. That would be incest, and incest was wrong in the girl's mind.

Thinking about Les turned Val on all the more. She parted her legs wider, thrusting her pussy forward, increasing the speed of her hot finger-fucking. She moaned again, imagining that her brother, Les, was ramming his huge cock up her pussy. This was not the first time the youngster had fucked her pussy with her fingers while pretending that her brother was fucking her. Her fantasies always made her feel ashamed. But she couldn't stop. It was as if Val had little control over her sexual emotions when it came to her beloved big brother.

Now, she rubbed her hard little clit with her thumb while she fucked two fingers in and out of her wet cunt-hole. She tightened her pussy muscles around her fingers.