Kathy Harris

The niece_s sucking fun


Meg Baker sat next to her Uncle Jeff on the living room couch. It was the summer before the teenager's final year in high school, and she had recently become very much aware of guys. She was beginning to think about men differently, too.

"…so that's about it, Meg. I just decided that I care a lot more about teaching young people and helping to mold their minds and lives than I do about making a lot of money," Uncle Jeff was finishing, interrupting his niece's wandering thoughts.

"I admire you so much for that, Uncle Jeff!" Meg cried, scooting closer to the man. "Not many men would turn down a great job offer like that just to teach a bunch of snotty high school kids!" Jeff laughed.

"Oh, come on, honey," he murmured. "Even though I teach in a different school than the one you go to, I'm sure you've got students at your school just as I've got at mine… students who are bright and eager to learn… students like you."

Meg blushed. She could feel her uncle's thigh burning into hers through her jeans, and she trembled slightly.

"Don't be embarrassed about being a good student, honey," Jeff said, seeing the teen's blush. "You've got a lot to be proud of, Meg, especially nowadays when so many kids are into drugs and gangs and the like. You're a good girl, Meg, and an excellent student, especially in science. You keep up those high grades and you'll probably be selected as a lab assistant."

Meg swallowed hard, feeling her pussy beginning to itch and burn with desire. She could hardly believe that she was actually attracted to her own uncle.

"It seems so dumb," she said now, pressing her leg harder against his. "I mean, here you are a science teacher and here I am really interested and wanting to be a science lab assistant… why can't I be your lab assistant?"

"For a very good reason," Jeff said with a laugh, putting his hand on his niece's knee and squeezing it gently. "I don't teach in your school!"