Kathy Harris

Twin daughters for dogs


Dee Dixon lay nakedly on her bed, feeling horny for a fat dog-cock.

"Hulk! Come here, boy! Dee needs your prick!" she called, running her fingers up and down her juicing pussy-slit.

Seconds later, the big black Doberman Pinscher bounded into the bedroom which Dee shared with her twin sister, Kim. The animal barked excitedly as he saw his mistress sprawled on her bed without one stitch of clothing on. This was a dog who had been specially trained by the twin girls to perform various sexual acts with them. Hulk knew exactly what was expected of him how.

"Come on, Hulk! Get up here!" Dee cried impatiently.

The Doberman jumped up onto the bed and quickly moved into the position which had become so familiar to him. He put his hindlegs on either side of the teenager's body and then placed his dark front paws onto the headboard.

"Mmm, Hulk, I'm so hot today!" Dee groaned as she reached up and stroked the black fur that sheathed the animal's cock.

Dee thought about all the human lovers she and her twin sister had had. They both agreed that, even though they did like to be fucked by a human cock now and then, most of the boys just cared about their own pleasure. They just wanted to fuck hard and fast until they came, not caring whether their partner came or not.

But Hulk and the twin girls all really loved each other. And there was something about that special bond they enjoyed which made the Doberman the most patient and thoughtful of lovers.

Best of all, each bestial fuck session just seemed to strengthen the loving bond between Hulk and the twins. Also, each session made them all even more aware of what pleased them sexually. That made each of their fucks that much more thrilling.

Dee licked her lips hungrily as she stroked her dog's prick. She saw the hard, red meat slide out of the furry sheath and the exciting sight made her lick her lips even more. Neither she nor her sister, Kim, knew any males who knew their sexual appetites as well as Hulk did.