Language: English / Genre:home_sex / Series: Diary novel

Mom wants more

Kevin Sellers

Kevin Sellers

Mom wants more


"Hi, Mrs. King. I'm not late, am I?"

From where he lay watching television on the den floor, Troy heard the voice of Janie Harper, and made a face. Then he heard his mother's reply.

"Not at all, Janie. In fact, you're right on time. I just – oh, there's my date now! You know where everything is, don't you? Troy's in the den, and I've left a number by the phone just in case you need me. Well, I'd better be going. Say goodbye for me, dear, won't you? I'm afraid he hasn't been in a very good mood tonight."

"I will. Bye, Mrs. King."

But that wasn't the real reason he'd been mad at his mom all day, or why he'd shut himself in the den and refused to kiss her goodnight the way she usually insisted.

Frankly, Troy was jealous. Ever since his father's death when he was little, he'd had his mother all to himself. And that had always seemed to satisfy them both, until just recently. She'd been going out more and more often. And worst of all, she'd even started dating men.

Without really understanding why, Troy was just beginning to discover that he didn't like that idea one bit.

His sour thoughts were interrupted as the den door opened and Janie walked in, all smiles.

"Hi, Troy. How's my favorite neighbor?"

"Okay I guess," he answered grumpily, glancing up as she strode lightly across the room and sat down on the nearby divan, primly tucking the hem of her skirt about her knees.