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Two hot moms

Kevin Sellers

Kevin Sellers

Two hot moms


"Are you sure we can't be seen?" Melanie Patterson's voice was a nervous tremor as she reached up, fumbling at the catch of her bikini top. "I mean, it's one thing to get a nice even tan for once, but I don't want to start a neighborhood scandal! And if the boys get out of swimming practice early and come home to see us like this…"

"Oh, don't be such a prude!" Donna Jones' retort was both mischievous and scoffing, her full lips tugging into an impish smile, her red, short-clipped hair glinting in the summer morning sun as she unsnapped her own top and shrugged it off. "Since when have you ever known Josh and Dave to come home early from anything? And as for the neighbors, I can guarantee no one's going to see a thing over my hedge – at least no one who's ever complained! I sunbathe like this all the time, and believe me it's more relaxing this way. Just try it. You'll see."

As she spoke, her bikini top fell away and she casually dropped it on the grass beside her.

Instead of relieving her hesitation, the abrupt spectacle of Donna's petite, perfectly formed tits made Melanie's embarrassment surge into a warm blush across her attractive face. Her own oversized tits felt floppy and huge in comparison.

"I don't know." She glanced uncertainly around the hedge-enclosed back yard as if expecting to see all their neighbors gaping from over its five-foot-high border. "It seems so… so wicked, two grown women lying right out in the open without a stitch on! If our sons saw us doing this they'd just die!"

Donna chuckled at that, obviously enjoying her friend's shyness. "Well, suit yourself. But I'm getting comfortable, and maybe if you did the same once in a while you wouldn't be so inhibited. Relax, darling. See? It isn't hard."

In one motion she deftly pulled her tight bottoms down, wiggling her long slender legs out of them.

Melanie gave a shocked gasp as her next-door-neighbor's muff of fiery red cunt fur came into view. Frankly, Donna had one of the most gorgeous pussy mounds she'd ever seen. Its thick luxuriant triangle gleamed in the sunlight as if all aflame, burning sensually in a glossy thatch between her smooth, tanned thighs.

"Urn, it feels so good to just lie back and soak, in the sun. What're you waiting for? Come on, Mel. Stop looking so upset and join me. And if anyone does see us… well, that's their pleasure as far as I'm concerned. What have we got to be ashamed of?"