Laurie Chandler

The librarian_s naughty urge


"Ugh, the dried-up old cunt is sittin' at her desk," moaned Gary Fredericks, as he walked into the high school library.

"Sssh, you dummy," cried his friend. Ronnie Charlton. "She'll hear you!"

"Well, I don't care," Gary asserted. "I hate the old bitch!"

"What she ever do to you?" asked his friend.

"I don't like the way she stares at me, that's what," said Gary. "Oooh, she gives me the creeps!"

Ronnie laughed. "She don't stare at you. What would she wanna stare at you for? She's got her own boyfriend."

"No shit? Who would want her?"

"Aw, Gary, she ain't so bad. Some girl told me that she's finally gonna get married."

"To what?"

"Some guy what works at the shoe factory. I dunno. C'mon, lay off. She ain't done nothin' to you. Besides, she ain't so bad-lookin'. I mean she ain't old."