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Unruly Urges

Lily Evans

Lily Evans

Unruly Urges


Can you tell me again why I brought you here?” With a loud sigh, I sit back in the driver’s seat of my car, peering out the window at the flurry of activity. A symphony of noises assaults my ears even with the windows up. Saws, hammers, yelling, but it makes me happy to see the progress.

“Because someone said they had something they wanted to show me,” my best friend Christy says in a sing- songy voice.

“This was a stupid idea.” I groan aloud, letting my head fall against the steering wheel. I turn my head with my eyes crossed.

Christy chuckles. “Well I can say with one hundred percent truth that the shell of your condo is breathtaking.”

“You’re such an ass.” I glance at the condo. “It’s more than a shell now. They’re actually working on the inside.”

Christy shrugs. “What are friends for?” She twists in her seat and leans against the door. “ Sooo…”

“I don’t like that look on your face, Christy.”

Christy crosses her arms over her chest. “So, who is he?”

I bang my head on the steering wheel and inadvertently honk the horn. “Damn,” I cry out, sitting back with my hand plastered against my heart. “ Ohmygosh.” My head falls back against the headrest. I glance out the passenger side window and see a dozen or so workers staring at my car. I point.

Christy glances over her shoulder. “Oh my.” Her mouth makes a perfect O.