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Little boys and Laura

Lydia Gray

Lydia Gray

Little boys and Laura


When Jack Norton climbed into bed, Laura moved over close to him and reached out to take his limp prick in her hand affectionately.

"Not tonight, Laura," Jack sighed, moving away. "I had a bad day and I'm really bushed. Goodnight, dear."

Laura was so mad she wanted to scream at her husband! She wanted to dig her fingernails into his useless, rubber like cock until he bled! It was the same damned thing night after night, month after month, year after year!

She dug her fingernails into her palm, took a deep breath to control her temper, turned away, and whispered, "Good night."

Within minutes, Jack was snoring. Laura adjusted her pillow and changed positions in her search for sweet Morpheus. Her pussy itched, burned with frustration and desire, but she forced herself not to think about her physical being. She turned again, desperately seeking sleep, but it continued to elude her.

Finally, Laura gave up and slipped out of bed. She thought about getting a robe out of the closet, but the house was warm and she didn't want to wake Jack. Somehow, walking naked through the house tonight seemed terribly inappropriate!

Closing the bedroom door, Laura walked into the bathroom and turned the light on. The first thing she saw was her naked body reflected in the full length mirror.

Laura stood appraising herself for a long moment. At the age of forty-two her body was well preserved. She had never had to worry about her weight. Laura was as slender today as she had been in college. She was tall, almost too tall at five-nine, and her body was full without being angular.

Her breasts, which had always been her best feature, were full and heavy. Laura studied them in the mirror. They were perhaps sagging a little now, but they were still proud spheres on her chest. She reached up and cupped her breasts in her hands to lift them and the contact reminded her of the strong need in her body.

How she needed a hard cock driving into her cunt! How she would love to have one in her mouth, sucking it for all she was worth!