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Home Coming

Lela Gwenn

Lela Gwenn

Home Coming

Bianca scanned her living room, marveling at the luxury of all the things around her. The Italian marble floor. The hand carved, antique mantel piece. The paintings that would be just as at home on the walls of a museum as here in her living room. Plush velvet and silk couches cuddled together in the large space, making cozy what could be cold. It was beautiful. It was wonderful. It was more than she had ever imagined having before Esteban swept her off her feet. The dollars that paid for all these wonderful, beautiful things wasn't the real cost, though. Once again, she'd pay in loneliness.

Bianca leaned back into the couch with a sigh. “I hate it when you have to go away for so long.”

Esteban slid his warm fingers along her jawline and cupped the back of her neck. “I know, my love. But business is business. Did you call Rachel?”

“I did. I asked Roger to pick her up on his way back from the airport. But… can't you stay for another hour?” Bianca arched her back and smiled, her fingers toying with her top button.

“No, mi amor. My plane leaves in three hours. I really have to go.”

A knock at the door announced the arrival of his driver, Roger. Esteban pressed a brief kiss to her forehead, ran his thumb across her cheek and whispered in her ear. “Two weeks. I will be home in fourteen days, mi Dulce Flor.”

And with that, he swept out the door.

“Rachel, I've lost him.” Bianca tucked her long legs underneath her and wound a strand of her long blonde hair around her finger.

“Did you do that thing I told you about?” Rachel boosted herself up onto the bar stool and turned to face her friend.

“Oh my god, no! That thing you made me buy? I can't even imagine…” Bianca's pale face flushed a bright red.

“What, that? I was talking about that position I was telling you about. The one I tried with Renee. You haven't even used the toy? Come on, that's training wheels stuff, babe. I have a half dozen of those things. How are you ever gonna please your man when you can't even please yourself?”

Bianca stared at her brazen friend, so different from herself. Rachel was all raw sexuality and pushed up boobs. Her hair was dark and her tumbling curls always gave the impression that she had just gotten out of bed.