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Stepsister_s skillful mouth

Larry Mitchell

Larry Mitchell

Stepsister_s skillful mouth


Carmelita eyed Mark's stiff cock with lust. She knew the devilish glint in her dark eyes told him better than words that his new Stepmother was more eat-hungry now than fuck-hungry. She was standing before him, naked from the waist down, baiting him with her cunt, while her wet pink tongue licked still another invitation across her

plush red lips.

Suddenly her heart was pounding faster when a wicked little smile creased his lips.

Without waiting another second, she dropped to her knees before him, her pink tongue darting out to swoop away the drop of creamy nectar that oozed from the eye of his lust-hardened prick. Then her pouty red lips sipped teasingly around the ballooning knob at the end of his cock. He carefully lowered himself to the ground, so as not to lose those moist, sensuous lips on his burning cock for even an instant.

For Carmelita, the agony of her own wanton lust had to wait until she carefully, thoroughly, painstakingly entertained the boy's throbbing cock. Then, and only then, would he know the kind of treatment she expected from him when he ate her.

The thought of it made her cunt juice with hominess. Even as her puffy lips worked their way down his cock to his balls, her mind was consumed by the thought of his hot mouth working on her hot juicy cunt. It made her delirious to think her craving pussy would finally have the relief that only a tongue could bring it.

Fucking and cock-sucking were great, too, she told herself as the smell and taste of his hard cock worked its way into her mind. But every girl needed a tongue-fucking once in a while!

She was measuring his big cock with her lips and eyes now, drooling at the prospect of having it tucked in her cunt, after he had prepared the way

for it with. his tongue. Then she parted tier lips slightly, tantalizing hi, at the base of his cock-shaft with the heat and moistness of her mouth as she began a slow trip back to the tip of his blood-engorged prick. He was eager to cram his cock into the steaming moistness of her mouth, and she admired the self control he was as exercising.

"Man! You sure love that meat, don't you?" Mark moaned approvingly.