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Hot for sis

Laura Quincy

Laura Quincy

Hot for sis


"Mmmmmm, you have the biggest, juiciest cock," Amy Collins murmured, smacking her lips with horny delight.

She rubbed her cheek against the rubbery warmth of her husband's jutting cock, purring out her lusty appreciation of his meaty prick.

"I just love your big prick," she cooed. "I absolutely fuckin' love it!"

Mouth parted, she nuzzled his horny hard cock, making his cock shaft glistening wet from her moving mouth. Her soft lips massaged his prick with sensuous slowness, and her tongue flicked out teasingly.

"Give it to me, you hot cock-sucker," Rick urged her hoarsely.

Amy rubbed her open mouth up and down the long shaft of his prick, from the bulging angry-red head of his cock down to the hairy sacs of his balls.

She lingered there, taking in his taut balls, sucking them gently. Her tongue laved over the crinkly-haired curve of his balls, and she moaned softly in growing passion.

Rick cradled her cheek in his hand, rubbing his thumb along her jaw, groaning as she sucked on his pulsing balls.

"Christ, you're really getting to me when you do that," he gasped.

Amy shivered at the raw lust in his voice, thrilled by the way she could so easily and quickly arouse him. Somehow, too, she knew that the idea of their being parted in the morning was also responsible for making this moment even more erotic and feverish.