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Ravaged music teacher

Mark Carver

Mark Carver

Ravaged music teacher


The girl's ass was soft and luscious, trembling with suspense on Julie Mason's lap. But if the teenage girl hunched over Julie's lap was frightened, it was nothing compared to the fear Julie felt. Because the panting music teacher knew what she was going to do to her gorgeous student. And she couldn't control herself.

"You can paddle me all you like," sobbed the girl, "but please don't report me, Miss Mason!"

The girl had been caught smoking by the music teacher minutes before, in a deserted practice room. The offense meant she would be expelled if she was reported. At this panic-stricken moment, the girl was far more afraid of what her parents might do to her than what the music teacher was doing.

Julie licked her sultry lips, and her fingers trembled as she raised them over the student's hot, naked ass. They were in the deserted practice room, and the door was locked.

Her blood singing in her ears, Julie brought her palm down harshly on Sylvia Watkins' lovely ass-cheeks. The young blonde yelped. A wild tingle of hunger raced through the teacher's lips and tongue. Sylvia's bare ass was hot and softly curved, the creamy ass-cheeks quivering deliciously beneath her slap.

Just beneath where the teacher had rolled her black panties down, Julie could see the girl's shiny pink cunt. The lips were delicate and rosy, fringed by curly golden hairs.

"Don't hurt me!" whimpered Sylvia, wriggling her ass. "But even if you do, don't tell on me!"

The music teacher was new to the small-town high school, but she already had tongues wagging. A tall, ripely curved brunette, Julie had so far turned down dates with a number of eager teachers. She was far more interested in sexy, budding girls like Sylvia. To make matters worse, Julie hadn't gone down on a hot, juicy pussy for almost three months. She'd had torrid sex with a massively hung boy just before coming to town a month ago, but it didn't satisfy her feverish urge.

Nothing but a sweet, delicious young cunt like the blonde's could put out the blaze in her mouth.