Language: English / Genre:home_sex, / Series: Diary novel

A mother_s lust

Marvin Cox

Marvin Cox

A mother_s lust


Bernice McCormack felt a slight throbbing in her cunt when she saw her naked son in the bathroom.

Ordinarily, she would have yelled at him to close the door – didn't he know he had a little sister running around the house?

This time she didn't yell. Instead, she let her eyes trail over the smooth back, the firm, rounded ass, the meaty thighs. From this angle, she could tell he was very much his father's son. The boy, although still a teenager, had the body of a man. And that cock! It must hang halfway to his knees!

The delicate sensation that burned near the base of her spine swept forward, tingling her pussy opening. Slowly, she lowered her right hand to her side, then over, to her crotch. Even through the material of her skirt and the silky pants, she could feel her clit grow rock-hard. She swallowed hard, then bit her lower lip.

Mike was now looking in the mirror, checking his appearance, before taking his girlfriend to the drive-in. At his age, he could be forgiven a certain vanity as he admired his features. The shock of blue-black hair, the dark-brown eyes and angular face made him one of the most handsome boys in school. Football and soccer were responsible for the heavily muscled body, the lean, sinewy features around his stomach and hips. He was just beginning to get hair on his chest. Thank God, his skin had finally cleared up.

His girlfriend was partly responsible for that, he thought. Sex for them had now become a pretty routine thing, not that he didn't look forward to it. He did. He felt his cock pulsate just thinking about what he was going to do to that little bitch tonight.

Bernice's eyes were now on Mike's prick. Had it gotten bigger? Yes, it had. She wondered suddenly if her son and his girlfriend were sleeping together. Probably. Christ, if I had something like that to fuck, I sure would! She thought.

She began rubbing her fingers over her cunt, thinking about what the two of them would be doing less than an hour frown now.

He would spread her legs, then jab that thick cock head between her thighs. She could almost see the massive shaft slip noisily through the tiny, puckered opening, stretching the slick walls. His balls would crawl upward, then nestle inside the crack of her ass. There they would lie, throbbing with life, ready to explode. The gushing wads of cum would…

"Ohhhhh!" she cried out. A spasm of raw pleasure constricted her cunt, almost doubling her over.