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Shackled sister

Marvin Cox

Marvin Cox

Shackled sister


Debby Morgan crossed her legs and felt the silky material of her panties stick to her cunt opening. The creamy cunt juices had been steaming from her pussy ever since she'd walked into the bar and seen all those men.

In a way, she felt like a virgin again, wondering what their cocks looked like, how it would feel having them fucking her pussy.

The thought made her hand tremble, causing her to spill her drink. And although the bar was dense with laughing and talking people, the bartender immediately took her glass and refilled it. As he wiped the spilled fluid with a damp cloth, he looked at her again, undressing her with his eyes.

She had perfect tits, firm and ripe, just made for sucking. And he knew that behind the pale green material of her blouse, those pointed nipples would be pink and rubbery, like twin cuts. He could almost feel them throb across the roof of his mouth.

The fact that she seemed nervous only added to her sensuality. Most of the women who came in here were loud, brassy and so damned cocksure, he felt like slapping the shit out of them.

Debby thanked the man and gazed down at her drink, feeling her heart skip a beat. She wished her brother and his date would hurry. She hated being alone in a crowd of strangers.

"You've never been in here before," the bartender said, still wiping at the bar, "or I would have noticed."

"No," Debby said softly, her words barely audible over the loud music of the country-western band, "I haven't."

The man continued to study her features. She was tall. He liked that in a woman. And he'd bet dollars to doughnuts that her pussy was covered with hair the same color that swept about her oval-shaped face. Blonde as corn silk, and just as soft.

He'd really like to slip his cock through that patch of cunt hair and have her tits pressed against his chest. To feel her warm, writhing body beneath his, her pink mouth locked on his.