Language: English / Genre:home_sex, / Series: Diary novel

The naughtiest sister

Marvin Cox

Marvin Cox

The naughtiest sister


Susan Walker held her brother's cock with both hands, gently digging her fingertip under the loose foreskin. She looked up and gave his shocked expression a hungry smile.

"You don't like this?" she teased, pulling the swelling prick closer to her mouth. "Tell me you don't like it, and I'll stop."

Mike couldn't believe what was happening, let alone even comment on it. He watched her part her lips slowly and dart her tongue out, barely touching the tip of it to the underside of his shaft.

The sensation was electric, sending a jolt, of pleasure through his loins. He saw his hands move, as if pulled by a magnet, then rest on her shoulders. Her skin was as creamy and smooth as he knew it would be – yielding but firm.

"Want to play with my tits?" Susan asked, unbuttoning her blouse. "You do that while I suck you good, little brother."

"Jesus!" Mike whispered when he saw the huge melon-sized breasts flop forward. Her nipples were the color of coral, gently throbbing, perfectly shaped. He lowered his hands and cupped them, digging his thumbs into the delicate flesh. "Jesus!" he whispered again, spreading his legs a little wider.

"You like this?" Susan whispered, raising herself slightly. She sandwiched his cock and balls between her tits, rolling the mounds fully into his crotch. "Ever tit-fuck before?"

Mike shook his head, unable to speak. Already his nuts were throbbing painfully, ready to explode. Goddamn, he thought, I've never felt like this before! If she doesn't watch it, I'll cum right between her eyes!

"You want to cum in my mouth?" Susan asked, reading his tortured expression. "You want to poke a whole gallon in my throat? Mmmmmm, I love sucking cum!"

"Yes," Mike answered finally, his voice weak. "Suck me!"