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The violation of Linda

Marvin Cox

Marvin Cox

The violation of Linda


Linda Whitman could almost hear the whip slice through the air and sting her pussy. She stretched her legs wide and wiggled from the ropes she had applied to her ankles. As she did, the peach colored hairs that adorned her tiny, virgin pussy cooled. Throwing her head to one side and rubbing her cheek over the rough nap of the carpet, she gave a low, hungry grunt.

This was the third delicious orgasm she'd had in less than five minutes. And it had all started this afternoon at school.

Richard Wilder had grabbed her just before study hall and shoved her in a dark corner, at the end of the lockers. He had, given her an animal like smile then jerked his head forward, as if to kiss her. Instead, he spoke, his words chilling her to the base of her spine.

"When is someone gonna get a little dab of that pussy of yours?" he asked, his lips an inch from hers, his warm breath musky sweet.

"Don't," Linda managed to splutter out after looking for what seemed an eternity into those dead, icy blue eyes. "You… you're hurting me."

The boy lowered his right hand to her ass and pressed her hard against his middle. He held her throat with his left hand and increased the pressure. The look in his eyes became even deader, inhuman.

"I could take you right now, baby," he whispered, grinding his ass around. "I could stick this big cock in your little hole and screw you apart. You know that, baby?"

Linda thought her brain would explode. This couldn't be happening! Two minutes before she had been chatting with her best friend about her slumber party, and now…

Richard Wilder was well named. He was the wildest, meanest boy in school. Linda had avoided him, as she did most boys. Boys in general, and Richard in particular, were vile, smelly and made her feel uncomfortable. One day she had walked past the field house where the football team was listening to a lecture by one of the defensive coaches, she had seen several sweaty, half-naked bodies. Her throat had constricted, almost like now.

"I said, sweet, red-headed baby," Richard whispered, "I could drill my big prick in you're your little slit right here."