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Kathy_s Young Mouth

Mark Golden

Mark Golden

Kathy_s Young Mouth

Chapter 1

Kathy Andrews hadn't had time to change her clothes after school. Her father, Mike Andrews, had picked her up at the gate at three o'clock, his sailplane trailer already hooked to the ten-year-old family camper. Kathy waved goodbye to her girlfriend, Janie, and stepped up into the converted bread van.

Kathy stayed in front with her father. His whole life, since her mother had died, revolved around glider competition, and the twelve-year-old girl loved to listen to her father's hopes for the contests they traveled to.

Mike unhooked the trailer as his daughter looked at her scanty traveling wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear. She knew that he would knock politely before coming in, so Kathy took her time. Kathy took off her long-sleeved blouse and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. She saw she would have to buy a new bra soon-the bandeau cut into her skin and left a mark when she shrugged out of the straps.

She arched her back to make her firm titties stand out. Maybe Daddy would let me go without a bra completely, she mused. The little cones of her bosom didn't droop a millimeter. Pointed, perfectly symmetrical, each tittie could be mashed into a mound just the size of a half grapefruit. She brought her slim-fingered hands up and pressed her conical breasts into globes.

Kathy released the sensuous masses. She shook her head, and her long, ash-blonde hair fell over her shoulders. The soft ends of her straight, fine hair just brushed her nipples and the surprisingly large points stood up. They were pink as the inside of a strawberry.

Her skin was creamy-white, so clear that the little traceries of her veins showed blue under the surface. Kathy was just five feet tall, with a thin, studious face that lit up the whole world when she smiled.

Her eyes were deep blue and very round. The only makeup she wore was to accent her long, feathery lashes. Half-a-dozen freckles scattered across her thin, aquiline nose. Her pink lips were as level as her gaze at the corners, but full in the center, rising like a little bridge. Her teeth were white, straight as a ruler, and carnivorous little points showed when the little girl laughed.

Kathy unbuttoned the waist of her skirt and the zipper hissed silkily down. She hung the garment up carefully, thinking, I wonder why it's always so hard to get those ladies in the lingerie department to sell me stockings. I don't like pantyhose, I like real stockings. They're so much easier to manage when I have to wear them all day! She turned back to the mirror to look at herself.

She wore only her garter belt and stockings with her frilly blue panties. The black straps of her garters showed plainly through the Wedgwood-blue nylon. The day had been long, the drive from the city very hot, so Kathy slipped her panties down.

He's going to want to go to a restaurant for dinner tonight. Daddy always likes to do that the first part of a glider meet. He says going out makes him feel like we already won. I better leave my stockings on.