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Lynn_s Naughty Uncle

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

Lynn_s Naughty Uncle

Chapter 1

"Come on, Lynn, do it! I really need to check out this new lens. It won't take very long."

Eighteen-year-old Lynn Hood sat on the couch with her long legs drawn up under her, watching television. The show was boring, and her uncle was being very insistent. She sighed deeply, her exceptionally large but beautifully formed breasts heaving upward and outward as she pulled her shoulders back, stretching hard, then lowering as she relaxed and hunched forward. She got her legs out from under her and stood up.

"Oh, all right. But just for a few minutes, okay?"

"Sure, Lynn. Listen, I'm going downstairs and set up the lights. Change into a skirt and blouse, will you?"

Lynn snapped her hands against her slim hips and cocked her head to one side, pursing her full lips in annoyance. A wide, thin curtain of long blonde hair fell across her face. She let it stay there, and held her pose.

"Now just a minute," she said. "Why can't you photograph me in this?"

Wes, the teenager's uncle, shook his head and eyed the girl slowly from toe to chest. Lynn was wearing a pullover sweater with the words NOT FOR SALE printed in red on the front and the single word YET! printed in a demonic green on the back, and a pair of well-worn jeans with a large red rose embroidered on the ass. The stem of the rose passed downward, directly along the seam between her tight buttocks, then upward in front to disappear under her belt buckle.

"It's a bit… ostentatious, isn't it?"

Lynn shifted her weight, finally tossed the cloud of hair over her shoulder with a shake of her head.