Language: English / Genre:home_sex, / Series: Silver edition

Sucker for mom

Mark Jacobs

Mark Jacobs

Sucker for mom


Sheila Davis smoothed her hands down over her silken sides and rested them on her naked hips, smiling seductively and admiring herself in her full-length mirror. She felt silly standing there all alone in her bedroom and practicing the comely smile that she had steadfastly refused to use on a man for three miserable and fuckless years, but she had been seized by the urge to see herself at her luscious best again, and the urge had been much too powerful to resist.

Sheila had managed somehow to cram her huge tits into a tiny bikini top, although the overflow of yielding tit-flesh was almost obscene. She had left her bottom off, not that the skimpy garment would have covered much of her beautiful ass anyway. She felt seductive as she stood there half naked, her tits barely covered, looking at her furry dark-haired cunt. She shook her head and tossed her long soft black hair until it fell over her naked shoulders and cascaded over her barely-covered bulging breasts.

Sheila was amazed to discover that her sensuality seemed to be coming to life again after three years of no cock. She knew what had triggered her sudden reawakening. Her sixteen-year-old son Terry was with her again after a three-year absence, and it was he who had caused the itch of lust to stir her pussy.

Sheila had felt herself coming to life again after such a long and restless sleep the moment she had seen her son striding down the ramp at the airport three weeks earlier. She felt herself being slowly consumed by the intense heat of her naked lust for her son.

As much as Sheila hated to admit it, she knew deep down inside her that she was wildly in love with her handsome young son. She knew how dirty and depraved her love for him was, knew perfectly well that her love for the boy went far beyond a mother's natural love for her only child. Her pussy positively blazed with passion for the boy.

Sheila always felt dizzy whenever he was near her. At times she could hardly breathe when he paraded around the beach house in various degrees of undress. She had almost fainted on several occasions when he had flashed his cunt-melting young grin at her.

Sheila had caught herself staring at the big soft-looking bulge of Terry's crotch the moment she had seen him leave the plane at the airport, and had been immediately filled with shame at her lewd behavior.

So far she knew that Terry hadn't noticed her ogling at his cock. He was so tall, so muscular, so handsome, and he moved with such controlled power that she felt her cunt warming whenever he was near her.

Sheila had lived without a man, and without her son, for far too long, but it had been necessary under the circumstances, and she somehow knew that Terry understood and forgave her for his three years without a mother.

Sheila had been too unstable after her stormy divorce from her husband Blake to devote to her son the time and attention she had known Terry would need at such a sensitive time in his life.