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Redhot wife

Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Red-hot wife


"Go ahead, Jocelyn. Fuck him," I said, giggling ridiculously.

"Jesus, Carol, is that all you ever think about?"


We all giggled at that. I guess we were a little drunk. Actually, we were more than a little drunk; we were very drunk.

And I wanted to see Jim fuck Jocelyn. My cunt was tingling just at the thought of watching his big cock slamming in and out of her sweet pussy, and I could feel my own wetness spreading to my panties.

"You're strange, Carol," Jim said.

"Thank you. Now fuck her," I replied, waving my glass emphatically and stifling another laugh. I really wanted to see it, and despite what he said it was obvious that Jim thought the idea of making it with Jocelyn right here in front of two other people turned him on.

"What do you think, Jocelyn?"

She looked uneasy, but it was simple enough to tell that she wanted to do it as much as he did. Taking a long pull off her drink, she finally stood up.

Suddenly the motel room was very quiet. The only sounds were those of four people breathing as Jocelyn silently placed her drink on a table and began to undress.