Language: English / Genre:home_sex, / Series: Beeline double novel

Student_s Bedroom Demonstration

Mack Tavish

Mack Tavish

Student_s Bedroom Demonstration

Chapter 1

"Beautiful, huh, Miss Avalon?"

Sally Avalon looked up from the display ease of rare coins with words of polite agreement on her lips – words which died unspoken when she discovered that Willy Jessel's pale blue eyes were focused not on the exhibit in front of him, but on the generous mounds of her sweater-covered breasts.

Willy was a troublemaker. A disruptive influence. She wasn't at all clear as to why he stayed on at school past the minimum required age. Certainly he was by no means a good student, and spent most of his time, in her classes anyway, staring at the ceiling or murmuring wisecracks – or fixing her with an unblinking gaze while patently paying no mind to what she was saying.

Now his eyes met hers insolently, then they flickered away over the coins.

"That right, Miss Avalon – worth a whole million?" he asked. "That's what the guys say."

"I believe so," she responded, tight-lipped, and started to walk away.

He was at her side.

"Uh – Miss Avalon…"


"I – uh – seem to be having some kinda trouble with that last assignment – you guess I could talk to you about it? I can't seem to – uh -"