Language: English / Genre:home_sex, / Series: Beeline double novel

Putting Out For Pop

Nan Bangcroft

Nan Bangcroft

Putting Out For Pop

Chapter 1

Micaela Kelly tried to still the fluttering in her guts and braced herself to ask the question. If the answers were wrong, her hopes for the afternoon with Chris would crumble. She wasn't planning to go all the way with him, of course. But if Gabby and Patty insisted on sticking around the house, nothing at all would happen.

"What are you two planning on doing this afternoon?" 'Caela asked, trying to sound casual.

Patty looked up from her study of her budding breasts. She had been wondering if she could slip upstairs and get rid of her bra before going out. "This being the first day of summer vacation, I thought I'd go to the pool," she answered.

"I've got a special dance class," Gabby said, not looking up from the book she was reading.

"Okay. But be sure you're both back in time for supper," 'Caela answered, feeling her tits harden inside her bra. "You know how worried Daddy gets."

The two younger girls grunted. Patty was now studying her reflection in the mirror by the front door. She pulled her T-shirt tight over her little tits and surveyed the effect.

"I'm getting worried about Daddy," 'Caela noted as she wielded the dust rag. "I think he's getting horny."

"Daddy? Horny?" Patty asked skeptically.

"Horny?" Gabby echoed.

"He needs a woman," 'Caela explained, not sure her younger sisters had understood the term.