Nick Eastwood

Balling Hot Daughter


Chrissy O'Brien might have been considered the luckiest teenager in the world that summer after her birthday. She definitely would have been the envy of millions of other young women if they'd heard about her life. Chrissy was petite, blonde and beautiful, and she was spending the summer on a tropical island.

Not only that, but her father was rich. Bennett O'Brien, as he preferred to be called, was the producer of a very popular TV series, and he made enough money to give his daughter just about anything she wanted. This summer he was taking her along on location for the show, to a remote private island in the South Pacific.

It was going to be a nice change for Chrissy, who spent the school year in boarding school. Her mother had died when she was little, and Ben was just too busy to take care of her fulltime. But she always looked forward to summer vacation when she could live with her dad, and this summer looked like it could be the most exciting time of all.

So why was Chrissy miserable?

"Daddy," she wailed one morning as they were finishing breakfast, "you didn't tell me I'd be the only kid on the whole island."

"I'm sorry, babe, I didn't even think about that," Ben answered. "1 just thought you'd get a kick out of being here and us being together."

"Of course, Daddy," Chrissy sighed, "you know I love being with you.

But you're busy on the set all day, and I don't have anybody to hang out with. It's really a drag."

Ben glanced at his watch and exclaimed, "speaking of the set, I'm almost late~ I better get going." He stopped to give Chrissy a peck on the cheek and said, "I'll talk to some of the cast and crew and see if their kids can fly out for a week or so. How's that?" "Thanks, Daddy,"