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Xrated wife

Nick Eastwood

Nick Eastwood

X-rated wife


Robin Allen, a statuesque young blonde, rolled over to face the sun and took another sip of her vodka and tonic. Nothing but a tiny yellow bikini stood between her and the August heat. She sighed contentedly as she soaked up the rays.

"I wish you hadn't worn that suit," her husband Gary grumbled. "You're giving me a big hard-on."

"Gary!" Robin gasped. "Not so loud! The others will hear you!"

They were lounging beside the pool at Jack Ross' house, with their friends. There was Jack and his wife Patty, and one other couple, Larry and Margot Price. The three couples had been friends for several years, ever since they all moved into this new suburban neighborhood.

Gary flashed Robin a wicked grin, and she almost wriggled with lust. Maybe tonight when they got home there'd be some fireworks in bed. That would be a nice change. Lately their love life had been a little on the dull side. Gary always seemed to be tired after work, too tired to make love.

"The sun's going to go down soon," Jack announced. "I better fire up the barbecue."

Robin was not only lusty, she was hungry. She always looked forward to these Saturday night parties. The couples took turn being hosts, and there was always plenty to drink and eat. Robin got up to help Margot and Patty with the dinner preparations.

When the three women were alone in the kitchen, Patty grinned and said, "Jack says he's got a big surprise for us tonight. He's rented a videotape."

"No cards?" Margot said, sounding disappointed.

"Oh, come on, Margot," Robin laughed. "You always win when we play cards. A movie will be a nice change of pace."