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Nieghbors in heat

Norma Egan

Norma Egan

Nieghbors in heat


Tina West felt so horny, she wriggled and sighed all the time she was washing the dinner dishes. She knew it was disgraceful-she was a respectable housewife, married for twenty years-but she just couldn't help it. She wanted to get fucked in the worst way.

Well, it wouldn't be long now. As soon as she finished the dishes she'd go into the living room where her husband Ralph was watching television, climb on his lap, and whisper a few naughty suggestions in his ear. That ought to get her what she wanted and needed-fast. Tina grinned wickedly to herself as she washed the last of the dishes.

"Ummmmm," Tina sighed, getting excited just thinking about it.

She could almost feel the radiating heat of

Ralph's big hairy body as he climbed on top of her. She could feel vividly in her imagination the way his cock would go hard against her belly, growing long and stiff and throbbing. She could feel the intense excitement in her hot and ready cunt as he penetrated her.

"Oh, my God," Tina moaned.

To hell with the dishes. She wanted to fuck, and she wanted it now! Moaning, dizzy with lust, Tina dried her hands on her apron and stumbled out of the kitchen. She couldn't understand why she should be so intensely horny, but it seemed to be happening more and more often lately. She just had to do something about it.

Ralph West lounged in his favorite chair, watching TV, a beer in his fist. He was wearing jeans and t-shirt and slippers, the perfect picture of the working man relaxing after a long hard day. Ralph was a longshoreman, and he really did work very hard. He deserved this rest. But Tina had a feeling he'd really go for the little exercise she had in mind…

"Hi, honey," she purred, slipping onto the arm of his chair.