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The curious maid

Norma Egan

Norma Egan

The curious maid


Michelle Ames stopped from the shower and hastily grabbed for a towel. If she didn't hurry, she was going to be late for her date with Kurt. Still as she dried herself off, she couldn't resist looking at herself in the full-length mirror. She was eighteen and she had a feeling that her body would never be more beautiful.

Michelle was a tall girl, around five feet eight, and slender, but certainly not skinny. Lithe, tan, graceful, she had long good legs, a tiny waist, and perfectly round firm breasts about the size of grapefruits. She knew her tits were pretty. Kurt especially liked the small light pink nipples.

She blushed, thinking of her fiance, Kurt. There were parts of her that even he hadn't seen, like the small triangle of light blonde curls at the base of her belly. Only when they were married would she allow him to see her completely naked-IF she could hold out that long. Sometimes it was very, very hard to resist Kurt.

Michelle felt a familiar glowing heat in her pussy, a sudden swelling and moistening that she always experienced when she thought of Kurt and his love-making. Lately she couldn't think of him at all without getting horny. If only they had enough money to get married right away, instead of postponing it for a year.

Michelle had just graduated from high school and, like most of the girls in her class, she wanted to get married and have a family. But she and Kurt, who was twenty and worked as a mechanic, wanted to make sure they had enough money to live decently, so they decided Michelle had better work for a year. She'd found a job at a resort hotel as a maid.

That was all very well, except that Michelle was an old-fashioned girl and was determined to remain a virgin till her wedding night. THAT was getting to be a real drag.

"Oh, hell," Michelle muttered to herself.

No use fretting about it. Somehow she'd get

through this year, and then she'd marry Kurt and live happily ever after-if all the rumors were true. Fucking was supposed to be the most far out pleasure in the world, and she certainly looked forward to finding out.

Michelle put on a clinging jersey and tight hip-hugging pants, a matching pink outfit. She brushed her shining-clean shoulder-length blonde hair, but she didn't put on any make-up. She didn't need it, not with her glowing smooth teenage face. Just as she finished stepping into her sandals, she heard Kurt drive up in front of the house and honk his horn.