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The many ways of sex between women and boys

Olivia Chalmers

Olivia Chalmers

The many ways of sex between women and boys

"I always feel like their teacher – like I was really contributing something to them – and that's probably why I come so great with them."

"These affairs were once traditional among some cultures, and still are to a large degree. The reason? Well, there are many, some peculiar to the individuals involved which limits any generalizations, but I would say there are some basic reasons that are involved in some manner in most of these cases:

"For the women – they feel effective with the young, even 'powerful' with some elements of maternalism expressed through this manifestation.

"And for the boys; consciously, the mature woman is a 'safe' yet desirable partner, while on the unconscious level they are serving Oedipal leanings."

The sixteen-year-old son of an elementary school teacher.

"Because they're the easiest to make – nothing's involved except being ready when she is. And not getting caught!"

The thirty-eight-year old adulteress wife of a busy fundamentalist preacher.

"They're so young… so innocent… they are going to be so hurt by the world that they need my love now."

We do not know the psychological validity of these personal statements. They could be a put-on, but we rather doubt this, for, as publisher-observers of the contemporary socio-sexual scene, we come in contact with evidence of an enormous number of branding iron-hot affairs which are currently being executed between women and boys. And, as publishers we have the responsibility to communicate the lucid details of these affairs by way of the Cameo Sex Reality Series format of hardhitting personalized case histories.

We've done just that.

We hope that you, the sophisticated readers of twenty-one years or more, will accept the responsibility to read this work through to the very last page. There are insights to be gained; a little more knowledge of the sexual world around us to be considered.

The Publisher

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