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Desperately sucking teacher

Pamela Cooper

Pamela Cooper

Desperately sucking teacher


"Oh yes, Jack," the teenaged girl moaned softly. "Fuck me, baby. Slam that sweet cock home."

Connie Jackson was still wearing her uniform. They had finished cheerleading practice, and she had waited for Jack Gibbs to get done with his football workout and grab a shower. The two had then slipped back into the empty school. Now, Jack was giving Connie a workout of an entirely different sort.

The beautiful teenaged girl was sitting on the edge of the teacher's desk. Her bright red skirt was pulled up around her waist, and her panties lay forgotten on the floor. Her white sweater was pulled high and off her arms to get it out of the way. Jack hadn't bothered to remove her bra, only taking the time to unsnap it in front and slide the cups aside to reveal the girl's sweet pale tits.

Connie had her long legs wrapped around the football player's waist. She clamped him in the vise-like grip of her hot sweating thighs to pull her ass higher and give him better access to the drooling lips of her cunt. The thick black bush of the girl's pussy was dripping and matted from the juice that streamed from her cunt gash.

Each time the boy pushed forward, Connie grunted with the sensation of his cock fucking into the depths of her pussy. Every time he slid back out, the massive slab of his cockmeat dragged the girl's cum along with it. Thick gobs of her pussy cream left glistening trails through the curly black hairs that grew all the way down into the crack of her ass.

Connie leaned back on her hands, surrendering her body totally to the boy's rough lust. Her tits rose high and pale. The nipples were thick and dark and stood out from the areolas as if they were reaching for the boy's torment.

"Yes, baby," she grunted as Jack pinched one up between his thumb and index finger, pulling the tortured flesh until the nipple stood out a full inch from the pale tit mound. "Fuck me like I've never been fucked in my life!"

Over and over, the boy pounded his prick deep into the girl's wet pussy.

"Oh Christ, honey," she moaned. "I'm… I'm cumming… again and again, like it's never gonna stop."