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Aunt Sharon enslaved

Paul Gable

Paul Gable

Aunt Sharon enslaved


Diane Farnsworth stumbled back against the overturned crate of oranges, her arms flailing to either side of her. When she saw her cousin Billy lunge at her once more, she screamed, regaining her balance and rushing away from his clutching hands. Her cheeks still stung from the slap he had given her.

"No! No! Don't touch me!" she screamed. Her blue eyes were wide and rounded while her feet stumbled through the thick layer of straw on the barn floor. She had to get out! He was crazy! He had torn away the front of her dress, shouting that he was going to… to fuck her right now!

Diane stumbled again, pitching forward onto her knees. It was all the dark-headed stud behind her needed. Cursing, he reached down and grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair. Diane shrieked, her eyelids fluttering while her arms shot out to either side of her body. A pulse leaped through her throat as she felt him pulling her back, her hair tearing from her scalp.

"Help me! God, somebody… uhhhh!"

Jerking her head up, Billy brought his fist around in a broad arc, smashing his knuckles against her chin. Diane's head snapped back, her body jerking to one side as she tumbled to the filthy barn floor. Still conscious, the young blonde scratched her nails against the floor, desperately trying to crawl to the door and get out. But her cousin was fast, crushing her fingers with the heel of his black leather boots. Diane screamed, her body twitching against the floor as she felt the dirty leather crunching the tiny bones of her fingers.

"Try shoutin' out again and I'll throw you in the threshing machine," Billy growled.

Diane groaned with relief as he pulled his boot off her hand. Drawing her fingers against her belly the girl pulled her knees up to a fetal position. She didn't want to look at her cousin. She didn't want to see that handsome face, at one time so placid, now red with hatred. What had set him off that way? At dinner this evening he was as polite as usual – even more so.

And now… she shivered to think of how this was going to end.

"Billy, please, I haven't done anything to you," she said, blinking the hot, burning tears from her eyes. "Why are you doing this to me?"

He stood there, scratching his chin thoughtfully, nudging her ass with the toe of one boot. She could feel her dress starting to inch up from that pressure and moved one hand around to pull the hem down. His face darkened.