Language: English / Genre:home_sex, / Series: Bondage house

Stripped and whipped

Paul Gable

Paul Gable

Stripped and whipped


"You'll sleep in here, even with all the money you think you've got."

The words were sharp, uncompromising, shattering. Lisa Eldridge clung to her black and white suitcase, her fingers turning while she stared at the bleak cell. She knew it was real. She knew she would be here for at least six months until a parole board heard her case once more. Still it all seemed like a horrible, horrible dream to the blonde teen, her world of parties and the good life shattered by a careless, mindless drunken driving accident.

"And you won't have a chance to do the things you normally do with boys," the tall, slender matron said, her thin lips curling up into a wry smile.

"Wh-what?" Lisa realized she was being addressed.

"Fucking. We all know that's what rich little girls like you do, besides drinking, which is obviously why you're here," she said, arching her eyebrows while looking down at the teen coolly.

Lisa felt the coolness between the two of them. Anna Beddingfield, the matron in charge of her floor, was hostile toward her from the beginning. The way she eyed her made Lisa cringe and draw more inside her clothes. All those prison stories she'd seen on TV, she thought, were real.

"I never…"

Anna raised her hand to stop her. She backed away from the room to let Lisa enter, barely brushing her fingertips over the girl's ass as she passed. Lisa nearly yelped, but managed to swallow her surprise and fear.

"You'll find the uniform in the top drawer. All girls wear the uniform until they're discharged," Anna said in a business-like tone, folding her long bony fingers over one another. "You'll change and be ready to meet the matron in twenty minutes. All girls meet the head matron at the start. I think you'll find the experience most – educational!"

With that Anna stepped from the room, her black heels clacking against the brightly polished tiles of the first floor.