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The family_s loving pet

Paul Gable

Paul Gable

The family_s loving pet


"Where are they?"

Janet Grayson tapped her fingers nervously on the edge of the coffee table, glancing up at the clock that hung over the large fireplace. It was nearly nine o'clock. Her daughter and niece knew they had to be home by eight-thirty sharp! What with all the muggings and rapes happening all over Los Angeles lately, Janet was frightened that the two attractive teens would be the latest victims if they were to stay out too late.

And yet, how could she be angry with them? They were normal young girls – hot, curious, the way she used to be.


Janet closed her eyes, rubbing her cuntlips together by rocking her ass lightly on the sofa. How had it come to this? How had an attractive, vivacious young woman come to be regarded as an old maid, a dowdy aunt by her niece? Janet had heard those cruel words through her daughter's bedroom door, words that made her cry with shame. It hadn't always been that way. Janet's mother had worried about her when she was a teenager, worried that with her running around she would become pregnant and tossed out into the streets.

Janet smiled, her breathing becoming more rapid, more shallow as that ticklish, hot electric charge seeped from her clit and charged her thighs with heat. No, she didn't have to worry about that. Her husband Doug had been honorable – and one hell of a fuck to boot. Janet well remembered how they went home early from the prom that night, stealing away into Griffith Park high above Hollywood. Below them, the queers were busy trying to pick each other up with the cops tiptoeing in between bushes trying to catch them. No one thought of looking for a couple of straights making it in the bushes some four hundred feet away. How good Doug had felt, his thick-muscled hips rolling over hers, his knees spreading her legs apart while his big hands slipped under her ass and cupped her asscheeks. How they fucked! The word fuck! What a wonderful, beautiful word. Even now it made her flesh crawl.

All through college she and Doug were careful. They experimented after classes in his fraternity brother's off-campus apartment! It was like living through some sex manual. The more she tried, the more Janet liked. And Doug was more than a willing participant! Anything she thought of he could top. And they got along so well together.

It was a marriage made in heaven… or so she thought. For the first few years Doug was more athletic in the sack than he'd ever been. And Janet did everything he wanted – everything except take it in the ass. That had seemed going a little far, fucking in a way that would bring her more pain than pleasure.

It was shortly after Shari was born when she noticed a change in Doug. He started coming home late, making excuses for missed dinners. It was no surprise to her after a while when he asked for a divorce. Another woman? Janet laughed bitterly, blinking back the tears. Other women – several of them. He wanted his freedom, wanted to keep on experimenting with other cunts as well as with new techniques.

It was humiliating and terrifying. Janet had to go out and find a job, work for the first time in her life. She had made a go of it and had raised her daughter well… or so she thought. Now her sister's daughter Wendy was visiting from Brockton, Massachusetts, a girl Janet disapproved of the moment she met her. All that makeup, short clinging dresses, those eyes that scanned every available man at the airport! Janet worried about Wendy's influence on her far more modest daughter.