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Auntie_s hot lessons

Pamela James

Pamela James

Auntie's hot lessons


Ruth's hands began to tremble. She felt the sticky wetness spreading down from between her thighs as the boy moaned again. There was no mistaking what he was doing.

She leaned against the wall, her legs suddenly feeling too weak to support her weight, and decided it would be best to go quietly back down the hall to her bedroom. She didn't want her young nephew to suspect she had been furtively listening outside his door.

My God, she thought, sitting on the edge of her bed, her heart pounding, what's the matter with me? Why are all these crazy thoughts filling my head? He's my sister's son!

Ruth hadn't seen her nephew since his eleventh birthday. When her sister asked if he could spend the summer with her and her daughter Peg, she had been thrilled. Ruth hat been so lonely since her husband left her for that other woman – almost a year ago. Lonely and cheated. She would never forgive him for running out on her, leaving her to care for Peg, who was now Bill's age.

At times her resentment would burn like fire in the pit of her stomach and she would start to cry and be unable to stop. But in just a short time Bill had changed all that. It was like having a man around the house again. Ruth felt years younger and more assured of herself.

But now something else was happening. Ruth didn't want to acknowledge it – even to herself. Sooner or later she would have to give in to these strange feelings, as wrong as she knew them to be, and this frightened her. Excited her too. She had never felt such excitement welling up inside her before.

She had met Bill at the station. It had only been a week ago, but it seemed like much longer. It seemed now as if she had known the boy, all his life, as if she were his mother and not an aunt who hadn't seen him in four years.

He stood on the platform, a suitcase on either side of him, looking small for his age. His blond hair was almost shoulder length. And he was one of the most handsome boys Ruth had ever seen! He looked almost angelic and a bit pale. He ran to her, smiling broadly, and they embraced.

Even then Ruth remembered feeling a certain pang in her chest as she held his face in her hands. He was so cute it made her ache! His cheeks were so soft, his body so slender. At first he had been disarmingly shy with Ruth, but now they were friends. He really liked her and this thrilled the woman.

Then several nights after his arrival, Ruth walked past his door toward her bedroom. She thought she heard him whimpering, as if in pain. She paused by his door and listened, ready to rush in and find out what was wrong.