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Drugged into sin

Peter Jenkins

Peter Jenkins

Drugged into sin


The skies were clouded with the gray misty haze that make February days in the east so depressing. Christine looked out of her bedroom window and onto the back campus of the fashionable eastern boarding school she was forced to attend since her parents had been killed in an accident two years ago. Until that time she had been completely happy in the local high school in the small, but friendly farming community in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Although she was less than three hundred miles from her hometown she found the locale of the school far from cheerful. Coal mines, grey dust, smoky mountains did not replace the grain fields, green lawns, plentiful foliage which she could enjoy when she looked out of her bedroom window at home.

Home! What a laugh, she thought. Since her parents death she had been living with an aunt and uncle who were her legal guardians until she reached twenty-one. They had control of the insurance money, which would have actually left her quite well off, and decided that it would be best, to send her away to school. Christine was certain that they were going to make sure that she never got any of the money even when she did reach the legal age, and that was why she was being sent away to school. After all, her aunt and uncle had never had children of their own and what did they know about a young girl's feelings and needs. They just wanted her out of the way!

Well, just two more weeks until Spring Vacation. This thought brightened her spirits considerably. She was being allowed to bring her boyfriend home for the two weeks since his parents were on an extended cruise of the Caribbean. Two weeks to share things with Jimmy! The restrictions placed on all the boarding students at the school made it almost impossible to have a normal dating relationship. She was seventeen. Jimmy was eighteen and they had to sneak even a good-night kiss after the Saturday night dances sponsored by the school. The dormitory mother was always there watching disapprovingly as if it were a sordid, dirty thing to show any sort of affection. "Public display of affection is disgusting!" That had been drilled into the girls' heads from the first day they arrived at the school. If you were caught in what the faculty considered a "compromising situation" – such as holding hands, you were campused for a week for "Socializing". It seemed that they were so afraid that one of the girls would get in trouble, and this alone stifled any normal, healthy relationship between the boys and girls.

Until she had been sent away to school she had always been allowed to date freely. Her parents trusted her and with her strict Methodist upbringing a girl just didn't let things get out of hand. She valued her virginity and planned to save it for her future husband, but a good-night kiss was far from going "all the way", as her generation put it.

Her feelings for Jimmy she felt were love. She enjoyed his kisses, brief caresses, and found herself longing for more, but she had always kept herself in check – or at least the school rules had!

Now she would be able to spend two whole weeks with Jimmy. Even though it would be under the supervision of her aunt and uncle, it would be far more relaxed than the strict, unreasonable school regulations.

Suddenly she was jolted out of her daydreams as the chapel bell rang, signaling the start of the next class. She walked slowly across the street to the main building, hoping to catch a glimpse of Jimmy before she went to her French class.