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A husband_s hobby

Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen

A husband_s hobby


The first thing Mrs. Natalie Jenkins noticed about young Jason Powell was that he looked remarkably mature for a boy of only fourteen. She studied his tall, muscular form and his intense blue eyes in wonderment, finding it difficult to believe that such an obviously well-equipped young man would need the services of Weatherly-Brooks Summer Camp for Boys.

Weatherly-Brooks was supposed to be a project to help under-privileged or emotionally immature youths prepare themselves for the important transition from eighth grade to high school. It was conducted during the summer before the boys entered the ninth grade, and it included programs of academic and social instruction as well as the traditional sports and recreation activities usually associated with summer camps.

This was Natalie's first summer with the Weatherly-Brooks Camp, and she had, somehow expected the boys to be much younger-looking than Jason Powell. As he stood patiently in the doorway of the teachers' and counselors' cabin, the tall, brunette 3-R's teacher couldn't hide her pleased amazement, and it was several moments before she said anything.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Jason," she began breathlessly. "You are Jason Powell aren't you? My husband said you had to pick something up…" Her words sounded hurried and nervous, but the good-looking teenager appeared not to notice.

"Yes, Ma-am, I am… Mark – er, Mr. Jenkins – said that you knew where he kept his… um…" The tousled blond youth suddenly stopped talking, his cherubic, as-yet untanned face staring in innocent fascination at the beautiful wife of the camp's nature guide. In all his young life he had never seen a woman so beautiful. Mrs. Jenkins was wearing a simple green camp outfit, but her tits were so huge that they stuck out even through the stiff cotton fabric. And the short-shorts that matched the blouse seemed to have been deliberately designed with the gorgeous teacher in mind. They clung to her provocative hips and buttocks like a second skin, and they were so short that the entire length of her slender, show-girl legs was exposed to the young boy's gaze. On her feet she wore simple sandals, having removed the regulation hiking boots after her morning teaching assignment was finished. Jason looked her up and down with frank admiration, before he realized that she was aware of his prurient interest.

"What was it Mr. Jenkins wanted you to pick up, Jason?" Natalie asked quietly, but with a firm tone in her voice. She hadn't had Jason as a student yet, but since the classes changed every week, she would doubtless see him in the classroom soon, and there was no point in letting his adolescent interest get out of hand.

"The… um… his… The thing that he uses to test for poison… I mean, the book…" The teenager's face was beginning to flush with embarrassment, as he groped his stunned young mind for the object of his visit. He raised his eyes to look pleadingly into Natalie's lovely face for help, but when he met her big, doe-like brown eyes he quickly averted his own. In his fresh young mind he didn't know what was bothering him, but he knew that he had forgotten completely what the nature guide wanted him to pick up from his wife.

"The poison plants book?" Natalie guessed. "Or was it the guide to edible foliage?" Although her husband had told her by intercom that he was sending a boy to the teachers' and counselors' cabin for something, the ancient communications equipment was so unreliable that his voice had been completely obscured by static. All she knew was that Jason Powell was coming for something.

But the poor lad was at a loss for words. Although he was a good head taller than the young woman, Natalie suddenly had the urge to wrap her arms around him and comfort him in his distress. She knew it was a motherly response, and inwardly she wondered if she would ever have children of her own.

Oh, dear Lord, she thought momentarily. Why does it have to be this way? What am I doing wrong? She was thinking about her handsome, earnest husband, to whom she had been married only a year. The way things were going right now, it looked as though they would never have a family, and the thought tore the twenty-five year old woman's heart out. She had mulled over the horrible, incomprehensible consequences that could result from her problems, but she tried to banish the thoughts from her mind. Stepping down from the doorstep, she laid her hand on young Jason's shoulder. "Why don't you come in and sit down for a minute? I'm sure you'll remember what Mr. Jenkins wanted."