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The Captive Bride

Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen

The Captive Bride

"Well, my dear, I have good news for the both of us," Fritz Schneider said to his young, dark-eyed Italian mistress who was sunning herself on the patio of their large country house in Mallorca. Schneider sat in the shade on a stone bench. He threw a branch for his large dog, Eric, a fierce-looking German shepherd. The branch sailed over the courtyard wall, and the dog growled with displeasure before dashing out of the patio through an open gate.

Christina was naked and stretched out in a provocative position on the grass, her knees uplifted and her full firm thighs spread apart in an uninhibited fashion. She had creamily tanned shoulders that narrowed down to an hourglass waist, and molded thighs that tapered over slim calves to thin, well-formed ankles. Swelling out from her small waist, her curved hips were more than matched by generously rounded breasts whose rose-tipped nipples pointed up to the sun.

"Christina, are you listening?" Schneider commanded.

"What, Fritz, darling?" she yawned and turned over to one side, bending an elbow to support her head.

Her satiny black hair cascaded down her back as she removed dark glasses to peer at Schneider. Her dark eyes, with their long thick eyelashes fluttering out over high-set cheekbones, gave her a devouring expression. As she cast a passion-inciting glance at Schneider, he felt his penis eagerly jerk and stiffen in his pants.

"Fortune has smiled on us in our need for someone to deliver the heroin to the states," he announced.

"Not me, I hope," Christina murmured in a lightly accented voice.

"No, our desperation has yet to reach such lengths. I think we shall use the charming young American newlyweds whom we met in Palma yesterday. The ones who just arrived from their wedding in the states."

"I want to buy a leopard skin coat," Christina muttered.

"My dear, sometimes I wonder about you! How can you think of fur coats in this kind of weather?"

Christina didn't answer but sank back onto the grass. Her pink-nippled breasts jostled slightly as she lifted a hand to shade her eyes from the bright sun. Once again, Schneider's cock throbbed and he felt his long thick penis straining against the restricting material of his Bermuda shorts.

"Christina," he ordered as his glance took in her naked body. "I want you to crawl over here. On your knees."