Language: English / Genre:home_sex, / Series: Beeline double novel

When the loving gets rough

Perry Scope

Perry Scope

When the loving gets rough


She had read about such things. Perhaps she might admit to fantasizing about how it would feel to be violated that way. But here she was about to permit it! Or would she?

"No, Gary! Not back there! It's too tight to do me there!"

"Aw, come on, Sally. Let's at least try it. Just once, baby. Just to see what it's like."

"Your cock is too big!" she giggled as the rubbery knob of it poked at the crack between the ivory-smooth globes of flesh. "You'll rip me apart, Gary. Besides… someone might come along…"

"Nobody ever comes to the beach this early in the morning," he panted over her shoulder, keeping a firm grip on her hips to keep her from getting away. "Just once, baby. Let's just try it."

Hidden by an old, weathered picket fence, Karen Martin watched and listened in silence. Pangs of guilt tore at her insides, telling her it was wrong to watch like this. But the excitement of their naked bodies and the promise of a performance she had never seen before, kept her from moving. After all, she rationalized, I was here long before they arrived. Ifs not my fault they just picked this spot and stripped naked without checking first to see if anyone was around. Probably college kids, who wouldn't mind anyway.

Convincing herself that she wasn't watching for her own sexual gratification relieved some of the guilt. She told herself that perhaps watching an-other couple make love would in some way help her own marriage. It might even help her understand her husband and the difficulty they were having over sex.

"Oh, Gary," the girl sighed when his arms slid around from the back, with one hand cupping her breast, while the fingers of the other combed through the dark triangle of hair between her legs. "I want you, Gary. I want you to fuck me the right way… I need it… I have to see that gorgeous plum dip into my pussy…"

"I'll fuck you, baby. Fuck you real good. But first let me stick it up your ass a little."

"Mmmmmmm… you drive me crazy," she purred.