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Troll Bridge

Terry Pratchett

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Come over here, will you?'

'You weren't?'

'Sorry,' he said.

'That's all right. Bits fall off all the time, like I said.'

Cohen turned. 'What's happening? I remember all the big old wars. Don't you? You must have fought.'

'I carried a club, yeah.'

'It was supposed to be for a bright new future and law and stuff. That's what people said.'

'Well, I fought because a big troll with a whip told me to,' said Mica, cautiously. 'But I know what you mean.'

'I mean it wasn't for farms and spruce trees. Was it?'

Mica hung his head. 'And here's me with this apology for a bridge. I feel really bad about it,' he said, 'you coming all this way and everything...'

'And there was some king or other,' said Cohen, vaguely, looking at the water. 'And I think there were some wizards. But there was a king. I'm pretty certain there was a king. Never met him. You know?' He grinned at the troll. 'I can't remember his name. Don't think they ever told me his name.'


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