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Journal Entry # 521

Number dead since last entry: 25

“This is the voice of Doctor Ryder Strong.” I spoke loudly into the small rectangular tape recorder. “We’ve had remarkable results with project X. It has far surpassed anything we could have suspected. Subjects have heightened abilities such as: hearing, sight, strength, and speed. They can survive for long periods of time with very little food and sleep. They can maintain body temperature despite the weather around them and are immune to all human illnesses. Their ability to heal and tolerance for pain is phenomenal. I have no doubt we have yet to unlock all of their potential.

There has been some setbacks with the program. The subjects struggle with basic social skills. Their intimidating height, unnatural mannerisms, and lack of communication causes them to stand out amongst humans. Also, we’ve yet to figure out their thought process. It seems very primitive at times, and other times, it is rather complex. We’ve put the subjects through many basic fundamental tests. The results are all over the board. If we can figure out how their minds work, we can better understand and more importantly, control the subjects.”

 I leaned back in my chair and sighed.

 “Their rage was once our biggest obstacle--along with loyalty and control. However, I have been able to implement a successful tool to manage the anger issue. I call it the obsession. An obsession is usually a simple object. It could be a stone or a feather, something that can be easily replaced if needed. The idea came to me when I noticed the subjects tended to singularly focus on certain tasks or objects. It is one of the many altered traits in the synthetic DNA we engineered to create them.  We used their hyperfocus in the same way one would train a dog. The obsession acts as a reward and a pacifier.

When used as a reward, subjects tend to stay focused longer, complete tasks sooner, without incident, and they are often more eager to do what is requested.

When the obsession is used as a pacifier, it has the remarkable ability to calm the rage inside the subjects instantly. We have had resounding results in this area, despite subject 0041. Casualties have gone down tremendously, and cooperation has increased. This month we have only lost twenty-five guards and other staff members; an outstanding decrease compared to the one-hundred and ten we lost last month before implementing the obsessions.

  With the rage finally moderated, we are now able to move on to the next part of the program. We have been granted permission to go on to the next phase of Project X, reproduction.  We have already started to gather breeders. Quite a few have volunteered their service for monetary gain, but not enough. We are in desperate need of more breeders. As in all things when dealing with projects of this magnitude, we can’t always do things by the books. We have been forced to obtain breeders by other means as well. Another shipment……”

“Dr. Strong!” The door to my office flies opened, and the loud commotion outside floated into the room.

“What is it, Asim? What’s going on?”

The tall Arabian man stood in my door sweating and breathing heavily. A cut above his brow leaked dark red blood down into his eyes.

“Code Orange. It’s subject 0041.” The fear evident in his dark brown eyes.

“Damn it!”

I rose from my chair placing my voice recorder and the syringe in my pocket, back into my locked desk drawer. My voice recordings are my private notes. They do not belong with the other documentation files.

“That is the third one this week.” I headed towards the door where Asim waited for me.

 “We need to find its obsession fast,” Asim stated breathlessly as we ran down the corridor to the sound of the commotion.

We, along with other trained soldiers in full rioting gear, headed in the same direction. Whenever there is a code orange, all armed guards know to relocate to the premises of the threat.

“It isn’t that easy,” I said to answer his earlier statement.

Subject 0041 has been an enigma since the beginning. It is the first successful subject to survive the embryonic stage. 0041 is the first breakthrough in project X, and it is unlike any of the other subjects that came after it. 0041 is still a conundrum to us. Every day we discover something new about it. I think because it is so complex, it will be harder to connect him with a simple obsession.

Asim and I stopped at the door of the cafeteria. A large, burly guard flies through the glass window beside us. By the way his body iwas folded backwards, I can now place our death toll for the month up to twenty-six. I look through the glass windows into the mesh hall, and right away, I spotted 0041.  The subject was surrounded by guards. Their usual green and brown operational camouflage fatigues were covered in heavy black padded vest. Their guns aimed at the raving subject. Even with all their weapons and protective gear, they were still no match for 0041. It won’t be weapons that calm this creature down. I pushed open the door and walked in, Asim close on my trail.

“Alpha!” I called out its name.

Silver eyes turned to me, and I could only pray that we gained control before anyone else died.


“Stand up straight, Morgan. A girl with your figure shouldn’t slouch. You are a representation of this family and your husband. Act accordingly.”

On the inside, I rolled my eyes so hard at my mother that they have to pack a bag before they come back to the front of my head. However, my outside appearance never wavered. I’m a pro at not showing emotion. When you grow up in a house with Beverly Cambridge as your mother, you have to learn to hide your true feelings. My mother is a perfectionist. That’s probably an understatement. She is the daughter of a pastor, and not just any pastor, but the pastor of the First Baptist Church right in the heart of Dallas, Texas. The well-known mega-church has members such as commissioners, mayors, legislators, and a few celebrities. She was brought up in an environment where appearance is everything, which is how she became the first black Miss. Texas, and later became Miss. America in 1980. From the time Beverly Cambridge wakes up in the morning until the time she goes to sleep at night, she is performing. The world is her stage, and she refuses to show the world any flaws in her perfectly created farce. We are the happy family--the Obamas before the world knew who they were, so frowning when a senator tells you at the age of six that you’re cute, but not nearly as cute as your little sister, gets you pinched so hard you have a bruise for weeks.  Not keeping a smile on your face during a six-hour fundraising dinner that you were too young to attend in the first place, gets you locked in a room without food for three days, so when I say I have years of experience learning to hide my feelings, I mean it.

I straightened my back and tilted my chin up, just like I was taught to do in all my years of etiquette classes, not that my husband would notice me slouching. Trevor has been too busy kissing ass to notice anything about me. Part of my mother’s job, other than to spend daddy’s money, was to make sure my little sister and I married well. Not for love, that’s a stupid notion. Only fools and poor people marry for love—her words, not mine. No, we had to marry for prestige. That is how I found myself married to a man that I hardly knew.

Tonight, we’re celebrating Trevor’s recent courtroom success. He and I had only been married for three years, and since then, he had slowly risen up the ladder at my father’s law firm. Most of his success is due to my father’s connections and influence. Even now the ballroom is filled to the brim with people from my father’s contact list. They are the movers and shakers of the world--the high society. Lawyers, business men, politicians, and even a former US vice president is in attendance. This gathering really has nothing to do with Trevor or his success, it is just another opportunity for my parents to gain patronage. With my father’s term of governor coming up for re-election, this was just another fundraising event for him.

“I thought I told you to wear your hair down tonight.” Another critique from Mother.  She liked to pretend that the hundred-dollar weave jobs we wear is actually our real hair.

“You look much better with your long hair hanging down. It makes your face look smaller, and Lord knows you need the help.”

“I happen to prefer it up, Beverly,” Trevor said in my defense.

He isn’t really paying me a compliment, he just likes to go against my mother. He’s still trying to assert his dominance over her. He thinks by proving his dominance she will begin to respect him more. I would advise him to give up on that dream, but he doesn’t listen to me anyway.

“Of course, you would. I wouldn’t expect someone so new to wealth to know anything about elegance or fashion.”

Trevor frowned at my mother’s retort.

Although Trevor liked to play this game with Mother, he always ended up losing. No one can cut you down as quickly and severely as Beverly Cambridge.

Seeing as she’d won the argument, she turned back to me with a triumphant smile. “Take it down.”

Without argument, I took the pin out of my low chignon allowing the silky waves to fall down my back.

My sister, Monroe, cut her eyes at me and rolled them before giving me a dimpled smile.

Monroe is Mother’s pride and joy. She’s tall and thin like Mother. Her eyes are almond shaped and hazel like Father’s. She’s gorgeous inside and out. Monroe is adventurous and outspoken. She can walk into any room and be the center of attention, not because she demands it, but because people always want to know the beautiful girl with the stunning eyes and vibrant personality. The only thing my dear youngest sister lacks, is motivation.

“Oh look, Marvin! It’s Benjamin Parks, the CEO of Vita Pharmaceutical.”

Another one of Mother’s many talents was knowing the title to every wealthy business man or woman in the world.

“I’ve been trying to get a meeting with him for years. Did you invite him, Beverly?”

“No! I did,” Trevor answered in that preening way he used whenever he was talking to my father. “He’s the firm’s newest client. I know what someone like him could do for your campaign, Marvin. Those private investors won’t hold forever.”

My father stared at my husband with a look of pride. That look was hard to come by from my father. After twenty-eight years of being his daughter, I’ve only gotten it once. When I was twelve, some big wig’s son thought I was cute. He asked to dance with me one night at a fundraising event. My father and his thought we would be the perfect couple. They even thought about arranging some type of marriage thing. Unfortunately for his parents and mine, they couldn’t see that the young man was gay. He was only spending time with me that night, because he didn’t think I’d judge him. Thinking I had bagged some future heir to a billion-dollar real estate company, was the only time my dad had ever looked at me with pride.

“That was very smart, Trevor. Nothing will replace the money I get from my private investors, but good job taking initiative.”

“Indeed.” Mother added. “Thinking like that may actually get you partner at my husband’s law firm instead of just an associate,” Mother said the word associate as if it was the equivalent of a trash man.

Only she could make seven years in two of the top colleges in the world and a six-figure income seem like nothing.

Despite Mother’s lack of any maternal bone, she always wanted us to marry the best. “Only the best for a Cambridge girl.” She would say. Trevor was just ok. He wasn’t the diplomat or renowned surgeon she would have liked for her daughters, but then again, that’s why he’s married to me.

Trevor clenched his jaw the way he always did when my parents belittled him. His body became rigid and the vein in his neck started to throb. Great, I’ll be sure to pay for this later tonight. We watched as the man named Benjamin Parks approached us.

I’d been around wealthy men all my life. Both my parents come from money. Benjamin Parks had that same type of air that rich men carry. The one that says ‘I’m invincible’. He floated toward us in his smoke gray tailored suit. He couldn’t be much older than me. He had that tanned–just–left–somewhere—exotic—look to his skin that paired well with his dark brown hair. He was attractive in an average way, but his demeanor and confidence made him more appealing. I imagine with his title and money he had no problem attracting women.

He approached us, and a practiced smile crossed his face. Something about his smile sent shivers up my back--not in the good way. Another gift I’d picked up due to my parents’ poor parenting, is that I’m really good at reading people. Spending years silently watching and listening in the corner helped tune that skill set. I guess it would be considered my super power, like my sister’s ability to fit in anywhere and Mother’s ability to recall rich men’s statistics like baseball card facts, so from one look at Benjamin Parks, I knew he was trouble.

“Congratulations, Trevor, and thank you for inviting me to your celebration. I’m sure you will make partner soon.”

Trevor seemed to preen like a peacock at the compliment until my mother chuckled under her breath. Meanwhile, Benjamin’s eyes were busy shifting between my sister and me, but they lingered on Monroe. They usually always did.

“Now, which one of these beauties is your wife?” he asked this question without taking his eyes off of Monroe.

I don’t have to worry about Roe, Benjamin isn’t her type. Despite Mother’s dream of marrying Monroe off to some wealthy asshole, it will never happen. My sister has a taste for bad boys. The only rich man Monroe will marry is going to be a rapper.

“This one,” Trevor said pointing towards me. “This is Morgan Downs.”

Benjamin peeled his eyes away from my sister to look me over. His interest in me peeked only for a second. He looked at me like one would examine a fruit before they placed it in their shopping cart. I admit, I didn’t have Monroe’s exotic looks or her peanut butter skin tone. My skin was the color of coffee with a dash of cream. I was on the short side, five-foot-three-inches in height. My body was a lot curvier than Monroe’s, which often drove Mother mad. My eyes are brown like my mother’s, but they aren’t that slanted cat shape that made Mother and Monroe stand out. They turned down at the ends giving me the appearance that I’m always sad. My lips are full and bow shaped, the type people pay money for, and my nose is narrow but spreads wide at the tip. I’m not ugly, but I’m not Monroe. Growing up with a gorgeous little sister in a society that had no qualms about reminding you of your short comings, made me grow a thick skin. I’m pretty, I’ve gotten enough compliments to know that, but when put up against girls like Monroe, I was often considered the ugly duckling.

“Nice to meet you, Morgan. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

My radar went off with the way he slightly laughed at the last part of his sentence. It’s like he knew some kind of inside joke I wasn’t privy to.

“How is marriage life treating you?” He didn’t ask the question as if he cared about the response.

He was just being polite. It’s like he was rehearsing a script or checking off appropriate questions to ask while in public. I had no intentions of answering him. For starters, he didn’t really care how my marriage life was going. If he did, he might have actually made eye contact with me while asking the question, and the other reason I didn’t answer….

“You will have to excuse, Morgan. She’s mute,” Mother replied right on time.

This is a lie. I can talk, just not out in public where anyone could discover that I had a speech problem. I stutter. It’s worse when I’m nervous, or angry, or just around my parents. Since I was a child, this had been the thorn in my mother’s side. To her, I’m flawed. She would rather tell people I couldn’t speak and gain sympathy, than to let them know that I could in fact talk, but I stuttered. I was an imperfection in her perfectly created world.

For the first time, Benjamin’s eyes were fully on me. That sympathetic look my mother loved came over his face. He then cut his eyes to Trevor briefly before turning back to my sister.

“I’m sorry to hear that, and now, who is this?” Benjamin asked with zero sincerity.

I was fully dismissed by him, and now his full attention was on Monroe.

“This……beautiful goddess, is my sister-in-law, Monroe Cambridge.” Trevor introduced my sister the way he always did, as if she were his wife instead of me.

The moment my sister was introduced to Benjamin, I and everyone else around us was forgotten. I saw the look in my father’s eyes as he intruded into Benjamin and Monroe’s conversation. Marvin Cambridge had no problem pimping his daughters out to gain access to men’s pockets. My father was already adding up Benjamin’s donation as he talked about my sister’s recent accomplishments, and though I love my sister, there isn’t very many to talk about.

“Looks like your sister has caught the eye of the richest man in the room.” Mother bragged.

This was what she lived for. A man as well-known and wealthy as Benjamin Parks finding interest in her daughter was the greatest thing she could ask for.

“It’s just one conversation, Beverly. Besides, Benjamin isn’t the type to settle down.” My husband’s jealous tone wasn’t missed on me.

Mother cut her eyes to Trevor, I could tell from the vicious smile on her face she was about to say something scathing.

“Poor Trevor, still fawning after the unobtainable. If it weren’t for Morgan’s inadequacies, you wouldn’t even be allowed in my house let alone my family. Now take your wife, and mingle with your guest. You are no longer needed here.” Mother then turned and immediately joined in my father’s and Benjamin’s conversation.


The rest of the night was as miserable as I knew it would be.  I stood around silently as hundreds of guests talked around me, but not to me. I endured my husband’s silent stewing as he watched Benjamin take up Monroe’s time the entire night. By the time we made it back to our house, I had prepared myself for what was to come.

“That fucking woman!” Trevor shouted as he slammed the door to our bedroom. “I’m a goddamn attorney. I work for one of the most prestigious law firms in this city, and she acts like I’m not good enough for her precious daughter. I’m the one that invited Benjamin to the party when her husband couldn’t even get a fucking call back.”

I didn’t respond. Anything I said would only make matters worse for me. My night was already going to be bad. I didn’t need to make it worse.

Trevor angrily took off his clothes while throwing things around the room.

“I can have any woman in this world, and I get saddled with the fucking retard that can’t even talk.”

I think sometimes people think that because I don’t talk, it also means I can’t hear, or maybe in this instance, he just didn’t care.

I closed the lid to my jewelry box down after placing the pearls I wore tonight inside. The sound drew his attention to me. My heart beat sped up. It’s important at times like this to remain unseen by him. He raked his eyes over my semi-naked body. My white, knee-length dress had already been removed and hanging over the back of the chair ready to take to the cleaners tomorrow. Trevor’s hazel eyes scanned my body with disgust. Despite the fact that he admitted to hating my body and wishing I was skinnier, it never failed to turn him on. Right now, his cock was tenting his slacks.

Trevor was my first lover. Our first time was not a memorable or enjoyable experience. Usually, he climbed on top of me in the dark, stuck around inside me for a few minutes, and then climbed off when he was done. He seemed to enjoy it. I just went with the motions. Although Mother preached to my sister to stay a virgin until marriage, she told me that I would have to open my legs in order for a man to marry me. I was determined to prove her wrong. My wedding night was the first time I’d had sex, unlike Monroe who’d given up her virginity in ninth grade. I didn’t judge my sister for giving it up when she did. In fact, I loved her very detailed stories of her sexual conquest. She made it seem like sex was this magical thing between two lovers.

It isn’t.

“Have you taken your birth control pill today?” Trevor asked as he unbuckled his pants. This question came up at least twice a day--as if I would forget. God forbid I actually get pregnant by my husband. It doesn’t matter that I actually want kids. I told him this repeatedly while we were dating, and he was all for it. Now, Trevor thought that children would only be in the way.

 I nodded my head in answer to his question.

“Good. Go shower, I want to have sex tonight.”

So romantic.

As much as I wish he would just fall asleep and leave me alone, I knew I would have to endure this. Despite being in a marriage where your husband often treated you as if he hated you, I still tried to be a good wife. When we first started dating, he was the typical boyfriend. For seven months, he performed the role of a caring boyfriend perfectly. When he asked to marry me, I was unsure. Though we had been dating for seven months, we really didn’t know each other. He was kind and sweet to me, but I never felt as if he tried to get to know me. By the time he asked me to marry him, I couldn’t say no. My parents were so heavily involved that I had no choice. It wasn’t until after our wedding day that the real Trevor appeared. Even so, I still performed my wifely duties without protest. Partly because I hoped that one day he would learn to love and value me, and partly because I feared the repercussions if I didn’t. I walked towards our massive attached bathroom. My body trembled at the thought of what is to come. The moment I passed by him, his large hand wrapped around my upper arm squeezing tightly. The bruise from two days ago flared back to life. I flinched.

“Did you mention anything to your sister about what goes on in this house?” His hazel eyes bore into mine searching for the truth.

Even if I did decide to lie, Trevor would never know. He never took the time get to know me well enough to read me.

 I shook my head.

“SPEAK!” he yelled, and I jumped.

“Nnnnnnnnnnn……nnnnnnnnn….” I stopped and closed my eyes, fighting to get the simple word out.

I would much rather he hit me. He was good about hitting me in places that people couldn’t see. The bruises were my embarrassing reminders, but they cleared up. However, it was this kind of abuse that stayed the longest, when he made me nervous just so I could stutter and he could mock me. Like the way he was doing now. He watched me with a smile as I fought to get the simple word no out.

I took a breath and fought the anxiety clawing its way through my body. I was shipped to tons of speech-language pathologists trying to ‘solve’ my issue. Most told my parents that my stuttering wasn’t as severe as they believed. It’s true, when I’m around other people, my stuttering is only slight, hardly noticeable, but when I’m with my family, it’s worse--severely worse. One psychologist even told me that my stuttering was linked to my parents, and that it was all in my head. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

Trevor released my arm with a shove, causing me to fall into the closed bathroom door.

“Fucking retard. Hurry up in the shower, I don’t want to wait all night.” He turned away from me, and I headed into the bathroom, hoping the hot shower water would dissolve my tears.

  The sterile white tile in my bathroom was blinding. Nothing in this house was my style. Everything was to Trevor’s liking, even though the huge, four-bedroom sprawling mansion was a wedding gift from my beloved grandparents.

Just thinking about my grandparents made the tears fall faster. My paternal grandparents were my saving grace growing up. They were more like parents than grandparents. I spent summers, weekends, and Christmas breaks with them. They are the ones that taught me humility and kindness.

I stared at the reflection looking back at me. Sad brown eyes that hide so much pain. A body full of dark bruises in different stages of healing. I was a mess inside and out. If my grandparents were still alive, they would be so ashamed of the woman I’ve become. I was so busy trying to live my life the way my parents and husband wanted me to, I had no idea who I was anymore. My eyes were as dead as the wax figures you find in museums. I guess I’m a lot like those statues--a molded figure of what others wanted me to be. I turned away from the image in the mirror, unable to bare the sight of her.

I was back in my bed room entirely too soon. The lights were off, and the moonlight coming through the patio doors gave me just enough light to make out Trevor’s outline underneath the covers.

“Get in the bed, Morgan.” His voice came out as a demand.

I slid the covers back and crawled in bed. Trevor demanded that I sleep in the nude. He didn’t like having to undress me in the middle of the night if he wanted sex. As soon as I was in position, Trevor was on top of me. His touch was rough as he pushed my thighs open and thrusted his fingers inside me. It’s not like he cared if my body was ready for him. His other hand slid into the night stand beside my side of the bed to retrieve the KY Jelly. He never took the time for my body to create its own natural lubricant. After applying the gel onto his shaft and around my labia, he thrusted his erection inside of me. I whimpered at the rough and burning intrusion.

“Fuck, Morg! You aren’t much to look at, but this pussy is the best I’ve ever had. You’re so fucking tight.”

I turned my head as he panted harsh breaths in my face with each thrust. I closed my eyes and gripped the sheets, waiting for him to finish. The more I whimpered, the more he got turned on. I wonder if he knew my whimpers were from pain and not pleasure.  I doubt he would care either way. He continued to thrust inside me for a few more minutes before he growled out a curse word, and his body became rigid over mine. Thank God he never lasted long. His hot seed spilled inside me, and the first tear slid down my face.

 Trevor rolled off of me and collapsed down with his back to me.

“You need to burn that white dress. You looked like the fucking marshmallow man tonight.” He chuckled those words before the sounds of his soft snoring greeted me.

I rolled to my side, my back facing his, as the remnants of his orgasm leaked onto my thighs. Like many nights, my silent tears took me to sleep.


My day started the way it usually does. I woke an hour earlier than Trevor, showered, and dressed before he rolled out of bed. I headed down stairs to make his breakfast. He liked to have his coffee and breakfast waiting for him when he came down stairs.

I was standing at the stove finishing up his bacon when the sound of my sister’s voice greeted me.

“Morning, Morg!” Monroe gave me a hug from behind before she sat down at the kitchen island. She grabbed one of the sliced fruits I placed in a bowl for Trevor’s breakfast.

“Monroe. Wwwwwwwwhat are you dddddddoing up this early?”

Unfortunately, the large house my grandparents’ purchased for me, was in the same gated community as my childhood home, only five houses down to be precise. It wasn’t uncommon for Monroe to come over for a random visit. So common, that I just gave her a key.

“Ugh, I had to get away. Already Mother was on my case about that Benjamin guy from last night. I swear she’s like a dog with a bone every time some rich asshole comes sniffing around me.”

I giggled. She was absolutely right about Mother. If Monroe even mentioned a guy, my mother had to know who he was, what he did for a living, and his political views.

“She’s just so aggressive about this marriage thing.” Monroe sighed. “I wish I was more like you. You don’t fight back or give them problems like me. You’re the good child.”

I had to stop what I was doing to turn and look at her. Is she kidding? She wants to be like me? I have to conform to our parents’ demands, because if not, they would have probably abandoned me on someone’s doorstep years ago. I didn’t have the option of being defiant. Their love for me was based on how easy I am to control--unlike Monroe, who is allowed to get away with way more than I ever could.

“I told mother that I was ready to start a career,” she admitted quietly.

After graduating high school, my sister pleaded with my parents to allow her a year off from school, of course, they allowed it. That year turned into five. In those five years, Monroe had announced many career goals, none of which she stuck to. My sister, despite her good heart, really didn’t want much out of life. She enjoyed traveling, shopping, and partying. The first two my parents were ok with, it’s the last one that caused problems for them, and since they pay the bills for Monroe’s fun lifestyle, she was often required to do things my parents’ way.

“Wwwwwwwww….wwwwwwhat’s the….”

“….The career?” Monroe said finishing my sentence.

I tucked my frown behind my smile as I plated the rest of Trevor’s breakfast.

“Modeling. Think about it, Morg, I would be a perfect model. I get to travel all around the world, and I literally get to play in clothes. Who wouldn’t want that?”

She’s right; she would be a perfect model, on the surface. I didn’t mention that modeling is also a job and not always fun. You have to actually work and show up for things. Neither of which Monroe was good at.

“And wwwwwwwwwhat did Mother say?” I already knew the answer to this question.

“Monroe Chanel Cambridge,” Monroe started, and I laughed at her perfect imitation of Mother’s voice. She even had the hand gestures down correctly. “You shouldn’t be worried about a career. At your age, you should be more concerned with marrying well and finding a husband to take care of you. Having a career is foolish and unnecessary. Even your sister knows that.”

I cringed at those last words. Not only were they false, but they’re a reminder of what all I gave up. All I ever wanted to do was be a teacher. I got the passion from my grandmother that was raised by a teacher. She talked so much about her mother that it inspired my love for education. Unlike my sister, I couldn’t wait to go off to college. I graduated with a degree in Education, and I was working before I met Trevor, but after we were married, Mother and Trevor were both adamant that I give up my career and work on being a perfect wife and future mom, so I resigned at my dream job, and became a full-time wife. I know more than Monroe how important it is to do what you love, so I never tell her how silly or flaky her career goals are.

“Why ddddddddddon’t you just do it? Mmmmmmmmove away and bbbbbe a model.”

Monroe sighed and leaned back in her chair. “Because it takes money, Morgan, and I don’t have any just lying around. It could take years for me to start making the type of money that will sustain me out on my own, and although I look good in many things, I can’t really pull off the homeless look well.”

If I thought for a second that Monroe was actually serious about this new path she was on, I would fund her dream. However, I know my sister. In a month, she would want to be an actress or a professional belly dancer. The moment she figured out her true passion, I would support her in any way she needed. It’s not like I don’t have the funds to do it.

My grandparents, Harold and Linda Cambridge, only had one child. Mother was so possessive of Monroe that she hardly ever let her out of her sight, so it was usually just me hanging out with my grandparents. We formed a tight bond. My grandpa died three months before my wedding, and my grandmother died six months after. Those were the hardest days of my life. To have the two most important people to you die so close together. It took a lot from me. Grandpa’s death was expected. We knew he was sick for a while, and I spent many days and nights by his sick bed. Grandma’s heart attack on the other hand, came out of nowhere. After their passing, the family found out that they left everything to me. No one, not even my father knows just how much my grandparents left me. They’ve all asked, but I refuse to tell. They assume it’s a lot. They have no idea.

My grandparents were wealthy, not rich. My mother likes to say there is a difference between rich and wealthy. Celebrities are rich, they make enough money to keep themselves happy and maybe their children and grandchildren with the right investments. However, wealth is much different. Wealth can be passed down for generations and generations. I’m sure that if I were to liquidate all my assets, I could grace the cover of Forbes magazine. I have no use for that much money. I continue to donate to my grandpa’s favorite charities, and I support a few of my own. Other than that, the money just sits in the bank. Hopefully, I’ll have kids to leave it to one day.

 “Yyyyyyyyyou never knnnnnnow, Roe. Maybe Mmmmmmmmother will change her mind.”

Monroe threw her head back, and we both laughed at the absurdity of that thought.

“I thought I heard your beautiful voice. How’s my gorgeous sister-in-law this morning?” Trevor appeared at the door of the kitchen.

He looked immaculate in his light gray suit and cranberry colored tie. I’ve always thought Trevor was handsome. The day he approached me at my favorite coffee shop, I thought he was talking to the person behind me. He has a flawless smooth caramel complexion with hazel eyes and long lashes. His goatee perfectly outlined his full lips and diamond shaped face. Women stopped and stared whenever we went out together. On the outside, Trevor was the perfect guy.

Trevor planted a kiss on Monroe’s forehead. I turned away when he lingered longer than what was considered comfortable.

“What brings you over this early in the morning?” He walked over to me and reached behind me for his favorite coffee mug.

No morning kiss for me. I wasn’t expecting it anyway.

“I had to get away from Mother.” Monroe chuckled, popping another piece of fruit in her mouth. “One day, I’m going to win the lottery and run away from that woman.”

“I would have thought she was in a good mood this morning after you spent so much time with Benjamin last night.” Even the next day, Trevor was still bitter about that.

“Don’t get me started on that creep.” She rolled her eyes. “No, Mother and I got into an argument this morning because I actually want a career. I don’t want to just be a wife.”

I didn’t show that her unintentional words hurt me.

“Well, what’s holding you back?” He was so absorbed into her story that he missed his mouth and got coffee on his necktie. “Shit! Damnit, Morgan, why the hell you make this coffee so hot?”

I didn’t argue that if he wasn’t so wrapped up in my sister he would have been paying attention and never missed his mouth. Instead, I just grabbed a hand towel off the counter and wet it under the faucet. I went to rub the stain out of his tie, but he snatched the towel from me. I immediately stepped away from him. Trevor would never hit me in front of Monroe. He wouldn’t want her to see him as a wife beating asshole. He liked my sister to think he was a supportive, loving husband.

Trevor rubbed feverishly at the spot on his tie. The coffee stain darkened before disappearing.

Monroe, always oblivious to the outside world, continued with her problems.

“I want to move to New York and become a model. Mother and father both say they aren’t giving me money to support my foolish dreams, and I can’t move to New York without money. Maybe I’ll find me an old sugar daddy like Aunt Maxine,” she said defeated.

I fought down the giggle. Now I know she’s just reaching for ideas.

“You would never have to do that; your sister and I would help,” Trevor answered for me.

“We would?” I questioned.

I made sure that when I got married, my money was mine alone. Trevor and I have a joint bank account, but I only deposit money into that account once a month as needed from my trust fund account.

“Of course. You have all that money from your grandparents, you might as well do something with it. You damn sure don’t share it with me.” His hazel eyes looked to me with so much contempt.

I may be weak and quiet, but I wasn’t dumb. I made sure that Trevor signed a prenup. I also made sure that if anything happened to me, other than my life insurance, Trevor got nothing. He wasn’t the only one that wasn’t going to benefit from my death.

When I didn’t readily volunteer my check book, my sister chimed back in.

“I don’t want Morgan’s money. Our grandparents left that to her. No, I told you, the lottery is my way out.”

The tension in the room only died down slightly as Trevor looked at his watch.

“I have to go. I have an early meeting.” He walked passed the breakfast I made and picked up his suitcase. “It will be a late night at the office. Don’t wait up for me.” He didn’t even look up at me as he told the lie that I didn’t need.

“Bye, Trevor!” Monroe sang towards him as she slid his plate in front of her.

He stopped in the doorway and turned to look at her. “Goodbye, sweet sister-in-law.” He glanced back at me with a frown and then walked out of the kitchen and towards the garage.

Monroe and I heard the door leading to the garage slam.

Monroe turned back to me. “Someone is in his feelings this morning.”

Under my breath I mumbled, “Every morning,” but to Monroe, I just smiled and turned towards the stove to fix my plate. Trevor didn’t like to eat with me in the morning, so I had to wait until he finished to sit and eat

“If you want, big sister…” she said stuffing her face with bacon. “We can always hide his body, and Thelma and Louise this bitch.” I burst into laughter.

This was why I loved Monroe. She was self-absorbed, but if you needed her, she would always come through.


Monroe stayed only for another thirty minutes before she got up to leave.

“Alright, sissy! I have to go. I have a date tonight,” she said heading towards the door.

“You’re ggggggggetting ready ttttttttthis early?”

She chuckled. “This beauty takes time.” She gave me a wink before slipping around the corner and out the front door.

I stood at the sink still chuckling at my sister while I cleaned the breakfast dishes. I did feel bad for Monroe. She didn’t know what she wanted to do, but she did know that she wanted to get out of my parents’ house and possibly start to make her own decisions. I couldn’t blame her for that. Maybe I’d surprise her and give her the money to move to New York after all.

I heard the front door open, the chime of the alarm system alerting me of someone’s entrance.

“Mmmmmmmmmmonroe, did yyyyyyyyyyou forget ssssssssomething?” I called out.

My voice was met by silence. I turned off the water at the faucet. My thoughts immediately turned to caution. I turned around just in time to see two large men enter my kitchen. My heart started to beat rapidly in my chest.

“Don’t make this hard,” one of the men warned.

I dashed to the left trying to get to the back door. Despite their large stature, they were fast. I was lifted off my feet and pressed tightly to one of the men’s chest. I fought and squirmed in his arms.

“You’re a slippery little thing. They’re going to have a blast breaking you in.”

I had no idea who he was referring to, and I didn’t want to find out.

I threw my head back and connected with his face. I heard the crunch of bones right before I was hit with a blinding pain in the back of my head. At this point, I wasn’t sure if I did more damage to his face or my head. The man cursed and dropped me. It took a minute for me to get my bearings. The pain in the back of my head was extreme. I crawled on the floor trying to get away from my attackers. Someone grabbed my ankle and started pulling me back. I grabbed at everything I could to stop them from taking me. My life isn’t perfect. I cry more times than I smile, but I didn’t want it to end like this. With a last ditch effort, I kicked my feet out and connected with something solid. The man cried out, but I didn’t take the time to see what I hit. I quickly got to my feet and made a mad dash for the front door.  I heard the two men fumbling behind me. I picked up my pace. If I could get out the front door, I knew I’d be able to find safety. There was always someone walking around our neighborhood. My hand touched the door knob, home sweet home. I swung the door open and came face to face with another intruder. This one bigger than the other two. He stepped towards me, and I stepped back. I heard the other two guys behind me now.

“You boys almost let this one get away,” the larger burly man said in a deep voice.

The guy with the busted nose grabbed me by the shoulder, spun me around, and backhanded me so hard I fell to the floor.

“Fucking bitch busted my nose.”

The big guy chuckled.

“It’s not funny!” Broken nose shouted. “I hope that lab really does put the work in on you.”

“Just relax.” Burly guy stepped up to me.

 I cowered at the sight of him. He pulled out a needle, and I again started to fight. He easily overpowered me. I felt the sharp prick of the needle and the cold chill of the medicine as it went through my veins. My limbs instantly went heavy, and I started to feel sleepy.

Soon as my eyes closed, I heard the big guy say, “Another one down, and this one was supposed to be an easy catch.”

Darkness took over me.

When I woke, I had no idea where I was or how much time had passed.  My eye lids felt like there were heavy weights weighing them down. When I finally got them to peel open, I quickly shut them again. The glaring, bright lights seared my retinas. It took a few more minutes for me to be able to open my eyes again. I tried to take in all my senses. The room smelled like how I imagined the inside of a Purell bottle would smell. From the strong antiseptic smell, and the continuous beeping sound, I assumed I was in a hospital or someplace hospital related. The plain white walls surrounding me and the expensive machines further gave me the hospital vibe. However, the thick black straps holding me down to the table suggested something worse. The sound of footsteps entering the room got my attention. A woman in pink scrubs and a severe low bun checked one of the monitors in the room.

“Good evening, Mrs. Downs?” she said with her back to me.

How did she even know I was awake?

The woman turned to me, and her blue eyes softened. It wasn’t a real softening; it was practiced. She wanted to look caring and sympathetic, but I imagine she doesn’t really care. Why else would she be in this room with me?

“Wwwwwwh….” I don’t know if I’m stuttering because of nerves or the subzero temperature in this room, but I closed my eyes, breathed, and tried again. “Wwwwwwhere am I?”

She smiled, this time, it was a genuine smile.

“You’re at Vita Labs headquarters, far away from Texas, but don’t worry, you won’t be here long.”

Vita labs? As in the pharmaceutical company ran by Benjamin Parks? Why the hell am I in his lab? It reminded me of the comment the busted nose guy made. I really hope I wasn’t here so they could do some kind of crazy science experiments on me. I’d seen those documentaries about people that were given foreign diseases just so they could be studied.


She turned back to the many monitors, pressing buttons and adding things to the tablet in her hand.

“You’re doing a service for your country.” She looked over her shoulder and gave another one of her fake reassuring smiles before turning back to the monitor. “Your vitals look really great, Morgan. Your paper work suggests that you’re relatively healthy. That’s a good thing.” Another over the shoulder fake smile. “Hopefully, it stays that way, and you won’t have to be here with us long. Of course, we have to flush that birth control out of your system first, but it will only take a few days. You’re looking at maybe two or three months with us. That’s if we don’t find any hidden issues.” She gave me a cunning wink and another practiced smile.

The door to the room I was in opened again, and a large man wearing pale green scrubs walked in with a wheel chair.

The female looked up at him, and they exchanged a conversation filled look.

She tucked her tablet under her arm as she turned back to me. “Looks like they’re ready for you.”

My heart started to beat faster as the wheel chair was rolled over to me. Both the male and female came to the table I was strapped to and started to loosen my ties. It was then I realized just how tight the thick bands were against my skin. Once I was free, the male lifted me from the table and deposited me in the wheel chair. My body felt heavy, unnaturally so. I could barely lift my arms.

“It’s the medicine.” The female pointed to the IV line in my arm. I didn’t realize it was there. “It makes you feel groggy, but trust me, you should be glad it’s there. The medicine they give you to flush the birth control out of your system has a severe side effect, which is one of the reasons we can’t get it approved by the FDA.” She frowned as she announced this. “Test subjects say it feels like someone is boiling their ovaries.”

 My eyes widened at her confession. I couldn’t imagine what it must’ve been like to be one of those test subjects. Realization hit me: That must be why I’m here. They’re going to test unapproved medicine on me.

The female nurse and the male orderly led me out of the room and down long hallways that all resembled each other. At one point, we did get on an elevator, but I would never be able to find my way out of this place. One all white hall way led to another exactly the same. It was like a maze down here. The only thing that broke up the monotony of the hall, were the glass windowed rooms that house different laboratories. Men and women in white lab coats stood behind chemistry sets and computer monitors.  One glass room had cages full of small rodents and reptiles. This place was exactly how I envisioned a secret lab would look.

Finally, we went through a silver door with a computer panel on the outside wall. The nurse went to the door and keyed in a set of numbers. The door swooshed open and inside was what looked like a sterile operating room. I started to panic again. I tried to make my feet move, to at least step down so I could stand from this wheel chair, but nothing was working. My body wasn’t listening to me.

“Aye, Proctor. You brought in our last patient of the day,” a middle-aged man said as he approached us with a smile. He was short for a male with receding hair and black, square framed glasses. He also had an accent that my brain was too foggy to place right now.

“Yes, Dr. Foster. She’s ready to go.” The nurse I now know as Proctor handed over the tablet she’d been putting information in. Dr. Foster looked over the tablet for a moment, before looking back up at me.

“Well, Morgan, I guess I should properly introduce myself since I will be doing most of your procedures.”

“Wwwwwhat proccccccccedures?”

Dr. Foster looked down at his chart once again, scrolling the pages. “Funny, it doesn’t mention your speech impediment in your files.” He looked back at me and smiled. “But that’s ok. We mainly focus on mental issues, health issues, and anything physical. Those are the types of problems that don’t breed well.”

Breed well! Did he just say breed well? What in the world is going on here?

“Ah,” Dr. Foster said with a smile. “I know that look. You’re wondering why I’m talking about breeding. Well see…” He came around to face me bending down to my level. He spoke, and immediately the smell of coffee hit my nostrils. “You have been selected for a very important project, Mrs. Downs. Your government needs you, well more so your uterus.” He stood up straight and walked over to a large metal sink where he started to wash his hands.

I was surrounded by three new nurses that made quick work of getting me out of the wheel chair and onto a hospital bed.

“We take our job serious, Morgan.” Dr. Foster continued to speak as the nurses’ undressed me and placed me in a hospital gown. “……. To ensure strong soldiers, we need healthy mothers.”

He left the sink and headed back towards me. A nurse wearing a surgical hair net held open a blue, disposable gown. Dr. Foster slipped his hands into the suit and turned back to face me as the nurse tied him off. Another nurse held out gloves that he slid his hands into.

“First, we will insert a very small device into your uterus. This device is very important. It helps us manage your ovulation and also keeps track of your pregnancy.”

I had a natural love for kids. My sister used to tease me and say that I must have obtained all the maternal instincts my mother lacked. I wanted to be a mother, but not like this, not in a lab being injected with some random man’s sperm, then ripped away from the life I brought into the world. The need to cry burned my eyes. I squeezed them shut, swallowing the lump in my throat, then I let the tears spill down my cheeks.

“Don’t worry, Morgan. The procedure isn’t painful.” Dr. Foster gave me a smile.

 These people are crazy.

One of the nurses helped me to lie back. I closed my eyes and sent up a silent prayer. I prayed that someone would find me and get me out of here.



“It’s like this every time,” Asim said, standing behind me.

Our eyes were glued to the two-sided mirror as we watched in disappointment as 0041 once again refrained from sexual intercourse with the female test subject 216.

I slammed my fist down onto the metal table in front of me, causing the sound to bounce around the room. On every turn, Alpha defied me. We’ve had a mix of success and downfalls with the second part of the project. The soldiers had initially proven to be vastly too strong for the women. The first set of breeders suffered severe vaginal damage that often resulted in full Hysterectomies and sometimes death. We’ve managed to teach the soldiers how to be gentler. Some caught on a little faster than others, and some were still learning. The next problem arose when subjects started to form favorites. They would only mate with certain females. Cutting off the breeder’s hair and placing them in basic and similar clothing helped significantly cut down favoritism. It’s still a work in progress. However, this part of the program was very important. We haven’t been able to find a way to make the subjects more human-like in behavior. Breeding them with human females was the only way to create more natural soldiers, and even though we have done all the research and made for the best breeding conditions, we haven’t had one goddamn pregnancy.

For the most part, the other soldiers had no problem mating with the breeders. It seemed that was the only thing they would do without coercion. Even still, subject 0041 had yet to breed. His offspring would be highly valued and the one we desired the most—if he would just fucking do it.

“Maybe he has performance anxiety.” One of the gun-carrying brainless soldiers suggested with a laugh.

I rolled my eyes towards the ceiling. Having the U.S. Army soldiers as armed guards had its benefits, but half of the time, it was like being around apes. I pulled out the service pistol of my most trusted guard and fired a bullet straight into the comedian’s skull. He fell to the ground. No one in the room moved.

Fucking idiot. Didn’t he know how important this was? Our careers, our reputation, and our lives depended on this program being successful.

“Anybody else want to make a dumbass joke about my life’s work?” I asked the room.

Five pairs of eyes stared blankly back at me. Everyone knew how important this project was to me. I didn’t have time for slackers and assholes that made jokes.

I handed the pistol back to Donavan, he took it and placed it back in his holster.

“Crank up the pheromones.”

“I’m going to advise against that,” Dr. Thompson, our lead geneticist said. “We already have the highest safest dose pumping through the room. Anything higher than a four, and it will cause severe pain for the female.

 “I looked through the two-way glass at the female rolling around on the floor seeking release. Her body wasn’t genetically enhanced, it couldn’t handle the many signals the pheromones were sending it. Meanwhile, Alpha sat in the corner, his back to the wall, his head tilted backwards staring at the door--the same position he’d held since we placed him in the room.

“It’s time we chalk this up as a loss. We should try next week with another female,” Asim admitted dejectedly.

He’s right. I knew he was right, although we’ve yet to find a breeder that can entice Alpha.

“Why don’t you just extract the semen from him and insert it into a breeder?” Donavan suggested. “My sister and her husband were having trouble getting pregnant, and that’s what they did. They got twins out of it.”

“Because of the high potency of the subjects’ semen, they have a short life span. The time it takes for him to ejaculate into a cup and for us to insert it into the female, the sperm will have died. Unfortunately, this is the only way.”

There was a long pause as everyone in the small viewing room came to terms with this being another setback in our program. Our only option was that hopefully next week’s shipment of breeders would bring us better success.

“Let’s go ahead and wrap this up. Take 0041 back to his quarters. Bring in 2427 to finish off the girl. No need to waste her.”

I collected my tablet and headed for the door with Asim and Donavan following.

As soon as I exited, a guard ran up to me. “Sir,” he paused to salute me, and I nodded for him to continue. “We have a situation in one of the breeding rooms.” He took off down the hall, and we followed.

The commotion inside the breeding room hit us before we entered the room. Inside each breeding room was a small bed, a bedside table with a lamp, and the two-way glass. No other distractions were placed inside the rooms. When we entered, we noticed that subject 0143 was guarding something, and he refused to let any of the guards into the room. This wasn’t uncommon. The subjects became extremely protective when mating.

“What happened?” I demanded over the angry growls of 0143.

“I don’t know,” one of the scientists in charge of monitoring the breeding process answered. “Everything was going fine, then all of a sudden, someone said he was getting rough. One of the guards tried to come in and calm him down, and he nearly killed him. Now he won’t let us near her.”

I grounded my teeth at their stupidity. They knew damn well never to enter the breeding room while the mating process was still underway. They could have set the subject off worse than he was now, and there’s no telling how many guards we would have lost.

“How rough was he being?”

My question was met with silence.

“Answer me.” I barked.

“I….uh… didn’t really see it. As I said, one of the guards called it out.”

“And which guard was this?”

There were a few shifting eyes. No one wanted to rat out the dumbass guard.

Finally, one of the guards stepped forward. “It was I, sir.” The tall, blue-eyed guard stated.

The tag on the front of his uniform said “Baker”.

“And are you also the one that defied my rules and decided to enter the room first?”

Baker stiffened under my infuriated stare.

“Sir, subject 0143 was becoming increasingly aggressive. I thought it best to intervene before we lost a valuable breeder.”

“I don’t pay you to fucking think. You are here to shoot and follow orders. Unless her life is hanging in the balance, you do not enter this goddamn room. Even if the situation calls for it, there are still protocols you must follow.”

“Jessica…….” The guard looked away and then back at me. “I mean, breeder 345, isn’t able to sustain the…….”

My hand flew out and back handed the guard in the face. He stopped talking and looked at me as if he wanted to retaliate. Every gun in the room turned towards him. Donavan’s was right at his temple.

“You think I give a shit about some pussy you have clearly grown attached to? The only reason you are still alive, is because I know you haven’t fucked her. If I thought for a second you had interfered with my research in that way, I would lock you in a room with Beta and let him rip your dick off and stick it down your throat. You will follow MY orders at ALL times. Do you understand?”

The guard stared silently, the anger in his eyes remained, but the submission won out.

“Yes, sir.”

“Get him out of my face before I forget his usefulness.” A few other guards came up to escort Baker out of the room. He would still pay for his transgression.

I sighed and then turned to Asim. “Bring in Beta’s handler.”

Asim immediately got on his walkie talkie. I walked further into the room and tried to communicate with the subject. The sooner we could calm him down the less dead bodies we had to deal with. I pushed past the guards with their tranquilizer guns. We would never let them actually kill one of the subjects. Not that it would be easy, but we still wouldn’t risk it. These subjects were more valuable than these soldiers’ lives.

“Beta!” I called to the subject.

His sharp, golden-brown eyes landed on me. There were only a few subjects that had actual names outside of their numbers. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sigma, and Omega were the only subjects that refused to answer to anything outside of their given names. All the rest were called by their identification numbers. Alpha would never answer to anything other than his name, and soon after, Beta followed in his footsteps. Eventually, the other three followed.

“Beta…” I held up my hands, palms out, showing him I meant him no harm.

 Those golden eyes turned to me, and he bared his teeth.

“I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to know if the girl is still alive.”

He growled when I mentioned the female. I lowered my head. It was wise to treat the subjects just as you would a wild animal. In this instance, to calm him down and supply him with a false sense of dominancy, I lowered my head submissively.

“She’s your female, Beta. I’m not trying to take her. I just want to know if she is alive.”

Beta stared at me. His golden eyes stood out in contrast to his dark brown skin. I didn’t move as he continued to stare me down. Finally, he shifted slightly to the right giving me a brief glimpse of the tan-skinned girl hugging her knees behind him. She was alive and unharmed. As soon as Beta had assumed my question was answered, he shifted back to block my view of her. That is when his handler entered the room. Perfect timing.

“I have something for you, Beta.” Just seeing the handler already started to calm Beta. “I will give it to you if you step aside and allow my men to take the female.”

 Another growl from Beta. His body tensed again, but his eyes cut down to the box in the handler’s hands.

“Which one will it be, Beta? The female or what’s in the box? You cannot have them both.”

Beta’s sharp eyes looked up at me. For a second, there was a challenge in his eyes--one I had never seen him use before, but then his eyes adverted to the left as if he was focusing his attention elsewhere. Then he looked back at me and shifted his body to the right allowing full access to the female. I was momentarily stunned by the actions. Something just happened. Something that required further studying. The handler moved forward opening the box in his hands. He took out a silver skeleton key. The moment the key was in Beta’s hands, the guards moved forward to take the girl out of the room. Beta glanced at her once and then back down at his obsession.

Once again, the obsession succeeded in its use. I watched as the handler soothingly talked to Beta, calming him further. Because the subjects were so possessive when it came to their obsession, we had to have trained handlers. They were the only people allowed to touch the obsession. If anyone else tried to touch that key, Beta would rip their heads off before their fingers closed around it. Each subject had an obsession, and each obsession came with its own handler.  After calming Beta down, the handler managed to get him dressed and back to his quarters before taking the obsession back. The subjects were never allowed to keep their obsession with them.

Another crisis adverted. I walked into my office to note the events of the day. Suddenly, my private phone rang. Damnit! I don’t need this shit right now. I pulled the phone out of my desk drawer and answered.

“Ryder Strong.”

“You promised me results, Strong! Yet, here we are getting more of your bullshit about needing more time. I did not get this program approved for you to play lab mouse with. I need soldiers. Soldiers I can use in a fucking war.”

“Sir, if you will just--”


I work solely for a private section of the government. So private that not even the president knows we exist. However, when working a project of this magnitude, we have to have funding and other permits. When that occurs, my boss goes to congress with some type of bogus research project to get the backing we need. Right now, we are supposedly coming up with some super pill that cures erectile dysfunction and restores the amount of testosterone in a man’s body. We can only continue to get the government’s support for so long before they start pulling away funding and demanding results.

“I told you this was going to be a lengthy process. The subjects are here, but it takes time. We have a lot more to learn about them before we can trust them to…….”

“Don’t try to give me that bullshit, Strong. I know smoke and mirror tactics when I hear them. Look, I’m done playing your game. I have free time in a week. I’ll be there to see the subjects for myself. You better show me something worth my time, or I will pull the plug on this entire operation. Do you understand me?”

I gritted my teeth. Steward Scott wasn’t a scientist. He didn’t have the brains to come up with an experiment like this one. He liked to leech onto people like me and ride our genius to the top. He didn’t know what all went into what I did every fucking day. Yet, I bit my tongue, because despite how I felt about him, he does have the power to shut us down, and if he really wanted to, he could kill this operation and us with it.

“I understand.”

“Good! And Strong, I better be very fucking impressed when I get there.”

The line went dead. He didn’t need to finish the threat for me to know it was there. I dropped the phone from my ear, then ran my hand across my desk knocking everything to the ground.

I needed more time. The subjects were more than capable of performing any task Scott could give them, but they were still unstable in temperament, especially without Alpha in command, but bringing Alpha out around Scott would be a disaster. My hand slid into my white lab coat and pulled out the syringe hidden there. I just needed more time with Alpha.


Something was happening today. There’d been a buzz around here. I’d been here a little over four months. As each day started to turn into weeks, I started to realize that no one was coming for me. After the first two weeks, I felt silly for even thinking that anyone would. Who on the outside world would miss me? I knew Trevor would only look for me as long as my parents pushed the subject, or until it was deemed long enough for him not to play the grieving husband anymore. He didn’t care enough about me to worry if I was alright. My parents would only use my absence as some type of political gain. The longer I was missing, the better. The world would love to vote for the heartbroken governor with the missing, mute daughter. The only person that would care about my disappearance was Monroe. For the longest time, I prayed that Monroe would come for me, but as the days began to stretch into weeks and then months, my prayers came fewer.

I heard the noise outside of my cell. We were only allowed out of our cells three times a day. Once in the morning for showers and breakfast. Once around noon for lunch and light exercise. The last time we were allowed out of the rooms was for dinner. I imagined my stay here was a lot like being in prison, but in here, they didn’t allow us to bond with the other girls. I assumed it was because they didn’t want us to form friendships and try to escape. The only other time they took us out of our cells, was when we went to the clinic.

God, I hated that damn clinic. I‘d been stuck, prodded, and examined so much I never wanted to see a doctor’s office again in my life. The medicine they pumped into our veins or administered in pill form had me constantly thirsty and restless. The daily physical and mental tests were tiresome as well.  I truly felt like a lab rat.

I ran my hand over my shaved head feeling the little prickly hairs. Mother would have a heart attack if she saw what they’d done to my hair. The sound of my door unlocking shook me. I stood from my cot. The huge blue jumpsuit they made us wear swallowed my body. My door opened, and Procter walked in with another male orderly.

“Today is the day, Morgan. You’ve been cleared and ready to go to the compound. Aren’t you excited?” Nurse Procter asked cheerfully.

 I’ve said this many times, but this woman is delusional. Nothing about this is exciting. I guarantee if it was her that was being shipped off to some baby factory, she wouldn’t be excited either.

I didn’t reply to Procter. She didn’t expect it anyway. After being here for a few days, I resorted back to my old ways. Silent observer. I only spoke when absolutely necessary. The orderly slowly approached me. I learned early on in my stay to not fight when they came for me—there were greater punishments than death here. The orderly took one of my hands and placed it out in front of me, he then grabbed the other one and brought it to the front before placing metal cuffs on my wrists. He dropped my hand and shoved me forward to walk. I took one last glance at the prison I’d grown accustom to. I didn’t have much, just a few toiletries and a change of this hideous blue jumpsuit, so I had no reason to pack a bag or miss this room.

We headed down the long winding white hallways. I passed a few of the other girls. We seem to all be heading to the same place. We shuffled along, all with one nurse leading us and one orderly behind. I’d seen many of these girls around. We looked to be all around the same age. Their faces familiar to me. Often, we made eye contact, but never communicated. I wondered who these women were. What were their stories? Did they have families looking for them? These were daughters, sisters, and friends; they had to have people waiting for them back home. They had lives that they just disappeared from. How could this many women go missing, and it not become some type of national crisis?

The sun was too bright and too hot when I walked out into the heat. This wasn’t my first time in the sunlight. We were allowed outside for many of the physical tests they made us endure. This time, instead of the grass field that I was used to, we were met by concrete. A white school bus was idling in front of us. The words “Nevada State Penitentiary” were written on the side in black letters.

They loaded us onto the bus one at a time.  I was in the back of the line of females. Once I got to the front, a man in army fatigues was there with a tablet.

“Name?” he asked without even looking up at me.

“Morgan Downs,” Nurse Procter answered for me.

The soldier punched in my name on the tablet and then announced, “You’re now number 1362.”

And with that, he finished erasing my identity. They took our freedom, our hair, and now our names. Stripping us of our names was the last act they could do to erase who we were. I fought the burn in the back of my throat that signaled my need to cry. With a heavy hand on my back, the orderly behind me urged me to get on the bus. I climbed on, looking at all the terrified faces around me. There were many different races here. We’d come from many different walks of life, but right now, we were all the same--terrified. I sat down beside a dark, brown-skinned girl with upturned light-brown cat eyes. She’s gorgeous, even with the unflattering low cut. Her sad eyes turned to me, and I smiled. It wasn’t a big smile, just a simple one to say that she wasn’t alone. The simple gesture seemed to calm her.

“Ashley,” she whispered, holding out a hand towards me.

“Morgan.” I took her hand and shook it briefly.

Another girl was placed in the seat across the aisle from us. We both grew silent as the orderly that escorted her walked away.

“How bad do you think it will be at this new place?” Ashley whispered.

I had no idea. I liked to think it couldn’t be that bad. I assumed that when they spoke about breeding us, they would do it by in-vitro fertilization. I don’t understand why they would need to ship us off to someplace else just to impregnate us. I’m pretty sure Vita Labs has more than enough resources to take care of the job. If I ever got my freedom back, I was going to do something about that place.

“I ddddddddddddon’t know.”

Ashley turned away from me and stared out the window. She didn’t say anything else for a while.

“I’m a dancer,” her soft voice said as she continued to look out the window. She turned back to me, and those sad, light-brown eyes locked onto me briefly before turning back to the window. “Ballet,” she further explained. “I’ve always danced. My mama said that I danced even before I walked.  My mom’s dead now. She died of cancer a few years ago.”

“I’m sssssorry to hear that.”

She looked to me and nodded before turning back to the window again. “All I ever wanted to do is dance. To be the principal ballerina in a major company.” Another one of her long pauses. “It seems so trivial now. Now, I just want to survive.” Her voice broke, and tears fell down her dark brown cheeks.

I had no assurances to offer Ashley. I wasn’t sure any of us would survive, but I did the best thing I could think of—I placed my arm around her and pulled her onto my shoulder. No need to offer lies or false promises. She just needed to know she wasn’t alone.

“Alright, girls!” a booming voice sounded from the front of the bus.

I looked towards the sound of the voice, a tall man with a goatee and bushy eyebrows stood with one hand resting on each front aisle seat.

“My name’s Dak, and we’re going to make this trip as easy as possible. No talking, no standing, and no funny business. It would be inconvenient, but I have no problem putting a bullet in your head. The smoother this trip goes, the faster you can get to the compound, and then the real fun begins.” He let out a chuckle along with a few of the other soldiers that were on the bus.

Dak patted the driver’s shoulder, then took a seat at the front of the bus. The moment he sat, the bus started, the doors closed, and we started moving to the next stop on this journey to hell.

The ride to the new compound wasn’t very long, maybe only an hour or two. Ashley and I didn’t say much, but we continued to give each other moral support. When the bus finally came to a stop, Dak stood to his feet.

“What the fuck? We’re supposed to go in through the tunnels. All female deliveries are made through the tunnels,” Dak argued with himself.

“All this is blocked off,” the driver replied.

“Get someone on the radio,” Dak demanded.

Both Ashley and I glanced out the window. We looked to be at a large military airbase. There was nothing but large flight hangers, along with military airplanes, a few heavy-duty jeeps painted in dusty brown colors. Soldiers ran around the airstrip dressed in odd green army fatigues.

“Are they flying us somewhere?” Ashley whispered.

I didn’t get a chance to answer before Dak started yelling.

“You tell that asshole, I have a delivery to make. A schedule to keep. Open those goddamn gates and let us into the tunnel.”

The driver relayed his message and then paused for a reply.

“They said turn around and come back tomorrow. They won’t accept the girls today.”

Dak cursed under his breath. He turned towards us and ran a hand over his bald head. From the pinch brow and the unfocused eyes, I could tell he was weighing his options. Other than a two-hour drive, what’s the big deal with bringing us back tomorrow? Dak answered my question with his next words.

“Taking them back will fuck up the schedule, and I’m not taking the blame for that.”

“So, what are we going to do?” Another one of the soldiers asked.

Dak looked back at the closed gate, then smiled.

“We take them in through the back entrance. Once we get them offloaded, they will no longer be our problem.”

I assumed the driver thought this was a great plan. He immediately started the bus and pulled away from the large yellow gate. We took a few sharp turns that sent us sliding to the left. The driver then stopped the bus in the middle of another busy air strip. This one seemed more crowded than the last. Dak and a few of the other soldiers climbed off of the bus. One of the soldiers in the strange green pattern fatigues ran up to Dak, and a heated argument ensued. I watched as more soldiers in those strange green fatigues approached seeming to question our appearance. From the looks of it, the green fatigue soldiers wanted Dak to leave.

“Hey, let’s just start unloading these girls off the bus,” the bus driver stated.

The remaining soldiers on the bus all stood. One made his way to the back of the bus near us and opened the emergency exit. Another soldier directed the girls in the closest seats to climb off the bus. This caused even more of a ruckus. More armed soldiers approached all wearing the same green color fatigues. While the others girls watched the approaching soldiers, my eyes were glued to the men in the dark gray and black fatigues. The first thing that caught my eye was that I’d never seen those color fatigues, and I’d seen a ton of military uniforms these past four months during my stay at Vita Labs. The next thing that stood out about these particular soldiers was how big they were. They were tall, some maybe even reaching seven feet, and they were muscled, the kind of muscle you find in action movies. Their black t-shirts fit snug around large biceps and broad shoulders. Even still, that wasn’t the only thing that stood out about them. There was something about the way they stood, the way their eyes were trained straight ahead, yet I don’t think they were seeing anything. Their bodies are unnaturally still. No one could stand that still. It’s like not even the wind blew around them. There were other men with them too--a few of the soldiers dressed in green fatigues and heavy combat gear. The soldiers on this side of the hangar looked as if they were dressed for war.

A slender man in a white lab coat was turned towards the bus. From the look on his face, he wasn’t happy. He was medium height and build. Nothing really stood out about him. Dark brown hair that was short on the sides and back with only a little length in the front. A few little sprinkles of gray through his temple. Brown hooded eyes that seemed to flame more and more. I could tell by the way he stood and by the way the men around him reacted to him, that he was in charge, more so than the man in the full general uniform behind him. The man in the lab coat was definitely running this show, and just from one glance, I knew I needed to stay clear of him. The slender Middle Eastern man beside the guy in the lab coat said something, and lab coat guy turned away from the bus.

“Let’s go,” a soldier said before grabbing my arm and yanking me out of my seat. His grip was so tight, I knew it would leave a bruise. I tugged my arm away, but the soldier held on tighter as he drug me off the bus.

I don’t know what made me do it. Maybe the fear of being dropped off in this new place, or maybe I was just sick and tired of being treated like some hard criminal when I wasn’t, but something snapped, and I felt the urge to fight back. I yanked harder from the man’s grip losing my footing and tumbling to the ground.

“What the hell, Hector? You can’t control that bitch.” Another soldier from the bus mocked.

Hector frowned down at me. He grabbed me by the throat lifting me to my feet. I cried out as my small fists fought against his chest.

When I was a kid, the tree in our back yard got struck by lightning. I was in my bedroom looking out the window when I saw the light hit the tree splitting it in half. I ran out of my house, wanting to get a closer view, despite my parents’ objection. I remember how charged the area was minutes after the lightning struck. It was like pure energy was circling around my back yard. Well, for the second time in my life, that feeling hit me again. This time, it caused the hairs on my arms to stand up.

A loud commotion sounded off in the distance. At first, it sounded like a growl that was followed by yelling, then the sound of feet hitting the pavement. Hector released me, and I fell to the ground. I turned to the sound of the commotion, and my mouth dropped open. One of the soldier’s in black had broken rank, and he was headed towards us. One of the green fatigue soldiers stepped in front of him with a gun. Before the gun went off, the huge soldier bent the metal gun in half, grabbed the soldier, and snapped his neck all without breaking his stride.

“Fire the guns!” the guy in the lab coat yelled.

The sound of gunfire went off. I turned away, not wanting to see the tall soldier get shot down with the large guns that were aimed at him. The sound was deafening as more than fifty guns went off at once. I covered my ears to block out the noise. When the sound stopped, I lowered my hands and looked back up expecting to find the soldier lying face down on the pavement. My eyes widened at the sight before me. Standing in front of me, with what looked like hundreds of small darts sticking out of his body, was the soldier. He was even taller this close up, but what I wasn’t expecting was how beautiful he was. I know using the word beautiful to describe a man isn’t common, but there was no other word for him. His bone structure was enough to make a sculptor jealous. A hard, square jaw with full lips. A long narrow nose that had a slight crook in it. It was the only imperfection on his face. Golden tan skin that made his silver deep set eyes stand out. Eyes that were so intense they made my heart beat fast. He didn’t speak as his chest rapidly expanded and depressed like he just ran a marathon.

“Alpha!” I looked around the soldier to find the man in the white lab coat watching us. The way his eyes studied us was unnerving.

The soldier, or Alpha, still didn’t move. He stood in the same spot watching me.

“Alpha, that’s enough. Everything is alright now. Come back to the line, and we can discuss this.”

Alpha didn’t acknowledge the lab coat man. His eyes were still on me. I waited for him to speak, to say something, but he didn’t. He took a step towards me, and I crab crawled back on instinct. I didn’t know if this man would hurt me or not, but I did see him kill at least seven soldiers with his bare hands without breaking a sweat.

Alpha stopped moving towards me, his eyebrows bunched together. He looked confused.

“Do you want the girl, Alpha? Is that what this is about?” Lab coat asked.

This time, Alpha’s head turned only an inch towards the sound of lab coat’s voice. A very subtle sign that showed he was interested in what lab coat was saying.

“Alright,” lab coat said. “Take the girl to breeding room number seventeen.”

At the words breeding room, my heart started to race so fast my head spun. This time, Alpha’s eyes narrowed down at me. It was like he knew I was panicking. A green fatigue soldier grabbed my arm to lift me, and before his fingers wrapped around my upper arm, Alpha ripped the man away from me with a feral growl that had me nearly pissing my pants. He grabbed the hand the man used to touch me and yanked it back breaking the hand at an unnatural angle. The soldier screamed and fell to the ground at my feet. I swayed a little. The fear and adrenaline starting to get to me.

Alpha grabbed for me when a large dart hit his chest causing him to stumble back a step. He growled before falling to his knees in front of me. The entire time, those bright silver eyes stayed focused on me. Finally, the huge soldier succumbed to the injuries, and he fell forward landing on top of the injured soldier.

The buzz of the crowd went off around me. The sound of voices picked back up. The guy in the lab coat stepped up to me, and those penetrating eyes stared at me with interest. I guess my plan to stay out of his way just went up in smoke. I didn’t have time to dwell on it, because the dizziness finally catches up to me. I faint.



“I don’t give a fuck what you say, Strong. That soldier is incredible. That is what I wanted to see,” Steward Scott said as he followed me into my office.

I didn’t give a shit about what Scott was saying. He had no idea what just happened. I could barely believe it myself. Alpha had never acted that way before. I mean, I’d never known for him to take that many tranquilizers before passing out, but that wasn’t even the most incredible thing. His reaction to the female was phenomenal. It was more than a desire to mate. No, that was extreme, that was—obsession. I think we finally found Alpha’s obsession. This had put our project on a different track. With the ability to control Alpha, the program would reach new heights. Imagine having an unstoppable killing machine at your fingertips. The thought of it made me high with excitement.

“Are you listening to me, Strong?” Scott got my attention.

I took a seat in my desk chair as Scott paced the floor in front of me.

“With what I’ve seen today, there is no reason I can’t get you enough backing and resources to last you a lifetime. I’m talking about enough money that will keep you in your lab until you die.”

My dream. Not only to work on my experiments for life, but to go down in history as the most brilliant and influential scientist ever. If I could get the approval that Scott spoke of, I would no longer work under his thumb. No longer in fear of anyone having the power to stop me. This was what I needed. What I deserved.

“How soon can you have that soldier ready for a mission? If I can show the committee heads what these soldiers can do, especially the one from today, we will be rich.”

“0041 is phenomenal. What you saw today is not even close to his full potential, but he is also a very complex being. I need….”

“Don’t say time.” Scott held up a hand to stop me. “I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m saying. You see, whether you’re ready or not, I will be showing the committee the super soldiers. Now the only thing you will control, is if you will be there standing as the lead scientist, or someone else.”

Another one of his fucking threats. I gritted my teeth. Now wasn’t the time to strike out at Scott; he still held too much power. I’ll be damned if anyone else got to take the credit for my hard work.

“Give me five months.”

“I’ll give you three. Three months to have your soldiers ready for their first mission. Do we have an understanding?”

As if I had a choice.

“Yes.” I conceded.

“Good, Strong. I’ll set it all up and get back to you.” Scott turned to leave, but stopped at my door. He looked back at me. “I’m on your side, Ryder. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” Scott waited for me to agree. I nodded, even though I knew his words were bullshit. Scott only had one thing in mind, himself. He would fuck me over faster than I could apply the lube, but that was fine, because I would do the same to him.

The moment Scott left my office, Asim entered.

“Alpha has been contained in his isolation cell.”

“How is he?”

Asim punched in a few things on his tablet and then directed my attention to the flat screen on the wall behind my desk. A live feed of the specially built isolation cell came up. The room was small and buried deep beneath the earth. It was no bigger than the size of an average walk in closet. Reinforced steel walls surrounded him on all sides making the room sound proof and completely indestructible. I watched as Alpha paced the floor like a wild animal caught in a cage.

“He came around not long after we placed him inside. He’s been doing this ever since.”

“He’s agitated,” I stated after watching his movements for a few minutes. I could tell by the way he paced the small room. From the tension in his shoulders and arms, and the way his eyes stared at the door, he was definitely rattled.

“Do you think the girl is the key to getting him to breed?” Asim’s question drew me away from the image of Alpha on the screen.

“Where is the girl now?”

“In one of the breeding rooms. I thought you would want her ready for him when he calms down.”

I shook my head. “No! Place her in one of the single dorm rooms, and then send me everything you have on her. I want to talk to her as soon as she wakes up.”

Asim nodded his head before tapping away on his tablet. “I just sent you all her information, and I’ll request for more.” He stood to his feet. “What do you think is going on with him?”

I looked back at the screen. Alpha had his hands on his head with his head thrown back. He was yelling at the top of his lungs. I knew what was going on with Alpha, but I wasn’t ready to tell just yet. I needed to make sure first.

“I don’t know,” I replied to Asim’s question.

As always, Asim accepted my answer without question as he exited my office. I picked up my tablet and looked through the information Asim sent me. Morgan Amira Downs. I stared at the picture of the girl for a long time. It was a picture that was taken before she arrived to us. Long black hair parted down the middle with soft waves framed her full oval face and landed at her breasts. Her skin was a smooth chestnut brown. Her full lips turned up slightly at the ends in a half shy smile. A narrow nose that spread out at the tip and the saddest brown eyes I’d ever seen. She was obviously a pretty girl, but the longer I stared at the girl on my screen, the harder it became to look away from her.  The intercom on my desk buzzed startling me to look away from the picture.

“Dr. Strong, Mr. Abidi wants me to let you know that the girl has been placed in room 221.”

I cleared my throat before I pressed the button to respond. “Thank you, Alice.” I released the intercom button, and my eyes found themselves back on the tablet. I swiped the screen in order to read the rest of her file. Morgan was proving to be a very interesting girl.


The first thing I noticed when I come to, was how comfortable the bed was. Unlike the cots at the lab with the thin mattresses, this bed actually had sufficient support. I rolled over to my side and exhaled as I opened my eyes. I screamed and sat straight up clutching my chest.

“Relax, Morgan. I mean you no harm. My name is Doctor Ryder Strong.”

I stared at the man from earlier today. His dark eyes watched me anxiously. My first opinion about the man hadn’t changed. Even though he was watching me with a kind smile, I still saw something in those dark hooded eyes that made me want to run out of this room. Not even the giant from the terminal made me this uncomfortable, and he killed seven men. I continued to stare at Dr. Strong without speaking. He watched me silently, then broke into a wide smile.

“I forgot, you don’t like to talk because of your speech problem,” he said, then looked down at his tablet.

When his eyes moved to the tablet, I gave myself only a second to react. My brows furrowed when I realized he had information on me. I’d have to be careful about how I responded. By the time he looked back up at me, my face was back to neutral.

“Would you prefer to write down your responses?”

I didn’t reply right away. I didn’t trust this doctor.

I shook my head no to his question. I didn’t want to make this easy for him.

Another one of those eerie smiles. Dr. Strong leaned back in his chair placing the tablet down in his lap.

“I have to say, your files are very interesting. Whoever did your evaluation was very thorough.” He stared at me, and I silently stared back at him. He was looking for a reaction. I still wouldn’t give him one.

“Would you like to know what your file says about you?”

 Another shake of my head. I was dying to know what the file said, and he knew that. He was toying with me. I just didn’t know his angle. I’m sure if I would have told him yes, he wouldn’t have let me read them anyway.

  He smiled then shrugged. “You’ve found yourself in quite a peculiar predicament, Morgan. As you know, you were initially brought here to provide a very important resource to furthering our project.”

The asshole way of saying I was here to get pregnant.

“But it seems…” He went on to say. “We have another use for you.” Dr. Strong stood to his feet, his white lab coat open, revealing a blue button up shirt that hid well-defined muscles. They were nothing like the soldier from the terminal, but it did let me know that Dr. Strong wasn’t a weak man. I assumed he spent some time in the military himself.

“Take a walk with me.” The demand in his voice let me know that this was not something I could decline.

I climbed to my feet slowly. I expected him to step back and give me space. He didn’t. He stood so close that my body brushed his when I stood up. For a moment, he stared down at me from his tall height. Those eyes, that held some dark secret, just stared at me. I felt the urge to back down, to step away from him even though there wasn’t enough room between me and the bed. It was the same urge that saved me when Trevor approached me angrily, or my parents asked me to hurry up and get my sentence out when I started to stutter. It was the urge to cower. The reaction that had been instilled in me since I was a small child being pinched for stumbling over a word. Luckily, Strong stepped away before I could lower my head and cower to him.

“Follow me,” he stated without turning back to make sure that I did.

I followed him out of the room that I was sure only opened because he was with me. We headed down the gray industrial hallway.  Dr. Strong took me to an elevator where he punched in a sequence of numbers before the doors opened. He stepped in and turned to face me, waiting for me to join him. I only paused for a moment—wondering where he was taking me—before I entered the elevator. The doors shut, and the elevator slowly descended.

“I’ve been working on project X for twenty-five years. The first batch of serum was cooked up in a warehouse the size of a New York apartment.” He chuckled as he seemed to reminisce on his earlier years. “We have come a long way from those days. Billions of dollars, and a lot of lives have been put into this research.”

The doors to the elevator opened, and I was met with a cacophony of sound. Screaming, gun fire, pounding, and rage filled yelling all greeted me at once. Dr. Strong stepped out of the elevator, and he turned and waited for me to exit. I stared nervously back at him. My heart was racing so fast, I didn’t want to follow him into those sounds.

“Come, Morgan.” Another demand.

I followed, stepping out of the elevator. This hallway wasn’t as plain as the one my room was on. Made up of metal and glass, the long hallway ran in different directions. Dr. Strong started walking, and I followed close behind.

“What we’ve created here, has been worth everything we have put into it. Genetically enhanced super soldiers.”

He led me to a glass room where an extremely tall brown-skinned man was. The man shared the same complexion as me. He was built like the man they called Alpha from the terminal earlier. He was even wearing the same gray and black army fatigues the other guy wore. The man was pounding away at the thick red punching bag without gloves on. His punches were so powerful that the bag folded in on itself with each strike. Lying in rows by his feet were the remnants of what looked like previous bags. He struck again at the bag with barely any movement. The bag folded in half then exploded, sending sand spilling out at his feet.

“Those bags weigh in at about four-hundred pounds. No matter how heavy we make them, they still find a way to destroy them.”

I gasped when the soldier picked up the bag and tossed it to the floor. The moment the sound was out of my mouth, the soldier turned towards me. Hazel eyes met mine. He was stunning, a trait I found common in these super soldiers. A wide spread nose accentuated a square face and full lips. Long wispy lashes made those gorgeous eyes stand out. A low-cut fade gave him a clean appearance. The soldier continued to stare at me with interest.

“Come, Morgan,” Dr. Strong said in that same demanding tone.

I followed the doctor, but I continued to watch the soldier, and he seemed just as interested in me. When I’d gotten too far to see him, I turned away and allowed Dr. Strong to lead me further down the hall way.

“What you just saw, is in no way a measure of their strength. Every day they grow stronger. We’ve had to make adjustments to our facility numerous times to better contain them. Right now, this facility has reinforced steel and concrete sound proof walls. Every door is controlled by computerized locks where we must change the passwords every day. Everything around us is structured based off their strengths and weaknesses. That is why we’ve built this facility underground.”

We stopped at another glass room. Inside this room were three more of the super soldiers. They were in workout shorts and shirtless. If this situation wasn’t so terrifying, my jaw would be on the floor at how amazing their bodies were. I took back the comment of action heroes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen bodies like theirs. Defined, well-toned, and equally distributed muscles stretched over taut skin. They were incredible.

Just then, about twelve of the green fatigue soldiers rushed into the room. Even without the familiar green fatigues, I would have been able to tell that they weren’t the super soldiers. They looked like children compared to the super soldiers. The regular soldiers were in full combat gear just like they wore outside earlier. A buzzer went off, the lights cut off, and chaos ensued.  I could just make out forms in the dim light from the guns going off. The regular soldiers attacked the others. I was glued to the window trying to see everything. Just like the one they called Alpha, these super soldiers made short work of the regular guys. Only this time, there are no deaths. They quickly disarmed the regular soldiers and tossed them to the floor with ease, leaving the soldier alive, but not without pain. Once the regular soldiers were all lying on the floor, I realized that this time they weren’t using the tranquilizers like from earlier. All around the super soldiers were shell casings. Yet, when I looked at the three soldiers, there were no wounds.

This time my mouth did drop open.

“They are indestructible,” Dr. Strong whispered close to my ear. “It requires a special bullet to break through their flesh.”

The pride apparent in his voice. I turned to him briefly, his eyes were fixated on me. Again, I saw something behind those dark eyes that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I turned from the intensity of his stare.

Just then, as a unit, all three of the soldiers turned to look at me. Just like the brown-skinned hunk from the other room, they stared at me with interest. One even took a step towards me before stopping. I watched them as they watched me.

“Hmmmm…” Dr. Strong hummed beside me.

For a moment, he studied the soldiers too. Eventually, he dismissed their actions and placed a hand on my shoulder to lead me away.

The moment the doctor’s hand touched my shoulder, the soldiers’ entire demeanor changed. They went from silent observers to high alert. Their bodies tensed, the same way it did when that buzzer went off signaling them to fight. Dr. Strong missed the soldiers’ reactions as he continued to steer me towards another room.

This next room we came to, we actually entered instead of staring through a glass. The dark room reminded me of one of those interrogation rooms you find in cop shows. There were four green fatigue soldiers—fully armed, and two other men dressed in lab coats. They all looked to us when we entered. The guy in the lab coat with the square glasses glanced at me briefly before speaking to Dr. Strong.

“This is 4721 and breeder 221. This is day five of the breeding process.” He handed Dr. Strong a tablet that he glanced at before placing me in front of a window. I gasped and stepped back when I saw what they were watching.

One of the super soldiers was with a female. His naked body hovered over her petite frame. His buttocks tightened each time his hips dipped between her thighs. The force in which he moved caused the bed to slam into the wall, chipping away at the plaster. I’ve never seen anything so rough. Her body bowed off the bed with each thrust. The female was screaming in what looked like a mixture of pleasure and pain, but the soldier didn’t seem to care. I can’t imagine her ever being able to walk again with the way he was pounding between her legs. Despite how appalled I was, I couldn’t take my eyes off the two of them. I felt disgusted by watching them, yet my body felt hypersensitive. My skin felt flushed, my breasts heavy, and my stomach tightened.

“He can go on like this for hours. They have incredible stamina.” Dr. Strong’s voice came from a lot closer than I was expecting. I turned my head to find him standing right behind my shoulder.

Suddenly, the soldier pulled out of the female, his massive cock shining from her arousal with spots of blood. He grabbed the female by the waist and flipped her on her stomach with one hand. He grabbed her hip, raising her bottom up into the air before shoving back into her. The female threw her head back and screamed.

I turned away, no longer wanting to see anymore. I didn’t have that much experience with sex. It was never enjoyable and often painful with Trevor. Which is why I didn’t understand my body’s response to seeing this. I hated sex. Not even the first time with Trevor when I thought it would be magical did I feel this way. My body felt unfamiliar. I caught Dr. Strong’s eye, that look was back. The one that made me uncomfortable.

“Would you like to leave, Morgan?”

The others in the room chuckled at my discomfort.

I swallowed, glancing over my shoulder one last time at the soldier and the woman. He was holding her shoulders down to the bed as he continued to slam into her at a painful speed. I turned away and nodded my head yes. Dr. Strong smiled, then handed the tablet back to the man with the glasses. This time, I didn’t wait until Dr. Strong led me out, I walked out on my own. The moment I stepped out into that sterile hallway, I clutched a hand over my chest, closed my eyes, and exhaled. The images from the room flashed behind my closed lids, and I shook my head to clear the visual.

“Cccccccccan I ggggggggggo back to my room now?” I couldn’t see the doctor, but I could feel his body heat close to me. The smell of his aftershave surrounded me.

When he didn’t answer, I opened my eyes to find him staring at me again. The unnerving look lingered longer than what was comfortable. Dr. Strong seemed to shake his head out of the trance he was just in.

“Soon. I have one more thing to show you.” He led me to another hallway.

We stopped at a large metal door. This door was different from the others we’d seen. Dr. Strong moved a rectangular shaped slot and nodded towards me to take a peek inside the room. From the sounds coming from the room, I already knew what I was going to find. The super soldier inside was obviously upset—maybe more than just upset. He was slamming into the walls around him. His fists pounding into the concrete causing pieces to crumble at his feet. Despite how hard he was punching the wall, his hands weren’t even bloody. There was no mistaking these soldiers’ strength. I had no doubt they were everything the scientist created them to be. So far, everything I’d seen had given me reason to fear them.

“We call it a rage fit. They are prone to them. It’s a flaw in my design. Before we were able to contain him in this room, he killed four guards and two lab technicians.”

I turned briefly to look at the doctor, then back to the soldier. The soldier gripped his head as if he was in pain, then yelled at the ceiling. I took a step away from the door.

“There is only one way to calm him down. Come see.” Dr. Strong held out his hand for me to take. I ignored his outstretched hand and leaned back to the door to peek through the opening. One of the back walls opened up drawing the soldier’s attention. He rushed towards the man entering the room but stopped when the man held up a small box.

“Sit down, Gamma,” the man holding the box demanded.

The soldier seemed to only stare for a moment and then complied with the man’s request. He took a seat on the floor, his knees bent and his arms resting on top of them.

“Good,” the man responded to his obedience. “I will give you your obsession now, but only if you are calm. Are you calm now, Gamma?”

A simple nod came from the soldier. The man opened up the box and pulled out a small stone the size of a large marble. He placed the green gem inside of the soldier’s hand. The gem was the same color green as the fatigues the regular soldiers wore.

“Green seems to be a popular color amongst them. Seventy-five percent of the obsessions are green,” Dr. Strong said drawing my attention briefly before I turned back to the soldier.

 He stroked the gem affectionately. He treated the small object as if it was the greatest treasure in the world. After only a few minutes with the gem, the other man took it away and placed it back in the box.

“You may stand now, Gamma. Someone will take you back to your quarters.” The man with the box left the room, and a few of the guards entered the room.

Just then, as if I’d called its name, the super soldier turned to the panel that I was peering through. His green eyes, only a few shades darker than the stone he stroked so lovingly, stared right at me. He cocked his head to the side to study me. For a moment, we stared at each other. It was strange, all the super soldiers seemed to notice me, but I had this feeling that there was something more to the way they were looking at me. The way they studied and watched me, it’s the same way the soldier from the terminal watched me. Dr. Strong slowly closed the grate on the door, cutting off my view from the green-eyed super soldier named Gamma.

I didn’t pretend to be blind to Dr. Strong’s motives. He didn’t show me all this for a fun educational tour. I’m pretty sure none of the other girls got this in-depth rundown of the operations. Dr. Strong wanted something from me. Now I wanted to know what.

“Why did you ssssssshow me this?”

The Doctor’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect me to catch on so quickly. I could imagine my files suggested that I wasn’t that bright.

Dr. Strong seemed to catch his reaction and cleared his throat before speaking. “That is a very good question, Morgan. You see, what I do here, will one day save the world. Everyday more terrorists are recruited and born, and their main goal is to destroy the U.S. It is my job to keep the US and our allies safe.”

Strong was worse than I had initially thought. Clearly, he thought too highly of himself.

“In order to do my job successfully, I require certain help from others. The guards you see around here have their roles. The lab that prepared you for your stay here also has a role. We wouldn’t have healthy women to carry the offspring if not for the work of Vita Labs. Even the men that captured you play a substantial role in my project. Now, Morgan, you will play and even more significant role than any of the others.”

I gulped, and he smirked.

“I showed you all of this today, because you need to see what you are up against. These soldiers, they are not like you and I. They weren’t even born. I created them using a petri dish and an incubator. Yes, they look like humans and might sometimes act like humans, but never get it confused. They have a mixture of some of the most advanced DNA in the world. They have no loyalties or conscious. They are like wild animals and will kill you at the first chance they get. Do you understand that?”

I nodded my head yes.

“Good.” He sighed. “I need your help, but in order for you to help me, you have to know that I am the only person that can keep you alive in this place. No one else has the knowledge or the control that I have over these subjects.” He grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze.

I looked down at his large hand covering mine. The urge to pull it away made my skin prickle, but I didn’t move it. I allowed him this moment. He wanted me to trust him, I would let him think I did. I’d learned the benefits of people underestimating you.

“Hhhhhhhhhhhhhow do I help?”

He smiled before letting my hand go and placing it on my shoulder to steer me in a new direction.

“The soldier you met earlier today, do you remember him?”

I don’t think I’ll ever forget him for as long as I live.

I nodded my head.

“His name is Alpha, and he is by far the most unique subject we have.”

Dr. Strong took us to another elevator that required a longer passcode than the first elevator. The doors opened, and we both stepped inside. For the first time, he had my genuine attention. I wanted to know more about the soldier from earlier.

The elevator doors closed, and Dr. Strong continued to speak as we descended.

“When we first started experimenting with genetics, we started out by manipulating human soldiers that were already enrolled in the US military. The results were……. catastrophic. The combination of the genes in the serum we tried to introduce into their system ripped through the soldiers causing most to become so violently insane, we had to put them down. Others died from the initial introduction of the serum into their blood stream. We were left with no viable subjects. We scrapped the idea of using adult soldiers and thought it best to introduce the serum during gestation. In this way, we had some control over their appearances such as the hair and eye color. We worked with a wide variety of pregnant women trying many different combinations of the serum, but most of the fetuses died. Very few pregnancies went full term, and when it did, the subjects were highly deformed and mutated. It was becoming tiresome. We spent many nights trying to perfect the correct combination of genes, some natural, but most were synthetic.”

The elevator finally opened after a very long ride down. The moment I stepped out, the cold air hit me hard making me shiver. Dr. Strong stepped out and was greeted by the Middle Eastern man I saw with him earlier.

“Morgan, this is Asim.”

“Hello, Morgan. How are you?”

Asim had a kind face. He seemed to have the only genuine smile I’d seen in a while.

I smiled and nodded slightly at him.

Dr. Strong placed a hand on Asim’s shoulder and shook his head gently. Asim must understand the doctor’s silent message because he turned from me and walked away. Dr. Strong followed him, and I followed Dr. Strong.

“Finally, we had a break through.” Dr. Strong picked up where he left off. “We combined a unique substance that we acquired from our friends in NASA with the combination of my synthetic genes. It was a risk, one that I knew could have detrimental side effects, but by that point, I was willing to take the risk. We decided to cut out all human affiliation and instead work with our own lab created embryos. We injected one-hundred embryos with the new serum, but only one survived.”

We stopped in front of a closed door. Asim opened the door and allowed me to walk in first. I was greeted by a brightly lit room that was similar to the room where I watched the soldier and his female have sex. However, in this room, there was no double sided glass, just a huge computer monitor that showed different angles of the same small room. My breath caught when I saw who we were watching. It’s him, the soldier, the one they call Alpha. He was sitting on the ground in nothing but thin boxer shorts. If that room was anything like the rest of this area, it had to be freezing. His back was to the wall, he had one knee bent and an arm resting on his knee. He was staring straight ahead. His eyes were wide open, but he didn’t seem to be looking at anything.  He still had that terrifying presence. Even though he was sitting down, he looked dangerous, but it was also obvious how gorgeous he was. His dark brown hair was cut low on the sides and back—nearly bald, but thicker and longer on top. He had a five o’clock shadow that accentuated his full lips. His square shaped face had a jawline that could chisel rocks. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him, despite how much he frightened me.

“Alpha is the only survivor from that first batch. He continues to break limits and astound us. We tried twice to duplicate what we did to create more like him, but we were never again successful. Hundreds of embryos were created, and none of them survived. Finally, determined to have another success, I again altered my genetic formula with the alien DNA supplied by NASA’s scientists to create a new serum. This time, the results were astounding,” he said this, and his face lit up with pride.

“Every single one of the super soldiers here, were created from that newly formulated serum. All fifty embryos survived. Even though they were a success, they are nothing compared to him.”

“Wwwwwwwhy is he in there?”

“Protection.” I turned to look at Dr. Strong, and he smiled, knowing my question. “For us. Not him.” He chuckled. “Everything you saw today with the other soldiers, are doubled with Alpha. Those walls are five times thicker than the Hoover Dam. It is made up of a mixture of heavy metals. It is sound proof, and for added bonus, it is buried seven miles below the Earth. Down here, is the only place we can contain him. It is the only place on this compound he cannot escape.”

I don’t know why, but I didn’t believe that. I didn’t know anything about this Alpha, but just looking at him, studying the quiet intelligence behind his eyes, I doubted that statement highly.

The door to the room opened again, and two men in white lab coats and three guards entered the room.

“Are you ready?” the soldier with the scar on the right side of his face asked Dr. Strong.

“Yes, Donavan.” Dr. Strong turned to me. “This is where you will have to trust me, Morgan. Remember, I am the key to keeping you alive.”

My eyes narrowed in confusion. What is he talking about? The man he called Donavan placed a hand on my shoulder and started to guide me out of the room. My heart raced, and I started to panic.

“Relax, Morgan. You have to stay calm,” Dr. Strong encouraged.

Donavan took me out of the room, and I was followed by Asim. We went into one of the three nearby rooms. The door opened, and I was guided inside of a simple room with gray walls. There was no other furniture in the room, and that brought me only a slight bit of relief. At least there was no bed. I looked up and spotted the cameras in each corner of the room. Along with the cameras, one of the walls was made entirely of glass. On the other side of the glass was another room that was the exact same as the room I was in.

“You need to undress,” Asim said behind me with his tablet in his hand.

I didn’t move. I stared at the skinny, clean-cut man like he was insane.

Asim looked up at me from his tablet. I guess he was surprised that I was still clothed.

“Hurry up and undress.”

Again, I remained motionless. At this, Asim frowned.

“Donavan.” Asim turned to the big soldier who took a step towards me. I imagine he was going to take my clothes off for me. I backed into the wall and held up my hands. I turned away from the men in the room and swallowed. So, this was it. For a moment, I had believed that my fate would not be the same as the other female captives. I guess I was wrong. I unsnapped the metal buttons down the front of my hideous blue suit. I pulled one shoulder down before slowly pulling down the other. I didn’t realize I was crying until I felt the wet droplets hit my arm. Once my arms were free, I dropped the suit to my ankles. The only thing under the huge jumpsuit, was a thin white tank top and plain white panties. The panties were one size fits all, but clearly the manufacturer had not taken into account the amount of butt I possessed. The panties did nothing to cover my ass. I went to take off the top, but Asim stopped me.

“That will be all for now,” he stated.

I sighed in relief.

I wrapped my arm over my chest covering the very see through material. My chocolate nipples were obvious underneath the white shirt. With the other hand, I covered my panties. I wasn’t fully naked, but I still felt vulnerable. I glanced up at the camera over my head. Even from another room, it was like I could feel Dr. Strong’s eyes on me.

“Step out of the suit,” a deep voice said from behind, startling me.

I looked over my shoulder for just a second to find Donavan staring at me. I stepped out of the suit, and he immediately reached down to grab it.

“I’ll be on the other side of the door,” Donavan said to Asim.

Donavan left, closing the door behind him with a loud click. For a moment, Asim and I watched each other. The question ‘what now’ hovered on my lips.

Then I heard it. It was a motorized whirring sound. I turned to the glass where the other room was. The wall was slowly being pulled back. I walked up towards the glass, continuing to cover my body. I still kept a good distance between me and the glass. The wall opened all the way up, and I squinted to see what was on the other side, then he appeared. Standing at his full height, he was terrifying. His eyes landed on me, and I gasped at the sight of them. He watched me cautiously, not making any sudden moves like I was a small animal that he didn’t want to frighten away. His silver eyes stayed on my face, not once did he look down at my body. It was like he knew it would make me uncomfortable. I don’t know what came over me, maybe it was because the non-human had treated me more like a human being than anyone else around here, or maybe I just wanted to know what he would do, but something made me drop my hands away from my body. Slowly, both hands moved down to my sides. It was only when they were resting at my side that those intelligent silver eyes slid down from my face. They didn’t linger, they looked long enough to take in the see-through material and the shape of my figure. Then, his eyes landed back on me, and this time, I was astounded by what I saw shining back in those silver irises. Desire. I’m not blind to the look of desire. Trevor often looked at me that way before sex, but his was always accompanied by disgust. Trevor hated that he found my body attractive. He once told me that he was ashamed of himself for sleeping with me. Yet, when I looked at Alpha’s eyes, I didn’t find disgust. I saw desire, and restraint. Restraint for what?

I took a step closer to the glass. Just one step. Alpha watched cautiously. With his eyes locked on mine, he took a single step towards me. My heart started to slam against my chest, but I didn’t react. I fought to stay calm. Alpha watched me closely, but he didn’t make any other move towards me. I realized that he only moved when I moved. I took two more steps that brought me right up to the glass. Another step, and my breasts would be pressed against the cold surface. Alpha remained in his spot. He turned his head slightly to the side, and one of his thick eyebrows quirked up at me. I think he’s asking me if I’m sure about this. I smiled, and the most wonderful thing happened, he smiled too. I thought he was handsome before with his dark brooding eyes, but when he smiled, he was breathtaking. Slowly, almost too slow, he walked over to the glass. I had to lift my head to look at him. He stood at the same distance from the glass as me. He made no sudden movements, he just stared down at me. The way he looked at me reminded me of the soldier Gamma from earlier. The way he looked as he rubbed the green stone. There was a more complex look in Alpha’s eyes, but I definitely saw that look of infatuation, like I was his greatest treasure. Slowly, I placed my hand on the glass. My palm rested against the cold surface. Alpha stared at it for a moment, I could tell he was thinking. I saw it in the way his eyes narrowed slightly and his brow furrowed. He wasn’t sure what to do. I almost laughed at how adorable that was. How this large man—that could snap my neck with the flick of his wrist—could be so unsure and shy behooved me. Finally, after a minute of deliberation on his part, he placed his hand on the glass against mine. His large hand dwarfed mine. His fingers nearly twice as long as mine, and his palms made my hand look like toddler’s hand.

I giggled at the comparison. When I looked up in his eyes, he stared down at me, and for the first time, I couldn’t read the look on his face as easily. Maybe because I had never seen it before, not towards me anyway. I’d seen it when Trevor talked to Monroe, and sometimes when a supporter was talking money to my parents. I don’t know what I would call the look. I just know, having someone look at me that way, even for a moment, made my soul smile.

“Morgan, it’s time to go.” Asim stepped out of the shadows.

I was disappointed; I wasn’t yet ready to go. I turned to look at him briefly. When I did, his eyes weren’t on me, they watched Alpha.

A loud thump on the glass startled me, and I jumped before turning back to the glass. His entire disposition had changed. He was no longer the gentle giant that tried not to scare me off. He looked like the monster they created him to be as he snarled at Asim. Asim walked over to me and grabbed my shoulder, this enraged Alpha more. He beat against the glass. I had to give it to the glass, I don’t know what it was made of, but it seemed to be holding it together.

“Asim,” a voice called over the speaker system.

I knew that voice belonged to Dr. Strong. He was orchestrating this.

“Pull the girl away from the window and stand in front of her.” Dr. Strong directed Asim.

They were purposely upsetting Alpha, but why? I turned back to Alpha, and the rage on his face almost distorted his features as he beat against the glass.

“Now, Asim,” Dr. Strong demanded.

Asim reached for me, but I dodged his grasp. This sent a thunderous roar out of Alpha that made my chest vibrate with its ferocity. He hit the glass so hard that a crack appeared and spider webbed out in all directions. Beside me, Asim stiffened.

“It won’t hold,” Asim said. From the way he was speaking, he didn’t think that would be a problem. “Sir, we need to pull out. Abort!” Asim stated as he ran to the door of the room we were in. He pulled on the door, but it didn’t open. Meanwhile, Alpha punched the glass again, this time, the crack moved further out.

“Morgan.” Dr. Strong’s voice spoke through the hidden speakers. “You need to calm him down.”

What? More than that, why? Why do I care if he breaks through that glass and kills Asim? I wanted out of this place, and Asim would just be one less person I would have to fight through to get away. Maybe Alpha would break out and kill them all. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

“Remember what I showed you, Morgan. What do you think he will come for once he kills Asim? Do you think he will let you just walk away without harm?” Dr. Strong’s voice calmly stated.

He didn’t seem to be in a rush. I believed that although Asim wasn’t expecting Alpha to break that glass, Dr. Strong knew it was a possibility. Alpha was reacting the way Dr. Strong expected him to. Which meant, Dr. Strong had some type of backup plan, something that would stop Alpha from setting me free.

“You have to trust me, Morgan.” Dr. Strong coaxed.

  Alpha slammed into the glass one last time, and it shattered to the ground. Asim whimpered at the door. I didn’t trust Dr. Strong, but for now, I would play along with him. At least until I found my way out of this place.

Alpha stepped through the frame where the thick glass once stood, he charged towards Asim.

“Alpha,” I called his name, and he immediately stopped and turned towards me. The rage was still in his eyes, but it cooled instantly upon turning to me.

I had been programmed that when someone was angry and their attention was on you, you should run for cover. Trevor made sure I knew that rule, even my mother helped me to understand it, yet here I am, fighting my fears and getting his attention. My entire body shook when those silver eyes turned to me.

Asim made a noise that drew Alpha’s attention back to him. Alpha grabbed Asim by the throat and lifted him off the ground. I watched in shock and fear, not knowing what to do.

“Stop him, Morgan,” Dr. Strong demanded.

“Aaaaaaalpha,” I called to him again.

When he turned to me, I flinched, and he immediately dropped Asim. He walked towards me, but I backed into the wall with each step he took. Eventually, I had nowhere else to go. Alpha stood in front of me with no glass separating us. My body shook in fear. Will he hit me the way Trevor does when he’s angry? I don’t believe I will survive if he decides to strike me. Maybe, what he wants is much worse. The visual of the other soldier with his female made me shutter. Alpha lifted his hand, and I shut my eyes.

“Ddddddddddon’t hhhhhhhhhurt me. Pppppppplease.” I hated how bad my stuttering sounded right now.

I might be frightened of him, but for just a second, to this man, I was a normal girl, one that he might have even desired, and that was empowering, but I’m pretty sure he now realizes what everyone else does: I’m flawed and not worth his attention.

When nothing happened, I opened my eyes to find Alpha frowning down at me. He looked upset. His silver eyes bore into me. I felt like he was trying to tell me something. The way his eyes stared into mine, he was trying to express something to me. Finally realizing I wasn’t understanding him, he lifted his hand with his palm out towards me. His eyes looked to his hand then back to me. Slowly, I understood what he wanted. I lift my left hand to his right, allowing my palm to line up with his the best way I could. The moment my hand touched his, his eyes closed, and he sighed in relief. My emotions were all over the place. This time, it wasn’t just because of the synthetic hormones they were pumping into my system to keep me ovulating. I was actually feeling a connection with this man, one I’ve never felt with anyone else. It was as if just by looking at me, he had stripped me raw and found all my weaknesses and insecurities, and with one small touch, he was trying to wipe them away.

“Very good, Morgan.” Dr. Strong’s voice came from behind Alpha.

Alpha’s eyes popped open, and he turned to Dr. Strong with a snarl. He kept his body between the guards in the room with Dr. Strong and me.

“You have done your job. You can relax now.”

Alpha’s head turned to me slightly. He looked just as confused as I was.

“Wwwwwwwwhat job?”

Dr. Strong only smirked at me. “Take him down,” he demanded.

The sound of the guns going off nearly burst my ear drums. This time, Alpha didn’t fight them. He turned to me and covered my body against the wall. His silver eyes stared down at me with disappointment. He thought I betrayed him, and yet, he still thought to protect me from the tranquilizers being shot into him. Dr. Strong used me. He used me to play mind games with Alpha.

“Ssssssstop!”  I shouted.

  I watched the painful looking darts enter his flesh and crease his brow with each hit.

“Stop, pppppppppplease!” I yelled to the soldiers in the room.

They ignored my cries and continued to load his body with the darts.

“I’m sorry.” I sobbed to Alpha. “I’m so sorry.” Alpha lifted his hand and touched the tears that tracked down my face. The moment his finger came away with my wet tears, he dropped to his knees and passed out. I fell to the ground with him. I clutched my chest as I stared at the beautiful creature. No matter what Dr. Strong said about Alpha not being human, he had still shown more compassion than any of the so called humans here.

I heard the soldiers’ approach, their weapons still aimed at Alpha. I didn’t take my eyes off of him.

“You uuuuuused me,” I said when I felt Dr. Strong appear at my side.

“You did well. You’ve proved my point. You are his obsession.”

I glared up at Dr. Strong. “I won’t lllllllet you use me to hurt him.”

“You don’t have a choice,” Dr. Strong stated. “Take her to her quarters. I want guards on her door at all times. She doesn’t leave that room unless it is a direct order from me.”

I didn’t fight as the green fatigue guards took my arms and led me out.

“Morgan,” Dr. Strong called out to me.

I stopped, but I didn’t turn to him.

“I’ll do all that I can to keep you safe, but you have to trust me.”

I didn’t respond. Today, I found out who my real enemy is, and I also found out who’s my new ally.

I followed the guards out of the room and back to the elevators. The entire time my mind was on Alpha.



I pressed rewind on the video again. I didn’t want to miss anything. I once again stopped on the frame of Morgan staring into the camera. It was just after she had slipped out of the blue jumpsuit. Her large breasts were standing out in contrast to the thin white material. She looked to the camera as if she knew I was watching, like she wanted me to watch her. The original paperwork we received on Morgan Downs was misleading. It labeled her as submissive, dim witted, and a quiet girl that was fearful and soft spoken. They believed she was easy to manipulate and often gullible. Whoever filled out the original paperwork either didn’t know her, or was easily fooled. There was a strength behind her eyes, a cunning calculating strength that if not watched, could easily deceive you. She’s certainly not dumb. Her tests scores proved that to be a lie. She scored above average on all of the academic testing. I do believe her to be submissive. I also believe her to be susceptible to the attention of men. I would even go as far as to say that she was probably trapped in a loveless marriage--another thing that the original paper work stated was that she was unattractive and homely. As I stared at those wide sad eyes and full lips, I again doubted that this person truly knew Morgan. Her beauty was subtle, catching you off guard until you found yourself staring at frozen frames of her.

Again, I unfroze the video. Morgan turned away from the camera, and this angle caught her from behind. I froze the video again. What was it about her that grabbed Alpha’s attention? We reserved some the most beautiful and sought-after females for Alpha to mate, and he ignored them all. Yet, he took one look at this girl, and she became his obsession. I unfroze the video and watched Alpha’s reaction when he first spotted her on the other side of the glass. He watched her, but he didn’t react like most of the subjects did the first few times they saw their obsession. This initially led me to believe I was wrong about the girl and she meant nothing to him. Then I realized he was being cautious like he didn’t want to scare her off. I’d never seen any of the subjects’ exhibit that much thought or awareness for another being. After further review, it was obvious that he was just imitating her by mimicking her behavior. I’d seen this behavior before in studies of apes. It was still a bizarre reaction for him, especially coming that close to his obsession. We did the same procedure with the subjects with keeping the glass between them and their obsessions. They all became frantic those first few times, but quickly started to relate the handler with the obsession and began to accept the two together. However, Alpha’s reaction to Asim was alarming, and it would require a little more finesse. It may take longer to allow him free time with Morgan again. If he were to lose it and hurt her, she couldn’t be easily replaced. We had finally found the key to Alpha. We needed to make sure we did everything we could to keep the control. Right now, Morgan was just a pawn in a large game, and if we could control Morgan, we could control Alpha.

A knock on my door had me closing out of the video on my tablet.

“Come in,” I announced to the person on the other side of the door.

Asim walked in. He looked a little pale from his encounter earlier today.

“What can I help you with, Asim?”

He looked briefly at the tablet in his hand. I could tell he had something important on his mind, but when he spoke, he didn’t mention it.

“Sir, I need the daily itinerary for Mrs. Downs? Will we be placing her in the groups with the other girls?”

I leaned back in my chair. “No, I want her in isolation.” Keeping her secluded from anyone else, would make her more susceptible to talk when I met with her. Isolation would also make her crave companionship. “Breakfast will be issued to her in her room alone. I want only Donavan to have any communication with her.  Lunch will be provided after her daily visit to the viewing room.”

“And Dinner?” Asim asked while he made notes on his tablet.

“Dinner will be with me, in my private quarters.”

Asim looked up from his tablet to catch my eye.

“Do you think that’s wise?”

I admired Asim, he had been with me from the beginning. He knew how important this project was to me.

“Why would it not be?”

Nervously, Asim cleared his throat. “I just thought……… With his……… Maybe……. Never mind.”

I nodded my head, not wanting to discuss it any further.

“Should we continue to supply her with the ovulation stimulant?”

Good question. Although Alpha made no interest in mating Morgan, there was a possibility that I could get him to mate her and supply me with the perfect offspring.

“For now, yes. Continue her on the daily dose until I say otherwise. Is that all, Asim?”

Asim nodded and turned away from me. He stopped once he got to the door and turned back towards me. I didn’t speak this time, I waited for him to gather his courage to say what he needed to say.

“Sir, I have to ask, did you know there was a chance that he could break the viewing glass?”

I watched Asim carefully. Though I was more than capable of replacing my assistant, I didn’t want to. Right now, Asim was questioning my loyalty. He wanted to make sure that I still had his back and that I wouldn’t purposefully put him in harm’s way.

“You and I both know that Alpha’s capabilities are still a mystery to us. No other subject has ever been able to break the viewing glass. I would not have risked your life that way, Asim.” This answer seemed to please him, it doesn’t matter that it is all bull shit. I had no idea that Alpha could break the damn near indestructible glass, but I definitely knew it was a possibility. No one truly understands the limits I will go to for this project. I would have mourned Asim’s capabilities to get things done, but I wouldn’t have lost sleep over his death.

Appeased with my reply, Asim smiled and exited the room. Once he was gone, I once again pulled the footage up from today. It froze once again with Morgan watching me through the camera lens.

“You are peculiar indeed, Mrs. Downs. Peculiar indeed.”


I stared up at the white ceiling to my new prison cell.  It’d been a month since I last saw Alpha.

The day after that first introduction in the viewing room, I was brought back to that same room. The glass had been replaced and was now reinforced with metal bars on my side of the glass. I sat in the corner of the room. As soon as the wall opened, Alpha stepped out and looked for me. He spotted me in the corner curled into a ball and then sat down on the other side of the room away from the glass to face me. That was how we sat the entire time. Alpha watched me cautiously, and I pretended to sleep as I watched him out of the slits of my eyes. Asim and Dr. Strong yelled for me to interact with Alpha. However, I told Dr. Strong that first day that I wouldn’t be used as a weapon to hurt Alpha. Eventually, Dr. Strong grew tired of my game. He yanked me out of that room so fast my head spun. I knew he was pissed when he shoved me back in my room and told me that if I didn’t do what he told me to do, I would starve.

Since that day, he had made good on his promise. One month had passed, and I barely have enough energy to stand and dress myself. In the morning, Donavan—the large guard with the scar on his cheek—brings me a tray that has an apple and one piece of toast. He asks me how I’m doing, but I don’t reply. He puts down the tray and walks out leaving me with the only food I’ll have until tomorrow morning. It’s just enough to keep me alive, but not enough to keep me fed. I’ve lost so much weight. I’ll never be super skinny. Not enough starving can take away my butt, thighs and breasts, but I have had a significant weight loss. I’m not happy about it. Yet, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t be an instrument that they use to punish or hurt Alpha. I don’t care what he is or isn’t, he deserves my kindness. If that means I die in this hell, then so be it.

I adjusted the make shift hair wrap on my head. It’d been five months since they shaved my head, and my hair had grown back a lot. With the amount of hormones they were pumping in my system, I’m not surprised. I already have a full afro of springy curls. I don’t think I’ve seen my natural hair since I was a child. By the time I turned five, mom had already started straightening my hair. ‘Straight hair equals cleanliness and elegance’ she would say when I whined about the hot comb burning my ear. I’d come to realize that I loved my natural hair.

Just then, the sound of my door opening had me sitting up from the bed. I looked at the clock on my wall; it was a little after two in the afternoon. This was unusual. I didn’t expect anyone else until around dinner time where I’m forced to watch Dr. Strong scarf down his dinner in front of me.

I got to my feet as my door opened. With me being locked in this room, I’d been privy to the guards disgusting conversations. The way they used and abused the breeders was disgusting. Pretending to want to help them for sexual favors, it made me sick to my stomach. I only hoped Ashley wasn’t falling for their bull crap. Because of their stories, I was always on high alert, waking at any sound outside of my door.

My heart raced as my door opened up, and even when Dr. Strong walked in, it still didn’t slow.

“Afternoon, Morgan.” Dr. Strong said as he pulled the single chair in my room up to my bed. He took a seat and then directed me to sit down on the bed.

I slowly obliged his requests.

That conceited smile stood out on his face as he watched me in silence for a while.

“You are a very peculiar woman. Not very attractive though.” He watched me closely, waiting for me to react to his insult.

I stared blankly back at him. This was all just another mind game for Dr. Strong. He was good at being manipulative, often playing these little games with me to try to get a reaction. He had no idea that I grew up around a much better manipulator.

He chuckled. “But I guess you are used to being told this, right? Especially in comparison to your sister, Monroe.”

My heart rate picked up when he mentioned Monroe. The thought of him bringing Monroe to a place like this had me ready to do whatever he wanted. Monroe wasn’t like me, she wouldn’t last at a place like this. If she didn’t have a break down first, she would definitely fall for the soldiers’ lies of protection. Still, I kept my emotions in check. I gave Dr. Strong nothing.

“Tell me Morgan, do you think your sister is more beautiful than you?”

I would laugh at him if I wasn’t so weak. Did he really think he would get under my skin by comparing me to Monroe? I outgrew that insult at the age of seven.

I continued to silently stare at Dr. Strong. In return, he watched me, his brow furrowing before he smiled again.

“Did you know there is a picture circulating in the media? It’s with Monroe and Trevor. They look rather snuggled up as he consoles her over the loss of her sister. He, on the other hand, doesn’t seem that upset about you being missing for five months. Why do you think that is, Morgan?”

Because he’s a heartless asshole that never really cared about me.

Wow! I shocked myself at those words. The old Morgan would have never even thought those words out of fear Trevor may hear them. Yet saying them, even if it was just in my head, felt liberating. Freeing.

Not getting the response he wanted out of me, Dr. Strong tried again. “You’re good, Morgan. I bet you have a lot of people fooled back home, but I can see through you. You’re afraid of being seen. You hide behind your silence to not show just how insecure you really are. You don’t speak because you feel inadequate when people realize you stutter. You envy your sister and possibly even hate her. You search for love in men that are out of your league in order to validate yourself, which is why you fell into your husband’s arms so quickly. You want me to believe you are strong, but really, you are not.”

Wow! How can someone be that wrong? He knew less about me than Trevor had, and he’s probably spent more time around me than my husband.

“I know you, Morgan. I understand you on a deeper level than most, which is why I am trying to be on your side. I know these are not ideal conditions, and if we had met outside these walls then……” He stopped, clearing his throat. “You have to trust me. I know you think I mean to hurt Alpha by using you. That is not true. Allow me to show you something.”

He pulled a small metal box out of the inside of his lab coat. It was the size of a jewelry box you would buy a watch in. He opened the metal box and took out what looked like a small black remote control. It was about the size of my palm and only had about four buttons on it.

“This is what I call, The Boss. It’s a kill switch. Imbedded inside the brains of every one of my subjects is a small microchip that is programmed to this remote. With one press of a button…” He pointed to the square shaped red button. “I can kill every single one of them.”

He smiled at my shocked face. “You thought I wouldn’t have a backup plan?” He chuckled. “I am always in control, Morgan. No matter what you think. I am always in control.”

This changed things. I still wasn’t going to trust Dr. Strong, but it changed my plans. I had to play Dr. Strong a little closer, at least until I was able to get my hands on that remote.

Dr. Strong placed the remote back in its metal box and slid it back in his pocket.

“Can IIIIIIIII see him?” I surprised myself by asking that question.

That had been the hardest thing about my stand against Dr. Strong. Even if I refused to talk to Alpha, I really did want to see him. His presence brought me comfort. I couldn’t explain it. I hardly knew him, but being around him gave me a rush. I imagined it as the feeling you get right before bungee jumping or riding a rollercoaster.

Dr. Strong’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Why should I let you see him? You will just sit in the corner and not interact with him again…”


Another cautious look. “I don’t know if he will want to see you, Morgan. You see, while you’ve been carelessly starving yourself without any repercussions…”

Is he joking? I haven’t been starving myself, he’s been starving me.

 Dr. Strong continues.  “Alpha has been locked away from the sun in his isolation pen. Imagine the subjects are like solar panels. The more sunlight they receive, the more energy and power they have, but when we lock them away from the sun, they become weak and sluggish. Can you imagine what it’s been like for Alpha to be locked in his room for a month all because you decided to throw a little tantrum?”

My heart rate peaked again. Did I inadvertently hurt him? I prayed that I could make this right.

“I want to see him.”

Dr. Strong smiled. I hated that smile. “What will you give me in exchange, Morgan?”

His question made my skin crawl. I know he didn’t mean it sexually, he had already stated he didn’t find me attractive, but it was something about the way he said it that made me think differently.

I don’t want to give Dr. Strong anything, but to get close to Alpha, I’ll play whatever role he wants me to play.

“Wwwwwwwhat do you wwwwwant?”

“Oh, don’t start stuttering on me now, Morgan.” He chuckled. “I want your loyalty. I need to know that you and I can trust each other. We both want the same thing. I want Alpha to thrive and be able to go out into the world as the weapon I intended him to be, but in order for that to happen, we have to control him.”

I didn’t believe that. I didn’t for one second believe that Alpha was in need of controlling, nor that I thought that either Dr. Strong or I would be able to do it. However, what I believed and what I let Dr. Strong believe, were two different things.

Dr. Strong stood to his feet towering over me on the bed. He caressed my face, and my fists tightened at the desire to pull away from him. His thumb ran along my bottom lip as he stared down at my face. His actions were in contrast to his earlier words, I think. Then his hand tightened on my chin making me flinch from the painful grip.

Those cruel eyes stared down at me. “There is the scared girl I was waiting to see.” He sneered. “If you break my trust again, Morgan, I will hurt you in ways you can’t even imagine. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head, and he released my face. Fear shook my entire body. This was the part in my past where I would allow my fear to weaken me. It would make me agreeable and quiet. This was the part where I backed down from my plans and followed his rules out of fear of punishment, but the new Morgan absorbed her fear. She swallowed it whole and allowed it to give her strength. I’m not going down without a fight. I had a plan, and despite what Dr. Strong thought, the plan was working perfectly.

The door to my room opened again, and Asim walked in carrying a thin, silk fabric. “You will get fully undressed, and we will escort you down to the room. You will interact with Alpha today. When Asim comes to take you away, you will go quietly and peacefully. Your job is to calm him when he gets worked up and entice him when you are with him. Do you understand?”

Another nod.

“Good. Take off your clothes.”

I waited, hoping he would allow me the decency to undress alone. He didn’t. I turned my back to him and unsnapped my blue jump suit. I stepped out of the thick fabric and quickly removed the thin tank top and too little panties. I remained still with my back to the men, my arms acted as protective barriers over my breasts. I felt his body heat the moment he stepped up behind me, the smell of his after shave souring my stomach. I felt his breath on my shoulder right before his hand slid down my arm.

“Good girl, Morgan.” I shivered in his grasp, not because I liked it, but because my fear got the best of me. His arm came around the front of me, and he was holding the red silk fabric. It was a robe.

“Put this on,” he whispered over my skin.

I snatched the robe from his hands and quickly dressed myself. He chuckled as he stepped away from me. Once the robe was tied, I turned back to face them. Dr. Strong nodded then turned and walked out of the room followed by Asim and me. I was greeted outside the door by Donavan and three more guards. They all chuckled to themselves when they looked at me. They knew something I didn’t.

We took the usual route down to the lower levels. The long elevator ride made me more nervous. I was surrounded by a psychopath, four guards, and an assistant. I couldn’t wait to get off this elevator. Once the doors opened, we were met by a scientist that seemed extremely excited.

“The room is all set. Are you sure you don’t want us to start pumping the pheromones inside?”

Dr. Strong answered the other man’s question while we continued to walk. “No, I want the first time to be natural. I want to see what happens. Do you have all guards and safety procedures ready in case of an emergency?”

“Everything is in place.”

We stopped when we came to a blue door. It wasn’t the door to the viewing room that I was expecting to see. Dr. Strong turned to me with a smile.

“Are you ready for this, Morgan? Remember, I’m always watching, and I won’t let anything happen to you.” He stroked my jaw gently.

This man was insane. He just threatened my life, and now he wanted me to believe that he would protect me.

I smiled and nodded at him. He took my hand in his and walked me into the room. The room wasn’t big at all. A full-sized bed was in the middle of the room covered only by a fitted sheet, a night stand sat off to the right of the bed. Along the wall beside the bed was a huge square framed mirror. I immediately realized what this room was for and what they wanted from me. Now I see why the guards laughed.  My heart started to race so fast I felt dizzy. I stopped walking to place a hand over my chest.

Dr. Strong turned to look at me. The puzzled look on his face softened to understanding.

“Asim, bring her a glass of water.” Asim rushed off to fetch my water.

Dr. Strong turned back to me. “Just breathe, Morgan.”

I was having a panic attack. It wasn’t as severe as the ones I’d had in the past, but I was definitely having one. I don’t deny that I find Alpha attractive, but sex is painful and humiliating. I couldn’t imagine how much more painful it would be with someone like Alpha, and to think of all those people behind that mirror watching and mocking me. My dizziness grew more severe, and my legs gave out. Dr. Strong caught me in his arms before I hit the floor. His eyes studied me.

“Morgan, what is it? What’s wrong?”

Like I’d tell him. Suddenly, Asim appeared in front of me holding a glass of water and what looked to be a sandwich. He handed me the water, and I gulped it down. I had no idea it would be so delicious.

“I brought her something to eat as well. Her blood sugar may be low.”

Yeah, because you assholes have starved me for the last four weeks.

“Smart thinking, Asim.”

“Boss?” Donavan appeared in the doorway. “We just got word, 0041 is starting to get agitated. They think he knows the girl is near. What do you want us to do?”

Dr. Strong turned back to me, and for a moment, he looked indecisive. Maybe he would call this off. I was clearly in no way capable of doing what he wanted, but then, that gleam came back in his eyes. The one I would start referring to as madness.

He turned back to Donavan. “Bring him in.”

Donavan walked out of the room while speaking into his walkie-talkie.

“You think this is a good idea?” Asim questioned.

At least someone had sense in this place.

Dr. Strong smiled at me. “Whatever happens in this room is solely up to Morgan. Let’s see how much control you really have over Alpha.”

He stood me to my feet and untied the belt to my robe, slipping the silk fabric down my shoulders and off my body. Asim placed the sandwich on the nightstand, and both men walked out of the room closing the door behind them. I stood there, nude, with my heart beating rapidly against my chest. With each second that passed, I grew more and more nervous.

The door to the room clicked and then opened. For the first time in a month, I saw him again. Though a little paler, he still looked the same. The moment he stepped into the room, they slammed the door, and I nearly leapt out of my skin. We silently stared at each other for a passing moment.

His silver eyes raked over my body with precision. I was so nervous, I didn’t even think to cover myself. Alpha scowled, his hands tightening into fists. I wondered if he was scowling because he now saw my body without any covering, and he no longer liked what he saw? Why did that idea bother me so much? Alpha’s eyes then roamed around the room and paused on the mirror. He stomped towards me, making me back into the bed and fall down when the back of my knees hit the side of the bed. He stood over me, no expression, then reached past me to the sandwich on the night stand. He picked it up and handed it to me.  With trembling hands, I took the sandwich from him. He waited, and when I did nothing with it, he grabbed my hand with the sandwich in it and brought it to my lips.

OH! He wants me to eat.

I took a bite. This seemed to please him because he let go of my hand and walked over to the other side of the room across from me. He slid down the wall and sat, one knee bent and his arm resting along the knee. He watched me as I ate. I got half way through the sandwich and placed it back on the night stand. Too nervous to finish it. Alpha grunted and shook his head and then pointed back to the sandwich. I rolled my eyes and picked the sandwich back up and took another bite.

“So, you’re the bossy type,” I said.

He didn’t respond, he just watched.

“Just so you know, this sandwich is really dry and might actually choke me to death.”

This got a smile from him. It was very small, only a lift of one side of his mouth.

“Want to see for yourself?” I asked holding the sandwich out towards him.

He paused, still not saying anything, then he slowly slid closer to me. He didn’t stand, I think he knew that would intimidate me. Instead, he leaned forward, and without taking the sandwich out of my hand, he took a very small bite of it. He did all of it, without taking his eyes off mine. Once he started to chew, his face scrunched up in disgust. I covered my mouth and laughed, my earlier nerves wearing off.

“I ttttttttold you it was dry.”

He seemed to perk up when he heard my stuttering. His head cocked to the side. I think he was asking me a silent question. I wasn’t sure what the question was, so I answered with what I thought he wanted to know.

“It’s called stuttering. It’s an involuntary disruption or blocking of speech. It comes and goes.” I shrugged. “It’s worse when I’m scared or nervous and sometimes excited.” I laughed before swallowing the last of the dry sandwich.

“I know it’s nnnnnnott really attractive. I can ssssssssstop talking if yyyyyyyyou prefer that?” I looked up at those silver eyes, and he was frowning again.

Maybe my stuttering was turning him off. I looked down at my hands twisting in my lap. I felt his large, warm hand touch my leg. I looked up to find his eyes on me, another one of those small smiles graced his face. He placed a hand on his lip and tapped twice before pointing at me.

I instantly understood what he was saying and smiled.

“So, I guess I’m going to be the talkative one in this relationship, huh?”

We both smiled.

“This is a first for me. I’m uuuuusually the one being silent, so what should I talk about?”

He pointed to me.

I giggled. “Ok, what do you want to know?”

He shrugged.

I hummed as I tried to think of something interesting about me. I admit that there isn’t very much. I didn’t really have much of a life, even before Trevor. I never got to do the things normal kids did. Even Monroe was allowed to go to her friends’ houses. My parents were too afraid that someone would find out my big secret. God forbid one of those snotty kids at my private school told their parents that I could actually talk but I stuttered. What would they think of my perfect family? The only place I was allowed to visit was my grandparents’. Sometimes, my parents bought my friends, but they were only allowed to come to the house where I could be monitored. I once thought I had a real friend, her name was Kayla. She used to love to come over and hangout with me. Then I found out her dad was trying to buy up land in Texas, and he wanted my father on his side to approve some shady deals. The moment the deal went through, Kayla stopped coming over. It wasn’t too bad. My lack of friends allowed my sister and me to grow closer.

“I’m not really that interesting.” I started. “I like to dance, but I’m nnnnnnot that good. I hate cheese on my burgers, but I’ll eat it on my pizza.”

I continued to go down a list of my simple likes and dislikes. The entire time I spoke, Alpha just watched me. Not once did he look away from me, or get annoyed and impatient when I got hung up on a word. He patiently waited for me to pronounce the word. He was a good listener, something I hadn’t had in a long time. Even Monroe tried to finish my sentences for me if I began to stutter. It was refreshing to talk with someone that seemed to just be interested in my voice.

Too soon, the door to the room we were in opened up, and Asim walked in nervously. Alpha was on his feet before Asim even stepped into the room. He stood protectively in front of me.

“Um. It’s time to go, Morgan.” Asim held out my red silk robe in front him. His shaking hand relayed his nerves.

I took a step around Alpha, and he stepped back in front of me, blocking Asim’s view.

“Alpha, I have to go.”

He glanced at me over his shoulder, then slowly approached Asim. Asim whimpered and backed away towards the door. I could almost hear Dr. Strong in my head telling me to control him.

“Alpha, don’t hurt him, please.”

Alpha stood in front of a trembling Asim. He then snatched the robe out of Asim’s hands and turned back to me. Once he was standing before me, he opened the robe and held it out for me to slip into it. When I was dressed in the robe, Alpha tied the belt.

“Thank you!” I whispered to him.

He smiled down at me from his towering height. His large calloused hand cupped my face gently before he released it and stepped away allowing me to leave. I walked towards Asim. Before I allowed him to escort me out of the room, I turned to Alpha one last time. I smiled and waved before walking out the door. Seven green fatigue guards greeted me at the door in their full combat gear. Clearly, they thought this wasn’t going to go as easily as it did. Donavan and Dr. Strong were also amongst the guards. I followed Asim, Donavan, and Dr. Strong into the elevator. I was feeling proud of myself. I did what I was asked, and no one was hurt. Plus, I got to spend some time talking to Alpha.

The moment the elevator doors closed, Dr. Strong spun around and back handed me so hard I slammed into the wall and then hit the floor.

“What the fuck was that, Morgan?”

I looked up from my spot on the ground confused and humiliated.

“IIIIIIIIIIIIII did wwwwwwwwhat you said. I innnnnnnteracted with him.”

“I told you to entice him, Morgan. Your job is to open your legs when he is near. You are not on a goddamn date. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“SPEAK!” He barked.


Dr. Strong turned his back to me. He fixed his white lab coat while looking at his reflection in the elevator glass.

Asim bent down to help me to my feet. My face hurt badly, but I wouldn’t give the bastard my tears. I clutched the side of cheek while looking down at my feet. I wasn’t hiding my face out of fear, but because I couldn’t hide the fact that I wanted to kill Dr. Strong right now. All great plans need time. This one would require it as well, so for now, I allowed him to think of me as the weak docile woman that he could hit when he wanted. When the time was right, Dr. Strong would get his. I promise it.

When the elevator doors finally opened, we arrived on the floor my room was on. With a vice grip on my arm, he drug me into my room like a misbehaving child and pushed me down on the bed.

“You will learn to follow my directions from start to finish.” He grabbed my blue suit from the floor and went to the small dresser in my room removing the extra suit as well.

“Wwwwwhat are you doing?”

His angry eyes turned to me, then he rushed over yanking the robe off my shoulder nearly ripping it in his haste. After untying the belt, I allowed him to strip me of the last piece of clothing I had in the room.

“I allow you to eat, sleep, and live. Every bit of your comfort comes from me. We will see where your loyalties lie once I take your comfort away. I AM THE ONLY ONE ON YOUR SIDE!” His last words were screamed so loud they rattled my chest.

Dr. Strong turned around and stormed out of my room. A few seconds later, the lights in my room went out, leaving me in darkness. Then I heard the sound of the air turn on at full blast. Immediately, my skin began to prickle from the chill. I sat down on my bed, tucking my knees to my chest. I will not break. I repeated those words in my head over and over, hoping that they remained true.



“What, Asim?” I didn’t turn away from the tablet in my hands to answer him.

It’d been four days since I cut off the lights and turned up the air in Morgan’s room. I’d been watching her like a hawk, waiting for her to break. She had yet to fucking submit. I watched as she readjusted once again on the floor. After the first day, I had someone remove her bed and covers out of the room. She was now lying on the cold concrete floor. Her back was to the wall as she wrapped her arms around her knees.

“Sir, I just want to give you an update.”

I finally looked away from my tablet placing it on my desk. I gave Asim my full attention. From the strained look on his face, I could tell he had bad news to give me.

“This morning, we lost twenty-seven breeders.”

“WHAT!” I shouted shooting to my feet. “What the hell do you mean we lost them? What happened to them?”

“It is unclear. Around noon, the first female began to show signs of hemorrhaging. Then it spread like wildfire to the others. It started suddenly, almost like something triggered it. The last breeder was just pronounced dead five minutes ago, but there is something else.”

What the fuck else could it be?”

“The doctors say that upon further evaluation, it seems the bleeding was coming from their uterus, yet the doctors can’t explain how it started. The only thing that the breeders had in common, is that they were recently placed in the mating rotation.”

“What do we pay these doctors for if they can’t even figure out how and why we‘re losing breeders?”

“Sir, it isn’t that easy. They have been busy all morning fighting to keep these women alive...”

“I don’t give a shit about what they were doing. I want answers before whatever the hell this is wipes out all my goddamn breeders.”

Asim sighed, running his hands through his thick, wavy, jet-black hair. “Sir, with all due respect, I think what we need to do is get Mrs. Downs in a breeding room with Alpha. I’ve been studying these subjects for a while, and I think getting Alpha to mate will be the breakthrough in this second phase of project X.”

“No!” I simply replied, waving his theory and suggestion away.

Asim walked further into the room. “Dr. Strong, as of two days ago, the other subjects have refused to mate. Alpha is growing more agitated by the day, and it feels like the subjects are sensing his mood and are growing increasingly frenzied. We’re losing breeders, and you still have to prove to Scott that these subjects are worth the funding. Maybe, allowing Morgan to bond with Alpha isn’t the worst thing. At least she keeps him calm.”

I sat back in my seat exhaling.

“Do you know why I named him Alpha?”

Asim looked confused. “Because he was the first?”

“No! I named him Alpha because that’s what he is. He’s a leader. A dominant. In the animal kingdom, Alpha would be the head of the pack. It is in his DNA to lead. That is why it is important to establish dominance over him. I’m the only one that can do that, and the way I do it is by controlling his female. If I allow Morgan to bond with Alpha, I lose the power I have over her and him. It is impervious that I stay in command. That means Morgan must fear and obey me. Right now, I have to keep her under my control.”

Asim shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “Well…. Um…..Sir, are you sure that’s what’s happening?”

I scowled at him, and he quickly back pedaled out of his earlier statement. “I only mean that, we still have little time to get the subjects ready for Scott’s mission, and the girl has yet to break. Maybe you should try another technique?”

This time, I stopped to consider Asim’s words. Time was running out. Before long, Scott was going to come calling, and I needed Alpha on a leash quick. Asim was right. It was time to see just how useful Morgan could really be, no matter how pissed I was at her for disobeying me. For a month I invited her into my private quarters and spent an hour with her, and not once did she speak with me. Watching her purposely ignore my demands as she told Alpha all about herself. Her playful laughs and flirtatious smiles further infuriated me.

“Fine, bring Alpha out of his isolation cell and allow him to join the others.”

“……Are you sure?” Asim looked at me as if I had lost my mind. “His behavior isn’t really suitable to be around others. He will be in a rage after the first ten minutes.”

“That’s what I’m planning on. Set him up to join the other subjects in the cafeteria for lunch. I need you to keep an eye on him.” I stood to my feet with my plan already in motion. “Also, have Donovan collect Morgan. Make sure he has her dressed and ready. It’s time to really put her to work.”

Asim nodded and headed out to do as I asked. I went to the locked cabinet in my office and plugged in my combination. At the bottom of the cabinet, past the clear glass bottles and syringes, I pulled out the bundle of clothing I had stashed back there. Balled up in the large blue jumpsuit, was a thin pair of cotton white underwear. I clutched them in my hands for a moment before balling them up and placing them in my pocket. I stuffed the clothes back down at the bottom of the cabinet and locked them back up. I headed out of my office on a mission.

“Soldier!” I called out to a young stocky fella walking past me.

He saluted me, and I nodded, allowing him to relax. “What’s your name?”

“Brooks, sir.”

“Brooks, I need a favor.”

“What can I do for you, Doc?”

He had a country accent and seemed very eager to help. He’s young, maybe nineteen or twenty.

I pulled the white cloth out of my pocket and handed it to him. “I need you to hold on to this for me.”

The guard stuck the unknown fabric in his pocket.

“Make sure you give it to Asim when you see him.”

“Sir, I’ll take it to him right away.”

I held up a hand. “No, don’t rush, soldier.” I smiled convincingly. “He’s heading to lunch in a few. Just give it to him then.”

The guard nodded, still so eager to please me. I walked away from him. I had a few more stops to make before my lunch break.


I walked into the cafeteria where guards, staff, scientists, and subjects are all gathered to eat. I spotted Asim standing near the wall, his eyes were trained on Alpha.

Alpha seemed calm as he sat at the long table surrounded by the other subjects. At all times, there were fully trained and prepared guards around the subjects. This time was no different. I took a seat quietly at the back of the cafeteria. The moment Brooks walked into the cafeteria, I turned to Alpha. It took only a few seconds before Alpha lifted his head and turned toward the soldier. His eyes narrowed as he watched the young man. Brooks spotted Asim, and right away headed towards him. I picked up my walkie-talkie and dialed into Donavan.

“Start this way,” I said into the device.

It crackled for a second before he responded, “On the way.”

Brooks approached a confused looking Asim and pulled the white fabric out of his pocket. Asim looked down at it for just a second, before the roar of Alpha had every one in full alert. Alpha was on his feet, seething. The guards were preparing to put Alpha down like usual when he went into a rage fit. However, this time, I held up my hand to stop them. Alpha charged in full speed towards Brooks. Asim looked down at the fabric in his hand, and finally realized what he was holding. His eyes widened as he dropped the fabric. He turned towards me in shock and disappointment. Alpha had Brooks by the neck and slammed the young man’s body into the wall beside Asim. The first slam killed the young guard, the second slam cracked his skull like an egg. The other subjects were on their feet. Alpha’s anger had them riled up.

For just a moment, I wondered if this plan might have been a bad one. If Morgan couldn’t calm Alpha down, we may have a disaster on our hands. Alpha bent down and grabbed the underwear off the floor. He brought them to his nose and inhaled, his eyes closing momentarily as he took in her scent. When his eyes popped open, they were burning with anger. He looked to Asim, and Asim stumbled, trying to back away from him.

I gave the signal for the guards to engage. This was going to be bad. They tried to surround Alpha, one guard got too close, and Alpha snatched him by the head snapping his neck with ease. The tranquilizer guns went off, yet they did nothing to stop him. He grabbed another soldier and tossed him through the air. The other subjects were standing to their feet making an unusual grunting noise. I’d never heard them do this before. It sounded like the aggressive territorial grunting that a gorilla makes.

I grabbed my walkie-talkie again. “Where the hell are you?”

His reply was immediate. “We’re moving as fast as we can. She’s extremely weak.”

“You pick her ass up and get her here. NOW!”

“Got it.” The walkie-talkie went dead.

The sound of the grunting picked up as Alpha took out more guards. Asim was hiding under a table while the other scientists and staff were running out of the cafeteria.  Meanwhile, more guards were filling the room trying to get as many shots off as possible. Then it happened. Donavan rushed through the door, Morgan in his arms like he was carrying a bride over the threshold. I rushed over to the two of them, snatching her out of his arms. Her skin was icy cold, and her usually enticing brown skin had a gray hue to it.

“Morgan!” I demanded, getting her attention.

She could barely stand, so I let her fall down to her bottom. I got down on her level. Her body shook, and her teeth clattered as her large, sad eyes looked at me.

“You have to calm him down, Morgan. I need you to help me.” There was resistance in her eyes, but when she cut her brown eyes over to Alpha, they softened. She leaned away from me, and I stood to my feet. She used her hands to pull her weak body a little closer towards him, and with a soft voice—barely louder than a whisper—she called his name. Alpha immediately stopped, dropping the soldier in his hands to the ground. Even the other subjects stopped the weird chanting noise, and they all turned towards her.

Her focus was only on Alpha as she gave him a weak smile, her lips wobbling as her teeth chattered.

“Hey!” she whispered.

He moved faster than I’d ever seen him move before as he came to kneel in front of her. He growled when he took in her state. I saw the pure rage fill his eyes again. He was about to go into another fit, but then Morgan placed her hand up. It was the same way she did the day they met in the viewing room. Alpha placed his palm to hers, and she giggled. He responded with a smile, then her hand dropped back down weakly, and Alpha scooped her in his arms standing to his feet with her.

The guards all looked to me for guidance. I’ll admit, I have no idea what the next move should be.

“I’m tired, Alpha. I need to rest,” Morgan told him.

Alpha started to walk out of the cafeteria with Morgan clutched in his arms. We all followed.

“Have you ever seen this behavior?” I stated in wonderment when Asim caught up to me.

  He didn’t reply. I could tell he was still pissed about the stunt with the underwear. I didn’t have time to baby him. I had other things to worry about.

Alpha headed towards the stairway. He was taking Morgan down to the lower floors where the breeding rooms were. Donovan, Asim, myself, and a line of guards quietly followed them down all twelve levels. Alpha pushed open the door to the final level and walked through. He took her right to the room they were in the other day. He stood patiently at the door waiting for someone to let him in.

I shoved Asim to the room next door. “Get that goddamn door open.”

Asim stumbled but got to the room next door to hit the switch that unlocked the door. Donavan slowly approached Alpha with his hands up. He opened the door for Alpha and Morgan to enter the room, and we followed. Alpha placed Morgan down on the bed gently. I directed the others to leave the room.

“Alpha,” I called out to him.

He didn’t take his eyes off of Morgan’s trembling body.

“Alpha, you know the rules. I can’t let you keep her.”

He turned to me so quickly, I took a cautious step back. “But I’m willing to make an exception this one time. However, you will have to do something for me. Do you understand?”

His silver eyes narrowed, then he nodded slightly. I didn’t yet bask in the triumphant feeling. I still needed to assure him of my dominance.

“I will allow you to keep the girl for tonight only. No mating.” Alpha’s body tensed, and I quickly went on to explain. “She’s too weak tonight. In the morning, I will come back to collect her, and then you will start training for a new mission. No incidents, Alpha. I need you to train and be on your best behavior.”

He stared at me, that blank look in his eyes. I wonder if he understood me. Maybe I used too many words, but then Alpha simply nodded at me. He turned back towards Morgan, dismissing me. I looked over at her lying on the bed. Her fragile body was curled up in a ball. Maybe it wasn’t a great idea to leave her with him. Part of me wanted to take her back upstairs. I even took a step forward, but Alpha’s warning growl reminded me of the greater purpose. I needed Morgan to control Alpha, and so far, she was proving capable of the job. I took a step backwards, Alpha’s eyes stayed on me until I was out of the room. I closed the door sealing them off.

I turned to Donavan. “I want guards at this door at all times. Have them load up with the special ammo. No more tranquilizers.”

“Do you think it would come to that? You think we will need to put Alpha down for good?” I heard the doubt in Donavan’s voice.

I don’t want to kill Alpha, but if I need to get into that room quickly, I at least needed them to be prepared. I told Donavan this.

“I want you to be in charge.”

Donovan nodded at me. We had an entire night, sixteen hours, to be on high alert in case something went horribly wrong. This was a huge risk, but I was willing to take it. I slipped into the room next door. Asim was seated at the large double-sided window.

I took a seat next to him, neither of us spoke. After silently watching the room next door, I finally addressed the elephant in the room.

“I had it under control.”

Without turning to look at me, he replied solemnly, “Of course, you did.”

We allowed the silence to slip back in. For now, we had solved our issue.


For the first time in days I felt warmth. Blessed heat surrounded me. It felt amazing! I snuggled closer, inhaling and enjoying the warmth. No one would think that being utterly cold—a bone wrenching cold—could be torture, but it was. Once the cold got to your bones, it was almost like you went into shock. Everything on your body hurts. So many times, I wanted to just die lying on the hard floor of that room. I couldn’t even cry. The tears frosted over and stung my face, but now, now I felt blissful. I snuggled even closer to the warmth, burying my face in its hard chest.

Hard chest?

I opened my eyes and came face to face with a bronze male chest. My eyes slowly climbed the length of the body, up the neck, to the chin, and met the eyes of Alpha. He looked down at me, those silver eyes hesitant but watchful. Everything came back to me. Seeing him in the cafeteria destroying those soldiers like they were nothing. I should fear him. After all, he isn’t entirely human. Yet, when I look in his silver eyes, it isn’t fear I feel.

“Hey, Alpha!” I smiled up at him.

I felt his body relax around me. He was tensed. Why?

He pulled me closer in his arms, and I lay my head back down on his chest. I’m not sure what has come over me, being intimate like this isn’t really me. Trevor didn’t like to cuddle, at all, but I found that right now, there was no other place I’d rather be. I listened to his heart beat. It sounded like there were two. Again, I was reminded that Alpha is part alien, but not even his double heartbeats alarmed me. I let the slow rise and fall of his chest soothe me.

At some point, the scarf that I kept wrapped around my curly fro had fallen off, and now Alpha’s fingers were rubbing my scalp with so much care and tenderness. I tilted my head to look up at his face.

“I think I’m going to die here.”

He frowned at my comment. Those dark, thick brows creased in the middle of his forehead. I turned away from him and lie my head back on his chest.

“And you know what’s sad? I don’t think anyone would care.”

While slowly going crazy in the ice-cold tomb of my room, I had time to think about my life. As much as I hated Dr. Strong, he was right about one thing, I have wasted my entire life on mediocre relationships with others. I’ve hidden behind my disability just as much as my parents wanted me to. I’ve been a disappointment to my parents since the day the doctor told them that I would be a girl and not the son they wanted. From that day on, I was a burden to them. My stuttering only added to their disgust.

“My parents would probably be relieved if they found out I was dead. No more living in fear that I will embarrass them. No more worrying about the defective child being discovered.” The words flew from my mouth with ease. There was something soothing about being around Alpha. It’s like his presence alone was capable of lowering my walls.

“My sister is the closest thing I have to a friend, but even Monroe has a short attention span. She will mourn me for a little while, but some new guy or new opportunity will come along and distract her, and let’s not talk about my husband. If I really do die here, it will take the pressure off of him. Trevor would have killed me a long time ago if he thought he could get away with it.”

Again, the reality of that truth hit me hard. I sniffled back the tears threatening to spill.

“All he’s ever wanted from me was my family’s connections and the money my grandparents left me.” I chuckled. “They are going to flip when they find out that they can’t get access to the money. At least I was smart enough to take care of that.”

I placed my hand on his chest and my chin over my hand, looking up at those serene silver eyes.

I sighed. “No, I don’t believe anyone would mourn my death.”

I finally came to that realization. I was alone in this world. The only people that truly cared about me had already died.

“I would mourn.”

The voice was so unexpected, so deep and raspy it took me a moment to realize who had spoken—even though I was looking right at him.

My mouth fell open as I lifted up from Alpha.

“You can talk?”

He smiled and nodded.

“Oh, my God! Alpha, that’s incredible.”

I was beyond excited. My face was cracked open in a large smile. All this time, I thought he couldn’t speak, and he was holding out on me.

“Say something else?”

A sexy low chuckle from him.

“Like what?”

I threw my hands up. “I don’t know. Say anything. Just talk to me!”

God, he was so incredibly handsome when he smiled. Those heavy-lidded eyes lit up and those full lips lift.

“You are beautiful,” he stated before he lifted his large, rough hand to cup my face.

No matter what happens, there will never be another situation when those words said to me will ever equal up to the way he just spoke them. Such pure adoration and truth. They were said so thoroughly that I was left feeling as though I was indeed the most beautiful woman ever.

I don’t know if it was his words or the feeling they elicited that had my head lowering. The moment my lips tentatively touched his, I got this feeling like this was where I was meant to be.

Obviously, this wasn’t my first kiss. My first was with a young boy I met at one of my parents’ social functions. I remember the kiss was quick, just a touch of lips before he pulled away. He said I had soft lips. At the time, I thought that was a wonderful compliment. My next kiss came from Trevor on our wedding day. Again, it was a quick touch of the lips after the pastor pronounced us husband and wife. It was less passionate than the one I had at thirteen. Since our wedding kiss, Trevor hasn’t kissed me again. When he wants sex, he makes a demand that I’ve learned to follow. There is no foreplay.

This was only the third kiss I’ve experienced in my twenty-eight years, and it was by far the best. My short knowledge of kissing had me pulling away entirely too soon. However, Alpha had other plans. His large hand wrapped around my neck keeping me where he wanted me. His tongue brushed against my bottom lip, I hesitantly opened my mouth. His warm tongue dipped into my mouth gliding against mine. He growled as he deepened the kiss then flipped me onto my back without ever breaking apart our lips. He made love to my mouth, causing me to grow delirious. My hands went to his head, my nails digging into his short brown hair. I don’t know what came over me, but I can’t imagine pulling away from him or stopping this kiss. I wanted him to keep kissing me, to devour me with his lips. I was floating just from his kiss alone.

Alpha pulled back, breaking our lips apart. I immediately pulled him back to me. I could feel his smile against my lips before my tongue pushed into his mouth. His large, heavy hand rested on my hip. I moaned.

Where did that come from? Who is this girl that moans and kisses with so much passion? In his arms, I wasn’t shy and timid Morgan. I wasn’t the weak girl that was afraid of sex and her own body.

Alpha’s body stiffened. I opened my eyes to find his silver irises glowing.  I’d never seen anything like it, and though it should be weird, the heat burning down at me from those eyes turned me on more. He licked his lips as his eyes dropped down to my rapidly rising breasts. A flash of him sucking my pebbled, dark-brown nipples into his mouth had me aching in a certain area.

“Yyyyyyyou can tttttouch them if you want.” Jesus, I sounded like a child.

Alpha’s eyes glowed brighter before he devoured my lips again in a brutal way that had my toes curling. I’d never felt this way before. I would probably let Alpha do whatever he wanted to me at this moment. No matter how frightening the thought of sex is.

Then, it hit me, the most excruciating pain I have ever felt erupted inside my stomach. It felt like menstrual cramps that had been turned up to a thousand. A scream ripped from my lips and startled Alpha. He sat up, his concerned eyes scanning my body. I clutched a hand to my lower abdomen and curled into a ball. The pain was so intense, my body shook, and sweat formed over my forehead. Alpha touched me, but even that seemed to hurt too much. I whimpered at his touch, and then screamed when the sharp pain came again.

I heard the sound of the heavy metal door opening. I felt Alpha rise off the bed. His growl was unmistakable.

“Alpha, calm down,” Dr. Strong’s voice said calmly.

Just the sound of his voice made me cringe. Another one of those sharp pains hit me, and I screamed. Alpha turned to me, he looked completely devastated. He lifted me in his arms, cradling me like a baby. He rocked my body from side to side. I curled up to his chest trying to seek comfort from the thunderstorm in my ovaries.

“Alpha,” Dr. Strong said. “You have to give her to me.”

Alpha let out the loudest and deepest growl I’ve ever heard him use. It rattled his chest and vibrated my body.

That all-consuming pain hit me again, and I nearly leapt out of Alpha’s arms from the convulsion. He clutched me tighter.

“Listen to me, Alpha. Morgan is hurting, she may even die. You have to give her to me if you want me to save her.”

I could feel Alpha swaying. He wanted me safe, but he didn’t want me to go.

“Ddddddon’t,” I begged Alpha.

He looked down at me, those gorgeous eyes studying me and weighing his options. I was hit with another pain, this one so severe I think I might actually die. I screamed so loud my voice gave out.

“Hurry, Alpha! You don’t want her to die, do you? I’ll save her. Only I can save her.”

This time, Alpha didn’t hesitate. He handed me over to Dr. Strong’s awaiting hands. I tried to fight against his hold, but I was too weak.

“No!” I whimpered.

I didn’t care if I died, I just didn’t want to do it near this man. I’d rather take my last breath with Alpha than to spend a second recovering with Dr. Strong.

Dr. Strong turned to leave with me in his arms.

“Escort Subject 0041 back to the isolation cell.” Dr. Strong gave the command without looking back. I could hear Alpha’s angry roar from out in the hallway.

“Alpha!” I shouted to him. “Alpha, don’t leave me.” My voice was too weak to carry over Alpha’s angry outcries.

I was escorted to the elevators still in Dr. Strong’s arms. Asim and Donavan followed us in.

When we exited again, Dr. Strong took me into his private quarters. I’d spent many silent dinners in here, I knew where we were. He placed me down onto his bed and walked towards the bedroom door.

“Thank you, gentlemen! I’ll take it from here.”

Donavan turned and left right away. Asim looked over to me where I lie whimpering on the bed. For just a split second, I saw sympathy in his eyes, but he quickly turned away.

Dr. Strong held out his hand, and Asim slipped a small, black remote into his outstretched hand. Asim then turned away and walked out of the room. Dr. Strong shut the door and then walked back over to the bed with his hands buried inside his pocket.

The pain hit me from out of nowhere, and I arched off the bed with a loud cry.

“Poor, Morgan. You’re in so much pain,” Dr. Strong said as he pulled a wooden chair up to the bed. “Would you like me to make the pain stop, Morgan?”

This time, the pain didn’t come in short bursts, but a continuous ache.  My body shook so bad my bladder let go, soaking me and the bed sheets.

He chuckled. “Looks like you’ve made a mess of yourself. I can save you, Morgan. I can stop that pain right away. Would you like that?” That gleam of insanity was dancing in his eyes.

I nodded my head yes. I hated to give him my consent, but I just wanted the excruciating pain to stop.

Dr. Strong reached out to push one of my short curls off my sweaty forehead. “I should let you suffer.” The moment he said this, the pain in my stomach intensified, and I got nauseas. My mouth filled up with saliva as I fought the urge to vomit.

“No matter how many times I try to help you, Morgan, you continue to betray me. I ask you to seduce him, and you don’t. Then I ask you not to sleep with him, and you try to lure him into your web. You think I’m dumb? You think I don’t know what game you’re trying to play? Trying to make me jealous of Alpha. You mean to seduce us both and have us turn on each other.” He growled that last part down at me, that glimmer of madness was back in those haunting brown eyes.

What the hell is he talking about? When have I ever tried to seduce him?

“But my darling girl, it won’t work. You are nothing to me, and to Alpha, you are just a shiny new toy he wants to stick his dick in. All I have to do is trade you out for a better toy, and he will forget all about you, so this little game you are trying to play won’t work.”

The pain stopped, but my body continued to shake from the aftershocks.

“You open your legs only when I give permission. You talk about only the things I allow you to discuss with him. I am the one in CONTROL!” With his shout came the pain again.

“Pppppplease make it stttttttop!”

Another deranged chuckle from him. “Now you recognize my power. Now you beg me to save you. Me and ONLY ME, MORGAN! Do you understand?”

I could barely nod, but I moved my head an inch, and the pain stopped.

Dr. Strong stood to his feet pushing the chair back. His hand came out of his pocket.

“You will shower and stay here tonight. I want you close so that I can keep an eye on you. That little stunt with getting Alpha to speak was clever, but it won’t help your plan.” He turned his back on me and walked out of the room. I lie on my side, sweat pouring from my shaking body, tears rolling down my face. I hate that man.


Two weeks passed, and I have yet to see Alpha again. I missed him. It sounds crazy admitting that. I don’t know him. Not really, and maybe what Dr. Strong said was right, I could be easily replaced to Alpha. Yet, I still wanted to see him, to make sure he was ok. Maybe I was just lonely and desperately searching for someone to connect with. Either way, I missed him.

I sighed as I flopped back down on the king size bed inside Dr. Strong’s private quarters. I once again took in the dark colors and pine woods. Posters of human anatomies hung on the wall. A large bookshelf in the corner filled with medical books. His room was fitting for a deranged sociopath.

Every day, I was locked inside his bedroom while he went off to do whatever he does. At night, he watched me like a hawk, and then when it was time for bed, it was like I could feel him staring at me from the couch in the next room. Thank God he never tried to crawl in bed with me. Although he said he didn’t want me, sometimes, I found him watching me with that look in his eyes. The look I called madness.

I heard the door to his office open, and I leapt from the bed as the sound of two voices drew me to the bedroom door.

“Sir, you can’t hold him off with that lie for much longer.” I heard Asim’s voice.

“Must I tell you again, Asim. I have this under control. Alpha is training harder than he has ever trained before. He has had no incidents of rage since that day in the cafeteria. Everything is under control.”

“Doctor, we can’t take the risk. In three weeks, Scott will be calling on the soldiers for that mission, what if Alpha waits until that moment to act out? What if he no longer believes your lie of the girl being in the hospital? We should at least allow him to see her.”

“NO ONE SEEES HER!” Dr. Strong shouted.

The room grew quiet. I held my breath waiting for someone else to speak.

“We have not had one pregnancy since this phase started. The subjects are no longer even mating with the breeders. I understand your infatuation with the girl…”

“I have no infatuation with the girl.”

“Never the less, we still have goals to meet that we are no closer to completing than the day we started, and I believe that the reason the subjects are no longer mating has something to do with Alpha.”

“That’s absurd. Alpha doesn’t have that kind of power. You’re allowing your intimidations of him to cloud your reasoning. The other subjects mated just fine before while Alpha did not. Why would he not allow them to mate now?”

“I don’t know.” Asim admitted begrudgingly.

“Exactly, Asim. You are creating problems that are not there. As I’ve said before, I have everything under control.”

“And the mating?”

“Place Beta in a mating room with one of the newer breeders and pump the room full of pheromones. Then you will see how mating isn’t an issue.”

There was more silence. Only the sound of feet walking away.

“Asim?” Dr. Strong called out. “Has Alpha spoken any more since that day?”

“No sir.”

“Thank you! That is all.”

The sound of the office door closing has me scurrying back to the bed.

A few moments later, the bedroom door opened. I held my breath as the sound of his loafers grew closer to me. I could feel his presence standing over me. I didn’t move.

“I know you aren’t sleep, Morgan.” He sat down on the side of the bed and reached out to touch my arm. I immediately pulled away from him.

He sighed. “Why do you act this way?”

“I want to ssssssssee Alpha.”

“Look at me when you speak to me.”

I sat up and turned to face him. I didn’t like him being this close to me.

“I want to ssssee Alpha.”

He gave me one of those deadly smiles. “No!” He stood and walked away from me. I scurried to my feet.


He turned back to me as he pulled his white lab coat off and placed it on a hanger in his closet.

“Because I said so.” He continued to undress, unbuttoning the sleeves to his button up shirt.

“That is nnnnnnot a good enough answer. You cannot kkkkkeep me here.”

He spun around causing me to take a step back.

“I can do whatever the hell I want to do. Have you forgotten who’s in charge here? The fact that the only time you speak to me is when you are asking to see him, is pissing me off.” He snatched his shirt off sending the buttons flying around the room.

“I swear, Morgan. I give and I give you, but I get nothing in return. Not even a Thank You. I brought you into my own personal quarters, that are a lot more comfortable than what you were used to, and you walk around here like I’m some type of monster.”

You are a goddamn monster! Those words screamed in my head, but I didn’t say them. Instead, I used what I knew about Dr. Strong against him. I had to be smart, because this plan could backfire easily.

“Wwwwwwhat do you want me to ttttttalk about?” I asked the question so low that Dr. Strong had to turn and look at me to be sure I even spoke.

“What did you just say?”

I looked down at the ground. “What do you want me to talk about?”

He didn’t move for a moment, he just stared back at me suspiciously. Then he slowly approached me. I fought against my reflex to back away from him. He stood before me, that glimmer of insanity dancing in his brown eyes. He reached out and rubbed his thumb over my bottom lip. His eyes watched the movement, and I watched him.

“You are truly a temptress?” His hands dropped away from my face as he stepped back. “But I will not be seduced. The answer is no. You will see Alpha only when I allow it.” He grabbed a few of his belongings from his dresser and left the room by slamming the door behind him.

My plan to play nice didn’t work tonight, but it didn’t mean it would never work. I wasn’t giving up.



 I am still in control. Despite the minor setbacks, Morgan has proven to be not as easily manipulated as I first thought. Her attraction to me has become obvious, and at times, distracting. Thankfully, I had the foresight to place her in my private quarters to better study her.

I looked down at my tablet once again as the hidden camera showed her in the shower. It was necessary and often distracting that I had to watch her so closely, but in order to make her submit and do as I said this was an imperative step.

I watched as she lathered her body for the third time, the soapy sponge ran over her large breasts. It turned the dark brown nipples to soapy peaks. The sponge dipped down to her stomach and across her full, wide hips. She paid good attention to the soft, black curls at the apex of her thick thighs. She turned her back to the camera, and I got a view of her generous ass.

My hands rested in tight fists on top of the table.

Her audacity to ask to see Alpha yesterday was insulting. She still believed he was her savior here. I needed to fix this soon. I needed to prove to her that she meant nothing to him.

“Sir?” Asim stepped into my office.

I cleared the tablet of the image of Morgan rinsing off and placed it face down.

“Yes, Asim?”

“He’s ready.”

From the look on Asim’s face, I knew that he didn’t agree with the meeting I’d set up with Alpha. We had only a week before Scott’s special mission, and so far, we had Alpha right where we wanted him, which is why Asim thought this meeting would be more harmful than good, but that’s why I’m the boss and not him. More important than the mission, is finding out how Alpha feels about Morgan. That information would further help me determine my next step in gaining control over the two.

“Good.” I stood to my feet, put on my lab coat, and then grabbed my tablet off the desk.

I followed Asim and Donavan out of the room and to the elevators. Neither of us spoke as we rode to the lower levels of the facility. Once the elevator opened, we were met by guards and subjects, busying about the hallways. It’d been this way since we’d been putting together the best team for Scott’s mission.

Asim ushered me into one of the small rooms we used for psych evaluations. It looked familiar to a police interrogation room, only our subjects’ sit in specialty made chairs. The chairs were made with heavy metal and were bolted to the floor. They were also accompanied with thick, metal leg, neck, and wrist restraints.

I took a seat on the other side of the table and nodded for Asim and the guards to bring Alpha in.

It only took a second for the large man to be escorted into the room. He looked at me and squinted his eyes in the way that he usually does.

“Have a seat, Alpha.” I pretended to give him the option.

Alpha looked back at the armed guards before sitting down in the special made chair. The guards got to work to secure him to the chair. Once he was strapped down, they walked out of the room leaving us alone. Well, not entirely alone. Cut into the ceiling were small nooks where a sniper hid. Right now, there were three trained marksmen with eyes on Alpha. I was always prepared and always five steps ahead of everyone.

I smiled at Alpha.

“Good afternoon, 0041.” I used his numbers instead of his preferred name in order to show dominance.

He gave me no reaction. Those dull, silver eyes stared blankly at me. She admired this alien creature as if he was an intelligent being. Only I know the truth. I know that he lacks intelligence. He only mimics our behaviors like a trained animal mimics its owner.

“You’ve been doing well lately, 0041, following orders and completing tasks as instructed. If Morgan were feeling well, she would be proud of you.”

The mention of her name got the first reaction out of him. Interesting.

“If you continue to do well, she may be able to see you again. Would you like that?” I waited, demanding him to speak to me. He had yet to talk since that one time with her.

We continued to wait in silence.

“Come on now, 0041. If you don’t talk, I’ll think that you don’t want to see her.”

Another blank stare from him. I tapered down on my frustration. I’ve studied this creature since he was in a fucking petri dish, I know him better than he knows himself, and the only person he speaks to is her?

I cleared my throat before speaking.

“I see. Well, I guess her words to me are true. She believes she doesn’t mean anything to you. I told her I thought differently, but your silence proves she is right.”

Still no reaction. I leaned back in my chair eyeing him inquisitively.  With Alpha, it was important to watch every small detail. Every movement had a meaning. The way his eyes stared back at me, the neutral look on his face, to the relaxed fingers that hung over the arm of the chair. All those were clues to how he was feeling.

“She’s afraid of you.” A tick of his jaw.

Gotcha! I didn’t hide the triumphant smile that appeared on my face.

“That last time I pulled her out of the room, she begged me never to send her back. She isn’t equipped to understand you. The doctors at Vita Lab noted some old bruising on their initial evaluation of her, they believe she might have been in an abusive relationship. I think your quiet brooding frightens her.” Another one of those small ticks from him.

“Which part of what I said bothers you the most? Is it that she is afraid of you and wants nothing to do with you?” His face ticked. “Or the fact that she is married to a man that knocks her around?” His fists tighten at those words.

Again, interesting reactions.

“Ah, I see. The idea of someone else touching your obsession makes you angry. Just like seeing that guard with her underwear made you furious. Tell me, could you tell that those were taken right off her body? Was it just her fragrance, or the scent of her arousal that notified you that the guard had them?” His brow creased as he watched me.

I continued on with my manipulation.

“Does it sicken you to know that her body isn’t untouched? Does it drive you mad that her husband has touched her, kissed her, felt her body on top of his….”

His anger grew, he fidgeted in the tight restraints. They would only get tighter every time he struggled.  I didn’t worry, he couldn’t get out of the chair, and even if he could, the snipers would take him down.

I laughed at how little control he was showing to my mind games. As I first thought, he was a brainless beast that was only good at copying human behavior. “While you are pining away for her in your isolation cell, her thoughts are consumed of being fucked by her husband.”

This seemed to have the opposite effect on Alpha. He settled in his seat. The angry vein in his fore head died down, his fist relaxed, and his eyes went back blank.

What happened? No! I had him where I wanted him.

“She wants to go back to him. She asks me every day to go back to him. How does that make you feel, 0041?” He continued to remain calm. “If you wish to ever see her again, you will answer me.”

Another blank stare. I grabbed my tablet off the table and pulled up the feed from earlier, Morgan in the shower, her dark chocolate nipples soaking wet with suds. I flipped it around so he could see it. His eyes never left my face.

“Look at it. Look at her.” He glanced down at the screen briefly then back up to me, his head cocked to the side. “Do you want this? Do you want to know what those thick thighs feel like wrapped around your waist? What her voice sounds like calling your name? Do you?” Another blank stare. My temper rose.

“I SAID FUCKING ANSWER ME!” At the sound of my roar, the chair Alpha was sitting in leapt back as he stood to his feet. The metal cuffs clanked to the floor. Before I could register what happened, Alpha had me by the front of my shirt and dragged me across the table. The first sniper went off. Without turning from me, Alpha turned his head to the side dodging the first bullet. The second bullet swished by, and again, Alpha dodged it. When the third bullet flew through the air, Alpha raised my right hand—the one with the tablet still clutched in it—and the bullet went straight through the tablet. I dropped the tablet as the room door burst open, and guards come running in, their guns aimed at Alpha. Those silver eyes looked down at me as I was still clutched in his fist. His lips lifted just an inch on one side into a smirk. He let go of me causing me to fall to the ground. Alpha lifted his hands in surrender. The guards paused for a second, unsure of what to do. He’s never given up so easily.

“Don’t just stand there, you idiots. Take him to his isolation cell,” I demanded.

Asim came to my side to help me to my feet.

“Sir, think about this. The mission is in a few days, and we need Alpha at his best.”

I backhanded Asim so hard he slammed into the side of the table and clutched his face.

“You don’t tell me what is wise and unwise. I AM IN CONTROL HERE!”

I stood up straight, fixing my white lab coat. I watched as they easily cuff Alpha and walked him out of the room. He turned back to me and smiled right before he exited. He thought he won, that he made a fool of me; I’ll show him who the fool is.

I stormed out of the room, Asim and Donavan on my heels. I slammed my fist against the buttons for the elevator. Once it opened, they both climbed in with me silently.

“I want a breeding room prepared and ready to go. Bring in Beta, Gamma, Sigma, and Omega. I want that room loaded with Pheromones.”

Asim looked briefly to Donavan, but started to tap things in on his tablet.

“And which breeders would you like to place inside the room?” His voice was void of the judgement I knew he had.

“Not breeders, just one. Morgan!”

Asim gasped. “Dr. Strong, that’s insane. All of them at once could kill her or each other.”

“That is no concern of yours.”

“I’m sorry, but I have to be the voice of reason here. You are playing a very dangerous game. I will not allow….”

I spun around so fast my loafers squeaked against the elevator floor. I slammed Asim’s body into the back wall. I yanked Donavan’s gun out of its holster and held it to Asim’s head. Donavan stood by, unsure of who to help.

“Where the fuck do you get off telling me what to do? Have you lost your mind?”Asim’s eyes widened in shock as I held the barrel of the gun against his temple. “I do not pay you to think. I pay you to follow my goddamn orders when I give them and as thoroughly as fucking possible. Now, if you can no longer do your job, then what do I need you for?”

Asim shook in my grasp.

“Can you have the room ready for me in ten minutes?”

He nodded his head vigorously.

“No, I need you to speak. Use your words.”


I smiled at him. “You sound like Morgan.” I let him go and handed the gun back to Donavan. I turned my back on him and headed out of the open elevator doors. There were guards waiting for me as I exited. They looked back and forth between me and Asim. Donavan followed me out of the elevator and into my private quarters. I walked through my office, sitting room, and into my bedroom. Morgan was lying on the bed when I walked in, she immediately got to her feet. She wasn’t expecting to see me this early. It would explain her lounging around in her thin, white tank and panties. She must have noticed my expression because she immediately looked afraid.

“Wwwwwhat’s going on?” she asked.

I stood in front of her for a second, watching those round, beautiful brown eyes stare between me and Donavan. The fucking temptress doesn’t care who she corrupts. My hand flew out and across her face before I could even think about it. Morgan crumbled to the floor clutching her cheek.

I ripped the brightly colored scarf from around her head and grabbed the soft, spiral curls she wore in an afro. She squealed.

“You think he can protect you? You think he will be the one that saves you? I will show you who is in control.” I dragged her by her hair out of the room. She fought and clawed at my hand.

Today, I would prove to them both who had all the power here. When I realized we weren’t getting far enough, I let go of her hair. She was crying when I released her.

“Pick her up, Donavan.”

He hesitated for just a second before he scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder. We headed back into the elevator and back down to the lower floors. The only sound in the elevator was my angry, heavy pants and her sobs.

Her tears were useless to me. I would prove to her today just who the fuck I am.

When the doors opened again, Asim was waiting for me.

“Is the room ready?”

“Yes sir!” he answered right away while keeping his eyes off of Morgan.

Donavan took her to the breeding room door, and Asim and I walked around to the other room where we could get a good view inside the room.

“Are the pheromones going?” I asked one of the scientists waiting for me.

“Yes, sir. It’s on a level two at the moment.”

I took a seat in one of the chairs staring at the scene before me. Beta, with his brown skin and golden-brown eyes seemed to watch the door and the other subjects cautiously. He sensed something was off about this. Gamma was watching the door. His green eyes anxiously waiting for the breeder to enter. I chose these four men specifically because of their friendship and their connection to Alpha. They were the only ones that I could get to share a breeder without hurting each other. We’d never done this type of experiment before. We only breed to create offspring, never for fun.

Omega and Sigma stood together at the furthest point of the room. Omega’s fiery red hair and milky skin stood out in contrast to Sigma’s tan-olive skin.

“Turn the pheromones up to a level ten.”

I didn’t acknowledge the gasps that went around the room. I also didn’t worry about either man disobeying me. Chuck, the scientist, turned the dial on the device in his hands cranking the pheromones in the room up. Immediately, the effect was obvious on the subjects. Their postures turned aggressive. Once relaxed and anxious, now they were tight with tension. Beta growled towards Gamma who was standing a few inches too close. The green-eyed creature grunted back, but took a few steps away. Their erections were prominent all standing at full mass.

The door to the breeding room opened, and their heads turned to see who was entering. The moment Morgan was shoved inside the room, the door slammed behind her. I smiled as I watched her claw at the door. Her fear was obvious. I was giddy with excitement. I couldn’t wait until the subjects started to attack her. They would become so mad with lust, they wouldn’t be able to contain themselves. She would cry out for help, pleading for someone to save her, and then maybe, I would rid her of her worries.

At the moment, her cries for help fell on deaf ears as she pounded on the door. Eventually, she tired out and slid down to the floor, her body sweaty from the pheromones and exertion. Soon, she would become so aroused, it would be painful for her.

I watched as the subjects all seemed to collectively watch her. Why weren’t they moving in? They should be ripping her clothes off by now. Finally, Beta was the first to move. He approached Morgan, and she tried to back away from him, but there was nowhere else to go. I sat up in my seat delighted by what was to come.

Then, the word escapes her lips. That godforsaken word.


She called for him when she was in trouble. She thought he would save her. I chuckled to myself. Beta was right on her now. He slowly kneeled in front of her, his back to the camera. Her eyes widened for a moment, and then she nodded.


 “Did he just speak to her?” Chuck asked the same question that was running through my mind.

There was no way he spoke to her. Inconceivable.

Beta stood to his feet while helping Morgan stand to hers. The moment she was on her feet, he lifted her in his arms and carried her like a bride over to the bed. Slowly, he laid her trembling body down on the bed. As a unit, all four men backed away from her and took seats around the room.  I was on my feet instantly.

“Crank up the pheromones!” I yelled.

“Sir, it’s already at its max.”

My anger got the best of me, and I picked up the chair tossing it at the two-way mirror. It made a thud noise, but fell back to the ground.

“Send in more subjects.”

 Asim looked nervous, but didn’t object. He tapped on his tablet without making a comment. I watched in disbelief as she writhed on top of the bed, her body glistening in sweat. Her nipples peaked to hard points, and her cloth panties were saturated at the center with her arousal.

Beta watched the mirror like he was looking right at me. His eyes were glued directly to my spot as if he could see me.

Morgan moaned and begged for someone to take her ache away. No, not just someone, it was still his name on her fucking lips.

The door opened again, and five more subjects entered. They were nude as they walked into the room. They sniffed the air and were immediately aroused. One even approached the bed.

Beta, Gamma, Sigma, and Omega let out a collective growl that had the subject stepping back. The new subjects turned to look at Beta, no words were said, but the subjects’ entire body language changed. All four new subjects backed away from the bed and sat down on the floor.


“I’ve never seen anything like this happen before,” Chuck stated in awe. “None of them have ever been able to resist this much pheromones circulating. Well, except for Alpha.”

I turned to look at Chuck. He’s right, none of them could hold back with this amount of Pheromones. They didn’t have that type of will power.

“Get her out of that fucking room!” I shouted.

Asim stood instantly already starting the end breeding protocol. I snatched open the door and stormed out. I didn’t acknowledge Donavan as he followed me. I took the elevator to the very bottom floor where there was only three rooms. I walked up to the heavily guarded door. The guards standing before the door opened the metal slate, and there he was, sitting with his back to the wall, one knee bent, and his arm resting on that knee, was Alpha. His silver eyes looked directly at me like he was expecting me.

“You think this is a game?”

 Alpha only smirked at me. I slammed my open palm against the door.

“You will rot in here before I let you see her again. DO YOU HEAR ME?”

He leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes, dismissing me entirely.

“He doesn’t eat nor leave this room until I give the say so. Am I understood?”

The guards agreed with me easily.

I’d solved one problem, now time to deal with her.


Her moans greeted me the moment I walked into my private quarters.

Asim was there standing on the outside of my bedroom door. He handed me a syringe when I approached him.

“That will be all, Asim,” I told him.

He hesitated, turning towards the room where Morgan’s cries grew louder.

“I said, that will be all, Asim.”

He turned to face me. “Yes, sir.”

Asim quietly left out through the front office.

I opened the door to my bedroom to find Morgan lying on top of the bed. Her sweet scent mixed in with the musk of her arousal permeated the room. The subjects showed great restraint indeed. I pulled the wooden chair in the corner of the room up to my bed. Her sad round eyes stared up at me.

“Mmmmmmake it ssssssstop,” she moaned as her thighs rubbed together trying to cause enough friction to stop the ache. It won’t work. Nothing but orgasms, lots of orgasms could stop her pain. Well, that and what’s in this syringe.

I held the needle up to her, taking the top off and allowing some of the clear liquid to squeeze out of the top.

“Inside this needle is the cure you crave. Right now, your body is pumping a very strong substance through your system. Without the proper cure…” I waved the needle back and forth. “It will take three to four days for the chemicals to run out of your system. You will feel this pain until they are completely out. However, there is another way to cure you of your ache, Morgan. Sex.”

Her eyebrows creased in confusion.

“If you would like, I can help you.” My tongue rolled across my bottom lip. “I can help you take the pain away without the medicine.”

I watched as she seemed to think over my suggestion, the arousal clear in her dilated pupils. She opened her mouth, most likely to beg me to help her. She would finally get what she’d been pleading for with her temptress ways.

“I’d rather have the needle,” she said, the words clear without stuttering.

I stared at her for a while. Her denial of me had me seeing red. My hand clenched around the needle nearly breaking it in half.

“Ok!” I simply said.

I held the needle up, and her eyes followed my action. I placed the top back on the syringe and dropped it back in my pocket. Morgan whimpered.

“You disappoint me, Morgan. And for that, you will suffer through your ailment.” I stood to my feet and turned my back to the sounds of her cries. I walked out of my bedroom and ran into Donavan.

“Tie her arms to the bed. I don’t want her pleasuring herself. No one, not even you, are allowed in that room after today.” I saw the way he looked at Morgan’s body that first day. With the right plea from her, he may be convinced to ease her pain. Then I would have to kill him.


It’s been a week since the day I left Morgan tied to my bed. It took five days before the medicine was fully out of her system. She moaned and cried every day of the ordeal. Her scent only grew stronger and stronger. Towards the end, the subjects began to grow agitated from the smell. We ended up having to put them all on lock down. Alpha’s behavior was even more peculiar. He paced his room for those entire five days. He never slept, and he never stopped moving. On the plus side, he showed no signs of rage, he just became restless.

Today is the day of the mission. We are all a bit anxious. I had a talk with Alpha before releasing him this morning. I told him that if all went well, he would get time with Morgan. He didn’t react. I’m unsure if he understood me. Everyone from the scientists, to the guards, to the staff were feeling the tension. Only fifteen subjects along with Alpha would be going on this mission. Beta, Gamma, Omega, and Sigma were among the fifteen.

I, along with Asim and Donavan, were in the CH-47 with a team of guards, a few scientists, and the subjects. I watched the subjects closely. They were seated across from each other, silently staring at nothing, except for Alpha, his eyes were on me. He watched me as closely as I watched him.

“What do you think he’s thinking?” Asim’s voice came from the headphones over my ears.

I turned to Asim briefly before turning back to Alpha.

“Nothing. They don’t think, Asim.”

At this, Alpha smiled and turned back to the others. He was now copying my mannerisms. For what reason? Maybe he thinks that by imitating me, Morgan will be more willing to mate with him? Maybe he imitates me, because he sees my authority. I have noticed that he’s becoming a lot more human like the more he is around her.

The helicopter started to descend, and I knew we were closing in on the meeting point. It was time to get my game face on.

The moment we stepped out of the air craft, I was met by Scott and a few other important members of the US army. Generals, Marshals, Admirals, and a few Commanders from the three different military branches.

Scott brought a tough crowd.

The men with Scott stared in astonishment as the subjects loaded off the aircraft.

“I hope you are ready to prove your worth,” Scott mumbled towards me before turning back to the others. “Gentlemen, are they not all that I told you they would be?”

“Yes,” an older gray-haired man wearing an army General’s uniform said. “It is one thing to look like a soldier, but another to perform like one, and I am a true believer real soldiers are not made in a lab, but on a field.”

So, I had at least one skeptic.

I smiled before saying, “Then allow me to prove you wrong.” I took a step up and introduced myself. “Gentlemen, I know you are skeptics. I would be too if I weren’t the one who created these magnificent soldiers, but I assure you, they are faster, stronger, and better equipped than any born and bred soldier on your battle fields.”

One of the soldiers standing with the men laughed. I looked to him and narrowed my eyes.

“Do I have a doubter?” I said towards the soldier.

He looked to me and then to his commanding officer. “Permission to speak, sir?”

The officer looked proud of his soldier’s manners. “Of course, Lieutenant.”

The Lieutenant looked back to me. “With all due respect, sir, these… things, have never been on a live battlefield. Everyone is fast and tough when in the safety of a practice facility.” The lieutenant got a few chuckles of agreement.

 “I see, might I see your fire arm for a moment?” the man looked to his commanding officer again. The officer nodded at him. The lieutenant took his firearm from its holster and handed it to me.

“Be careful with that. Those are real bullets,” he said followed by a chorus of laughs.

I took the Beretta from him and opened the detachable box magazine to check the bullets. It was fully loaded. I pushed the box magazine back up into the handle. I took the safety off and aimed directly at Gamma’s forehead and then fired. The bullet hit him square in the center of his head knocking his head back. Everyone was startled.

“What the hell is this, Scott?” one of the Generals said.

“Wait for it,” Scott said, prideful.

 Gamma lifted his head, the smashed bullet is still stuck to his head. They all watched in wonderment as the bullet fell to the ground leaving no wound.

“Unbelievable,” someone behind me said.

I turned towards the Lieutenant and aimed the gun at his forehead. “Now, your turn.” He held up his hands pleading for me to wait and begging me not to shoot.

I laughed as I dropped the Beretta back down. The lieutenant looked up. He was embarrassed and relieved all at the same time. I handed him his gun, and he snatched it out of my hands. Donavan and my armed soldiers chuckled at the man’s expense.

“Gentlemen, shall we get this show on the road?” The men all turned to leave.

Scott stopped in front of me. “This is Captain Willard, he will be commanding officer and in charge of this mission. He will see your boys to the awaiting shuttles to take them to the rendezvous point.”

“Uh, wait!” I said. “Alpha is in charge.”

“Alpha?” Scott questioned.

“Sorry, Subject 0041. He is always in charge. He doesn’t work well under another’s authority. You tell him what you want done, and he guides his team.”

Scott and Willard both chuckled. “Strong, maybe in that little facility you run he is in command, but out here, he will fall in line and follow orders. I trust you will make sure he does what he is told?”

I clenched my hand in tight fists at my side. I didn’t like the threat in his tone. Fuck him and his protocols. Alpha was a better leader than any of these assholes he had out here.

Instead of telling him that, I simply nodded. Soon enough, I would have Scott out of my hair. Maybe I’d put him out of his miserable life once I didn’t need him anymore.

Scott patted my shoulder and walked off. I turned towards Donavan.

“This is not going to go over well,” Donavan admitted.

Not at all, but as always, I come prepared. I walked over to Alpha. The other subjects gathered in with us.

“Ok, men! This is what you were created for. We need to make sure this mission goes well in order to continue with our program. If they shut us down, they will take everything, including the girls. They will probably terminate you all or lock you up forever, so I need your best work out there. If it goes well, you will receive your obsessions as soon as we are back at headquarters. Now, with that being said, this is your leader, Captain Willard. You will follow his instruction.”

The moment I mentioned Captain Willard, the grunting started. The subjects grunted in that weird primate way. My guards lifted their weapons aiming at the subjects. The noise and action got everyone’s attention. Scott and the others had stopped and turned to stare.

“Strong, what the hell is going on?” Scott asked.

I didn’t answer. I kept my eyes on Alpha. He was watching me, his arms crossed over his chest. He was allowing them to get riled up because he didn’t like what I said. He wanted me to acknowledge his control. Fine! I went to my back up plan. Asim handed me the new tablet. I pushed in the code and flipped the tablet around. It took only a second before her voice came through the speaker.

“Alpha!” She purred.

I told Morgan that she would be on standby, and that if she didn’t calm Alpha down when I called that she would pay gravely for it. At this point, she knew I wasn’t bullshitting.

For the first time, a real smile lit up Alpha’s face.

“I miss you,” she told him.

Alpha raised his palm to the screen. I couldn’t see her response, but I heard that fucking giggle that pissed me off.

“Will you be here soon? They said I will get to see you today. I rrrrrrreally want to see you.” That last part was whispered.

I’d had enough. She’d done what I needed her to do. I took the tablet and ended the call. Alpha growled at me. Willard pulled his handgun. Idiot, did he not just see what it did to Gamma?

“That’s your reward, Alpha. Is she worth it?” I challenged him.

Alpha stared back at me unblinking. Finally, he held up his hand, and the grunting stopped. He and I had an understanding.

I turned to Willard. “Put that fucking gun up, before you make him angry.”

Willard paled and slipped his gun back in its holder.

  I walked away followed by Donavan and Asim.

“What the fuck was that?” Scott whispered harshly to me.

“It’s handled. Relax.” I growled towards him.

We were escorted into a rectangular shaped room with a large rectangle table. On top of the table were files of my project and the subjects. There was also some assorted foods and beverages. At one end of the room was a large TV screen. We filed in around the table taking seats. I sat at the end beside Scott who was at the head of the table.

“In under thirty minutes, the subjects will be at the rendezvous point. From there, they will infiltrate the underground lair of the very violent terrorist group in which they will need to rescue the five American hostages they have. We want to bring all hostages out alive and with as few casualties as possible on our side, and if feasible, we want to apprehend one of the terrorists for later questioning.”

The mission sounded easy enough, but even easy missions could go horribly wrong.

I watched the screen nervously. In exactly thirty-five minutes, the screen lit up, and Willard’s face was on the screen.

“Sir, we’re ready and awaiting your command.”

“Good, we will wait until night fall to strike. I want to make sure you have enough reconnaissance. Once we get inside those tunnels, we will be going blind. We don’t have a sure layout of the tunnels.”

“Nightfall?” I questioned.

It’s five hours until the sun goes down.

Scott turned to me. “This mission will take place under full cover of night.”

Asim looked over to me. He was thinking the same thing I was. That’s too long of a wait. The subjects will get antsy. Especially Alpha.

“Scott,” I said his name low enough for only him to hear me. I didn’t get a chance to say anything further before shouts on the screen had me turning towards the TV.

“Willard, what the hell is going on?”

“It’s chaos, sir. Those monsters broke rank. We told them the plan, and they went off on their own.” The screen started to shake as Willard ran through the dessert they were lurking in.

The room was in an uproar.

“This is unspeakable,” the Admiral said. “They cannot be trusted, they’re animals. I knew this wasn’t going to work.”

“Wait!” someone yelled over the noise.

The camera panned to the dead bodies lying at the entrance of the cave. All the dead bodies had one thing in common--they were part of the terrorist army.

“Did they do all this?” some unseen person on the screen asked.

The sound of gunshots were heard through the tunnel. The soldiers on the screen got in position aiming their guns at the entrance of the tunnel. The sounds of gun shots died down slowly until they stopped all together. Everyone on this side of the screen was on their feet staring at the TV on bated breath.  Then it happened, one filthy body came out of the tunnel opening. It was a man. He flinched at the bright sun and hesitantly looked around.

“This way, sir,” Willard said standing to his feet.

Soon after, three other battered bodies came out of the tunnel. Then my subjects filed out. They were littered with gunshot holes in their clothing. The hostages rushed to them instantly, thanking them profusely. I searched my subjects, waiting for the one face I needed to see.

He appeared.

It looked as if he took most of the attack.  He looked worse than the others. He walked out carrying one of the terrorists. He tossed the crying man at the feet of Willard.

The room I was in went up in cheers. They were all impressed. All of them asked when I could have the subjects ready for real combat use. I heard Scott explaining the breeding process, but I blocked it all out. My eyes were on Alpha. He stared at Willard before storming over to him. He snatched the camera out of Willard’s hand. Willard tried to protest, but was laid out cold after one solid punch from Alpha.

Those silver eyes looked into the camera, and I knew what he was looking for. He was talking to me, directly to me, and it was as if I could hear his deep voice in my head; he had only one command. “Morgan.” Alpha tossed the camera to the ground, and the screen went black.

“He didn’t follow command,” Scott mumbles towards me.

I cut my eyes to him. Already the tables were starting to turn. With all these commanding officers backing me, I didn’t need Scott anymore. Not really.

I glared at him as I said, “He got the fucking job done in less time and more efficiently than any of your men could. He doesn’t need to follow your commands. He follows mine.”

I turned from him and walked away.

“Doctor.” The Marshal stopped me at the door. “This second phase, how soon can you have a healthy offspring?”

I looked at the blank screen and smiled before I turned back to the Marshal.

“Give or take nine months.”

The Marshal nodded his head. “You present to me an actual offspring, I can make all your dreams come true.” The other commanders in the room nodded their head in agreement.

Finally, I was going to get the recognition that I deserved.

I nodded and turned around heading back out of the room.

“I want Morgan prepped and ready for the breeding room as soon as we get back. It’s time we got back to the program.”

“Finally,” Asim mumbled.

I let it slide.


I did another round of pacing the floor. I was back in my silk red robe, but this time, I wasn’t scared. I just wanted to see him. I’ve never wanted to see someone so bad in all my life. It felt like a lifetime since I’d last seen those silver eyes. Those five days were hell for me. I almost came close to begging Dr. Strong to come and take the ache away, but even the thought of it made me disgusted. When my body finally started to come down off that horrible feeling, my mind finally cleared from the pain, and all I could think about was Alpha. Seeing him again, even on that small tablet was amazing. I don’t even care that I’m in the breeding room. I know what is expected of me. It terrifies me, not because it’s with Alpha, but because I’m just not good at sex. What if it’s so bad Alpha hates it and doesn’t want me anymore? Jesus, I would hate to find out what Dr. Strong does with me when I am no longer desired by Alpha.  I shuddered at the thought.

The sound of the locks disengaging had me swinging towards the door. The moment he walked in, I ran to him. I didn’t think of my proper etiquette lessons, or that anyone was watching us. I didn’t even care that he was completely naked. All I could think about was being in his arms.

Alpha opened his arms when I approached, and I leapt into him, wrapping my arms and legs around him. I buried my face in the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms around my back clutching me to him.

I couldn’t help the happy tears that fell.

“I missed you so much. I thought IIIII’d never see you again,” I admitted my biggest fear.

I just knew that Dr. Strong had gotten fed up enough that he would finally keep me away from Alpha.

“Don’t cry.” That deep gravelly voice spoke in my ear. “I will always make a way.”

His words relieved my fears. I believed him, I truly believed that Alpha would always make a way to get to me.

I know why I’m in this room and why they put me back in this silk robe. Although, I’ve never initiated sex with Trevor, and I am terrified to experience it with Alpha, my lips still found his. This time, I wasn’t hesitant or afraid. I kissed him like not kissing him would be my demise.

Alpha’s hands on my thighs grew tighter as my tongue continued to dance with his. He growled then pulled me closer to him. My warm, wet heat pressed right against his navel. There would be no need for KY Jelly this time.  I felt us moving, and I could only imagine that he was leading me towards the bed. Suddenly, I was gently falling backwards, and then my back hit the soft, plush mattress. My legs fell away from Alpha’s back. They widened, allowing his bulky body more room. Alpha leaned up, pulling away from my swollen lips. Those silver eyes stared down at me making me feel beautiful. With one hand, he pulled at the tie to my robe taking the loose knot out. He then pushed the silk fabric away from my body revealing my nakedness underneath. His eyes dropped from my face to admire my hardened nipples and heavy breasts. His free hand came up slowly, his callous palm swallowing my entire breast. He took his time stroking my chocolate nipple and gently squeezing the sensitive flesh. Once he lavished the right breast in attention, he moved on to the left, but instead of exploring it with his hands, his hot, wet mouth latched onto the puckered tip, and it was nearly my undoing.

“Alpha,” I moaned his name.

His tongue glided around one nipple while his fingers pinched and tugged on the other. I’ve never been so worked up. I moaned and squirmed underneath him. Alpha popped my breasts out of his mouth with a loud smack. He trailed wet kisses down the center of my chest to my navel then down to my pelvis bone. He stopped there. For a moment, I was confused. Why did he stop? His silver eyes looked up at me as he placed a hand over my pelvis and shocked me. I felt the sharp pain in my uterus. It hurt for only a second before Alpha was kissing his way lower.

It goes without saying that Trevor has never gone down on me. I don’t think he even knows how to do it. He was always quick to force my face down onto his dick, but never once thought of repaying the favor. Alpha didn’t take his time, he didn’t do any slow kiss around my thighs or caressing my folds like I’d read about in books. Instead, he went straight for his prize. He buried his face between my thighs and devoured me. His tongue lapped at my center. He took turns sucking my pussy lips into his mouth and inserting his tongue into my center. He then circled my clitoris with his magic tongue, going back and forth, up and down, and around and around. With each feverish lap over my engorged clit, I became more and more turned on. My moans were so loud they wouldn’t even need the microphones in here to hear me. I didn’t care that they were watching. My mind couldn’t function on anything other than Alpha’s tongue. I worked my hips against his mouth. He grabbed my thighs opening my legs wider and sucked my throbbing bud hard. I lost it! I screamed as what I think was an orgasm shot through my body. I’d never had one before, but I couldn’t imagine it got better than this. Alpha didn’t stop there. His tongue began that crazy rotation again, and I had another orgasm crashing down on me.

Finally, he withdrew, placing wet kisses up to my chest. Electricity from my orgasm still zinged through my body causing my limbs to continue to shake. He kissed me again in that feverish way that had me gripping the sheets. Twirling that magical tongue into my mouth, I tasted my twangy nectar. I was lost in the kiss until I felt the head of his erection at my entrance. My body stiffened as I prepared for the pain I knew was to come. Alpha sensed my change; he stopped kissing me, and those breathtaking eyes looked down at me. He didn’t have to say anything. I read his question as if he spoke it in my head. “What’s wrong?”

I looked away from him, embarrassed by my next words.

“I’m not vvvvvvvvery good at this. My hhhhhhhhhusband was never gentle, and I’ve only known him.”

Alpha used my chin to turn my head back to him. He gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“You will be my first. I will be gentle.”

Hold on, is he saying he’s never had sex before? No way!

“Alpha, wait…..” He cut off my words with a scorching kiss that had me moaning into his mouth.

Then I felt it, the large head of his cock pushing through my lower lips. There was no pain like with Trevor, just the feeling of being stretched beyond belief.

I gasped into his mouth as he slid further inside me. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. Alpha’s head dropped to my shoulder as he moved further into me. It was a tight fit. Trevor was big, but nowhere near Alpha’s girth or length. No matter how wet I was, there was no easy entrance for Alpha’s size. When I felt that he had reached as far as he could possibly go, he pushed in further.

“Alpha!” I cried out his name. My short nails dug into his biceps.

He moved his hips, pulling out and pushing back in. It felt incredible. The perfect amount of pain mixed with pleasure. I lifted my legs, bending them at his waist. This opened me up, and he sank in further. I cried out at the sharp bite of pain.

Alpha locked his lips on mine and moved deliciously slow inside me. Before long, I was moving with him, giving when he was taking and taking when he gave. The sound of my moans echoed around the room. My body was covered in a light sheen of sweat.

“You feel so good, Alpha. Please don’t stop.” I wish he would never end this feeling. I could float on this euphoria for the rest of my life. Alpha stared down in my eyes, that silver glow was back in his eyes. I didn’t turn away from it. I’d never felt this type of connection before. There was something about looking at him eye to eye, while we moved our bodies together that had me feeling so vulnerable. Those foreign words were on the tip of my tongue. Were they real? Could I truly be in love with Alpha? I’d only known him for a short time, but the words burned my chest with the urgency to leave my mouth. I fought them. I held them in because I couldn’t dare risk saying them and scaring him away. Instead, I allowed my eyes and my body joining with his to tell him how I felt.

I started to feel the slow rise of another orgasm coming. He must have felt it too. He lifted my right leg higher, placing it over his shoulder. He sunk so deep in me, I swear I felt it in the pit of my stomach. He picked up his pace, his hips rocking faster into me. He hit my spot with every inward motion.

“Yes, Alpha. Yes! Right there, don’t stop.” I encouraged him, yet he didn’t need my encouragement. This may have been Alpha’s first time, but he knew exactly what he was doing.

Then it happened, my body shot off like a rocket. I screamed my release as my body sang in pleasure. Alpha didn’t stop. He continued his rapid pace as my body convulsed around him.

“Will you take all of me, Morgan?” His words were growled out in my ear.

Jesus, I didn’t think I could take anymore of Alpha. He was already so deep inside me, but I would never turn him away.

“Yes, Alpha! YEEEEESSSSS!” I shouted.

He growled as he flooded my pussy with his hot semen. I was used to that. Trevor often came inside me, but what I wasn’t used to, was how well I could feel his semen swimming. It was like I could feel their journey from my center, past my cervix and into my uterus. Then the oddest thing happened, the hot semen turned cool, and a warmth spread throughout all of my limbs. It was such a comforting feeling that all I wanted to do was ball up and go to sleep.

Alpha pulled out of me, rolled on his back, and flipped me over on top of him.

“Rest,” he demanded. “It is done.” His gravelly voice easily pulled me into an exhausted slumber. I lay my head on his chest and went straight to sleep.



I don’t know why I allowed her to play these games with me.

I demanded everyone leave the room for Alpha and Morgan’s first mating. I wanted no distractions while I studied them. She knew it would just be me in here. Her cries of pleasure and looks of ecstasy was another one of her attempts to make me jealous. Her constant need to get my attention was unsettling. A lesser man would fall for her quiet beauty and temptress charms. However, I wouldn’t be lured into her web of desire. I finally had the attention and funding I needed to make my dreams a reality. Once I had a successful birth, I would have all the recognition I needed to be remembered as the greatest scientist ever.

I admit, I almost caved. When she admitted to Alpha that she wasn’t very experienced, I almost pulled her out of there. Thankfully, I realized it was just her attempt to make me call the mating off. A few times, I was even tempted to trigger the device inside her uterus like last time. I looked down at the small remote I’d been holding inside my hand for the last forty minutes. I placed it back inside my coat pocket.  I have goals. I was close to exceeding everyone’s expectations. I wouldn’t allow her desires for me to set me off course.

I closed my eyes, and the image of Morgan coming to an orgasm flooded my thoughts.

The door to the room I was in opened, and Asim walked in. I remained seated.

“The doctors are trying to connect to Morgan’s birthing assistance device, but they’re having trouble. They think something has happened to it. They can’t determine if he ejaculated.”

“He ejaculated,” I said as I watched Alpha rub small circles on her back. She was sound asleep on his chest.

“How do you know?”

“Because I do,” I said.

I kept to myself the fact that I know Alpha ejaculated because there was no damn way he couldn’t. He was tangled in her deceptive web, caught up in her seductive dance. He had no idea that she made love to him only to get my attention.

Asim sighed. “Maybe so, but that still doesn’t help us fix the issue of her device being offline, and inserting another one now could be too risky for the possible pregnancy.”

It was those words that forced my eyes to turn to something other than her naked body. Morgan might be pregnant. This was always the goal, but hearing it now had my head spinning and my pulse racing. What if she was pregnant by him? The only reason I was so pissed at the idea was because they may start to bond. Alpha wasn’t as strong minded as I am, he would allow Morgan to manipulate him into believing she really cared for him. However, I couldn’t be too quick to act. That always backfired. Alpha saw me as a threat to him and Morgan’s relationship, and Morgan was still distrustful of me because of her relationship with her husband. I had to be smart about my next move. If I pulled them away from each other now, they would view me as the bad guy, and it would only strengthen their bond. I needed to show Morgan that Alpha was just an animal and was no different than her husband. Allowing them to mate had made him look even more human to her. I needed her to realize that he was no substitution for me. I must show Alpha that Morgan was only using him to make me jealous. It was time I proved to them both that I was the superior one in this equation. I’d allowed them small victories in order for me to win the overall war.  No more.

“Asim, I want you to stop all Morgan’s dosages of the ovulation stimulant.”

“Wait, What! Why?”

I closed my eyes to calm my anger. Where the fuck does he get off questioning the decisions I make? I run this show. I took a breath and tried to look at it from Asim’s point of view. For so long, this has been our main goal, but I know something that he doesn’t. Like always, I see things others do not understand.

“Look,” I said, pointing to the view of the two of them lying on the bed. She was still asleep on top of him. Alpha was holding her protectively still stroking her sweat soaked back.

“Watch the way he touches her, how he protectively angles her so that we see very little of her body.”

We don’t supply blankets in the mating room. If not for Alpha lying her on his chest, her body would be exposed to the cameras. I don’t know if he purposely moved her on top of him to protect her or if he did it because he wanted to feel her warmth.

Asim studied the scene in front of him for a moment.

“You forget that Morgan is still his obsession. He will not share her. Not with us, or a baby. He will consider the fetus a threat.”

Asim turned to me; I could see the doubt in his eyes. “Sir, even wild animals are protective of their young. Don’t you think he would sense the infant being his?”

I shook my head.

“You are confusing these subjects with nature. You cannot compare him to animals. Animals have had millions of years to evolve and advance. Alpha has had five. Plus, we still do not fully understand the alien DNA they extracted from that meteor.”

Asim turned back to the glass; he still wasn’t understanding. Sometimes, it was hard working with people that didn’t share your brilliance.

“We both know that Alpha doesn’t think rationally.”

Asim looked back to me still in doubt.

“Consider this,” I said grabbing his attention. “If Morgan had to choose between Alpha and her unborn child, who do you think she would choose?”

Asim turned back to the couple lying on the bed together.

“The child,” he admitted when he turned back to me.

“Exactly! And just as you and I know this, Alpha’s primitive mind would know it too.”

Asim watched me for only a second before he nodded and jotted something down on his tablet.

Now that I finally had Asim on the same mind set, I continued with my plans. “In the morning, I want you to give her the morning after pill, then start her on a high dose daily birth control.”

“Yes sir!” I could still hear some of the doubt in Asim’s tone. If I didn’t know him well, I would think that he meant to defy me, but Asim knew better. I stood from my seat at the table, finally able to gather myself. I spared one last look into the room where the two of them lie together in post-coital bliss. I turned my head in disgust.

“Give them another hour, then separate them. When you take her from the room, I want you to place her with the other breeders. Place her on the same schedule as the other girls.

“Will she continue the breeding process?”

He was watching me cautiously. He thinks I have an ulterior motive for my decision. I do, but he doesn’t need to know that. I’m just trying to save us all from future problems. No matter what happens, Morgan and Alpha cannot become close.

“Give her the regular two weeks with him. She will be allowed to see Alpha once a day.”

I left Asim in the room to follow out my plans. I needed time away from Morgan. Her desire for me was starting to disrupt my work. By giving her time without me, she would more quickly realize the error of her ways.


I was having the best dream ever. I was living on a farm with Alpha. In my dream, I tasted the warm spring air. I felt the breeze against my skin and smelled the fresh cut grass. We were lying in a large grass field, our children were laughing and running around us. I had never felt so content and happy in my life. It was the best dream I’d ever had.

“Morgan!” My dream Alpha was calling my name, but I couldn’t answer him.

I felt kisses on my face and a warm caress on my back.

“Morgan, wake up.” The voice came again.

This time, dream Alpha faded away, and I realized it was the real Alpha that was waking me. My eyes slowly opened, and I took in Alpha’s face. He looked just as amazing as I remembered.  He greeted me with a dazzling smile and then a heated kiss on the lips that had me moaning and ready to have him again. Alpha grunted but pulled back from me. We were laying on our sides facing each other with me wrapped tightly in his arms.

“We must not. They will come for you soon.” He nodded towards the door, and I frowned.

I didn’t want to leave him. I wanted to stay in his arms forever. I even told him this.

“Don’t make me go back. I want to stay with you.”

Alpha closed his eyes for a brief second and then looked back at me. Those silver eyes said more than his mouth ever could. I think this was just as hard for him as it is for me.

“I wish you could,” he admitted.

I didn’t argue or complain, I knew that Alpha was just as much a prisoner in this place as I was. Especially with that device that Dr. Strong called "The Boss”. Even if Alpha did survive the tranquilizers and the special made bullets, I don’t think he would be able to overcome that kill switch, so instead of letting the tears fall, I sucked them up. Our time would come. When I get out of here, I’m determined to take Alpha with me.

I leaned forward and kissed him again, my mouth opened the moment his tongue brushed against my lips. Alpha deepened the kiss, his fingers gripping the back of my neck. I leaned up on my elbow and placed my hand on his jaw, not once releasing his lips. He rolled over on his back and pulled me on top of him. My heat cradled his swollen erection. I grounded down on top of him, and he threw his head back and moaned. There was nothing like the pride I felt knowing that I was bringing him pleasure. I continued to roll my hips allowing my slick opening to glide over his shaft. I felt like fire was running through my veins. I wanted Alpha so bad I couldn’t think straight.

“I need you,” I moaned as I again rocked my hips allowing his engorged cock to brush against my sensitive clit.

 Alpha sat up wrapping one hand around my back. He wrapped his hot mouth around my erect nipple and twirled his tongue around the sensitive tip. I moaned and tossed my head back. He lifted me slightly and lined his cock up to my opening. I slowly started to slide down the thick length, when suddenly, a loud rumbling came from my belly. I’ve had my stomach growl before, but never like this. It even made my belly flutter. Alpha stopped and looked down at my stomach, a wide smile broke over his face. He nodded his head and looked up at me.

“He’s hungry.”

I laughed at him calling my growling belly a he.

“I’ve been hhhhhhhungry before, my stomach can wait.”

I leaned down to kiss him again, my tongue rolling over his, then another loud grumble from my stomach accompanied by the little flutter. This time Alpha laughed out loud. For a moment, I was stunned by how handsome he looked. I’d seen him smile, but watching him laugh was amazing. Never did I think I would be sharing a moment like this with a man like Alpha.

He looked down at my gurgling belly. “Impatient,” he teased.

Alpha lifted me up and climbed off the bed. He went to the mirror and knocked three times. He came back to the bed and stood me to my feet.

“Promise me you will eat,” he demanded, placing a kiss on my forehead.

At this point, I'd promise him anything.


He smiled, bent down and grabbed my robe off the bed then placed it around me. The moment he tied the sash, the door opened up, and Asim and seven guards dressed in green fatigues walked in. Alpha gave me another kiss that made me want to snatch this robe off and climb back in the bed with him. Too soon, he let me go, and I walked to Asim while the guards surrounded Alpha. I was about to tell them not to hurt him, but Alpha smiled and nodded, telling me to go. I allowed Asim to escort me out of the room.


We didn’t take the usual route that led back to my room, and thankfully, we didn’t head in the direction of Dr. Strong’s private quarters. We were going a different way. Before I could build up the courage to ask, my question was answered when we walked through double doors that read “Private Sector”. The moment the doors opened, I realized this was where the breeders were being held. Tons of women in blue jumpsuits filled the hallways. It reminded me of my college dorms. Guards dressed in green fatigues stood at the ends of the hallways and in clusters in front of doors. Their watchful eyes always on the women. Asim walked us through the crowded hallways. Eyes turned to us out of curiosity and interest. I ignored the judgmental stares of the females and the inappropriate gazes of the males.

Asim took a right at the end of the hallway, and soon, another set of double doors came into view. He stopped us before we reached the doors and turned to look at me. His dark brown eyes seemed to study me.

“May I ask you a hypothetical question?”

I was a little taken off guard by this. He never really spoke to me. It was only when Strong demanded him to do a task that he ever acknowledged me, but I could tell this wasn’t a request of Dr. Strong.


Asim looked to his left and then back to me.

“If you had to decide between Alpha and your child, who would you choose?”

I know how babies are made. I know that by having unprotected sex and allowing Alpha to ejaculate inside me could definitely cause pregnancy. However, even Dr. Strong spoke on how unsuccessful they had been in having a successful pregnancy. I’m not so naïve that I would believe that I was going to be special and carry the first child. I’m not even sure I would want to. The thought of having a child excited me, the thought of having Alpha’s child was the greatest thing I could think of, but knowing that any child I brought into this situation would be taken from me and caged just like its mother and father, made me angry. I hope that this part of the project continued to remain a failure and no children were born into this mess, but I still offered Asim my honest answer.

“I would choose my child.”

Asim looked disappointed at my response, I didn’t care or want to know why my decision to save my child would disappoint him.

“What wwwwwould you do?” I turned the question back on him. “If your wife or girlfriend were with child or had a baby, and she had to choose between the two of you. Who would you want her to choose?”

He looked confused for only a moment before he shook his head. “That is different. You are asking me, a human, what I would choose. Of course, I would want her to choose our child, but Alpha is not…”

“Says who? You? Dr. Strong?” I didn’t wait for him to answer because I didn’t care about his reply. “I think everyone’s first problem is in thinking they’re different or better than Alpha. I don’t care what genes Dr. Strong cooked up in that lab, Alpha is still just as much of a man as anyone here. He has shown more kindness and humility than all of you combined. You didn’t have to ask what I would do, Asim, you just needed to think about what you would do.”

I left Asim standing in his spot as I walked past him to the new set of double doors. These doors had gun toting guards in front of them. Asim came up behind me, but he didn’t speak to me again. One of the guards nod at Asim before turning to the panel on the door and punching in a code. The doors swish open, and although the hall way is the same as the one we just passed, this one is noticeably quieter. There are no women walking amongst the halls chatting and laughing. There are even fewer guards walking up and down the hallway. Their boots making clicking sounds against the linoleum is the only noise you hear. Asim leads me down the hall and stops in front of one of the doors. One of the guards appear and uses a key to unlike the door. The room is dimly lit and much smaller than the single room I was in. There is a bunk bed and a large green footlocker at the foot of the bed. In the corner, huddled in a tight ball, is an unmistakable female shape.

I recognized her right away.


Ashley looked up from her spot in the corner, she looked at me with those almond shaped light brown eyes and sprung to her feet. She rushed into me, wrapping her arms around me in a tight squeeze. I tried to ignore the dark bruise on her cheek and the fact that I could feel her ribs poking me.

Ashley let me go and tears tracked down her face.

“What have they done to you?” She asked the question that I wanted to ask her.

Admittedly, I’d been through hell, but I’d also had a little leniency because despite how insane Dr. Strong was, he’d needed me. I couldn’t imagine what Ashley had been subjected to.

“I’m fffffffine. Don’t worry about me. Have yyyyou been eating?”

Ashley lowered her head and shook it. Didn’t look like she’d eaten in a while.

I turned to Asim. “Can you please bring ffffffffood for Ashley and myssssssself.”

Asim looked at me for a moment. He didn’t respond at first, initially I thought he was going to say no. He didn’t seem like the type to do anything without direct orders from Dr. Strong, but he surprised me by replying. “Yes!”

He started tapping away on that tablet that I don’t think I’d ever seen him without.

“Can you make sure that you bring it in?” Her voice was quiet as she spoke with her head down.

Asim and I both turned towards her. The guard behind us chuckled and I watched as the effect made Ashley tense up.

“I’ll see what I can……” Asim was cut off by the loud noise coming from out in the hallway.

It sounded like yelling and running. We all rushed out of the room to see what the commotion was. Headed straight for us, was the large brown skinned super soldier along with the green eyed one they called Gamma.

I heard Asim shouting into his walkie talkie, he’s calling for back-up. When he realized that back up wouldn’t get here fast enough, he stumbled on his feet trying to back away. Asim hit the wall behind me then took off in the opposite direction of the hall leaving Ashley and I there with only the three guards.

“Who are they?” Ashley asked behind me.

It seemed seeing the super soldiers for the first time had the same effect on Ashley that it did on me. There was no denying how beautiful they were.

The two super soldiers stood in front of me. We were all surrounded by the guards, their shaking guns aimed at the two men in front of me.  Both men dropped to one knee and lowered their heads. Everyone looked on in confusion. I had no idea what was going on. They were acting like I was some kind of royalty or something. Then it dawned on me, the last time I was in a room with these men, the brown skinned one told me that he was a friend of Alpha’s and that I did not have to worry.

“Ddddddid Alpha send you?” I asked.

Brown skin looked up at me and smiled. They both stood to their feet and for the first time I noticed the large white sacks over their shoulders. Gamma offered me his bag, I took it and looked inside. I immediately started to laugh. There was so much food inside the bag that I couldn’t even see the bottom. Bags of chips, fruit, donuts, snack pies, and I even think I saw a few water bottles among the pile. It’s like they raided the pantry.

I handed the bag over to Ashley and she peeked inside then squealed in delight. Without waiting, she reached into the bag to grab a pack of Oreo cookies. She peeled the wrapper off and put two cookies in her mouth at one time. She moaned around the cookies and again I reminded myself to ask her questions about her eating habits. I turned back to the two soldiers standing in front of me. Only this time, only one of them had their eyes on me.  A pair of green eyes stared at Ashley. Gamma watched her the way Ashley was looking at the third Oreo she’d just stuffed in her mouth. Or, the way Alpha looked at me.

“What’s yyyyyour name?” I asked brown skin when he handed me his sack.

However, without answering me, his name just popped into my head. It just appeared out of nowhere. Brown skin was named Beta.

“Nice to meet you, Beta.” I said holding out my hand towards him. Beta looked at my hand and then back up to me. He looked completely confused.

“You just shake.” Ashley said around a mouth full of Oreos. “Like this.” She turned to me and awkwardly shook my hand while still holding onto the white sack and another pack of Oreos in the other hand.

Both soldiers looked to each other and then held out their hand tentatively. I shook Beta’s first.

“Nice to formerly meet you, Beta.” I turned and shook Gamma’s hand. “You too, Gamma.” Gamma nodded at me and then quickly turned those sea green eyes back to Ashley.

“Can you tell Alpha I said Thank……”

The doors burst open again and this time thirty or more guards rushed through the door with their guns aimed at Beta and Gamma. At the sight of all the guards, Ashley tensed. Her second pack of Oreos forgotten as she cowered behind me.

Beta and Gamma turned towards the guards. I couldn’t tell if they were ready for battle or not. Their stance seemed somewhere in the middle of causal and defensive. The guards separated, and standing in front of them now was Dr. Strong. I hated that my body reacted to him. Fear coated me and the urge to cower made me shake. I hope to God that he wasn’t here to take me back to his quarters.

“Beta, Gamma, you know you aren’t allowed back here. This section of the facility is off limits to you.” Dr. Strong said.

He kept his eyes on the super soldiers, not once glancing at me. Thank God for small miracles.

Neither Beta nor Gamma responded. Not that I was expecting them to. I didn’t think any of the super soldiers really talked. Even Dr. Strong seemed surprised to hear Alpha speak to me that day in the breeding room.

“You need to leave peacefully, or we will force you to leave.”

Gamma took a step towards Dr. Strong with a snarl, but Beta placed a hand on Gamma’s shoulder to calm him. Beta held up his hands like he was surrendering. The guards started to converge on the super soldiers and Ashley squealed beside me in fear. Beta and Gamma turned to look at the startled skinny girl beside me, they both turned back to the guards and Gamma let out a growl that could have rivaled Alpha’s. The guards stopped moving and again aimed their weapons. Beta turned to me and nodded his head towards the open door of my new room. Just like before when their names popped in my head, the words; “Take her inside” appeared out of the blue. I grabbed the white bag full of food at my feet, then lead Ashley back into the safety of our room. The intensity of his stare was what made me turn to look at him. I briefly caught the menacing eyes of Dr. Strong. He looked angry, almost like a scorned lover. I turned away from him and closed the door to our bedroom sealing the super soldiers and Dr. Strong outside. I listened to the sound of Beta and Gamma being escorted out of the hallway. I sighed in relief when the hall grew quiet again.

“They aren’t monsters.” Ashley whispered.

She sat on the bottom bunk, her head down and the white bag between her knees. She looked even tinier now. Her light brown almond shaped eyes turned to me.

“The guards…..” She shivered when she mentioned the guards. “They told us that they were monsters. They said that the test subjects were aliens and that they would rape us and beat us. But, they don’t look like monsters.”

“No, Ashley. They aren’t monsters.” I explained sitting down beside her.

“The real monsters are the guards.” She whispered this information like she was afraid that they would hear her from outside the room.

“Wwwwwwhat have they ddddone to you.” Her eyes filled with tears as she glanced up at me. “You don’t want to know." She looked back down at her feet. “Some girls have had it worse than me. They’ve only recently started to mess with me. It’s harder for us captured girls.”

“Captured girls?” I had no idea what she was talking about. Weren’t we all captured?

“Didn’t you see the difference when they brought you down the first hallway?”

I nodded.

“Those are the volunteer girls. They signed up for this assignment. After they are cleared in two years, they walk away from this with thousands of dollars. The guards treat them like queens, while we are starved if we don’t comply with their sexual advances.”

It broke my heart to know that she’d been going through this. I’d been through hell here myself, but at least I had someone on my side. Alpha had been my biggest supporter since the first day he came to my rescue on that terminal. I’d had at least one person in my corner, but Ashley had been alone. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards me.

“Don’t worry. I’m hhhhhhhere now.”


That first night in my new room, Ashley and I stayed up most of the night talking about our lives. I found out that Ashley is twenty-two and a recent Julliard graduate. She was supposed to travel to Europe in a few months to audition for one of their ballet companies. I also found out that after her mother died when she was eleven, she moved in with her father, step-mother and half-sister. Ashley says that her step-mother was never kind to her and often times downright cruel. Recently, her father found out that his wife had been unfaithful to him and that her half-sister wasn’t his biological child. Her father filed for divorce and apparently might have had the step-sister written out of his will leaving everything to Ashley. Not long after this information was discovered, Ashley was abducted.

It’d been two weeks since that first night in my new room. I’d been able to meet a few of the other girls that had been captured with us. They were all nice girls and seemed to have similar stories to tell about the disgusting guards in this place.

As usual, our door opened at 2 in the afternoon. That was our breeding time. Today was Ashley’s first day going to the breeding room. Apparently, since we’ve arrived, breeding had been scarce. Ashley said a few times it stopped all together. However, today a new group of girls were being selected for breeding. When the guard came into the room I was already on my feet. I was excited to see Alpha again. We’d been together every day since that first time. I’d never been so sexually satisfied. It was like I couldn’t get enough. No matter how many times Alpha and I made love, I still wanted more. It always ended with my stomach growling and Alpha tapping the glass window telling me to go eat. Was it common to always be hungry after sex? I would ask Ashley, but she was still a virgin.

Two guards in their familiar green fatigues walked in along with one of the scientist. I hadn’t seen Dr. Strong since the encounter with Beta and Gamma. Asim came in every morning to administer my new drugs and shot. That first day he seemed nervous to give me my new daily dosage. Twice he seemed to change his mind and placed the syringe back in his pocket, but he ended up giving me the new round of vitamins.

The man in the white coat looked over his tablet.

“Ashley King.”

Ashley stood to her feet. She was nervous. I told her not to be and to tell the super soldier she was paired with that it was her first time. I also told her about my first experience with Alpha and how wonderful it was, unlike my first time with Trevor. I knew Ashley would be alright. Once Ashley made her way over to the scientist and the guard, they turned to leave. I rushed towards them.

“Wwwwait!” They turned back to look at me. “I’m supposed to come. I should be seeing Alpha.”

The three men looked at each other and then laughed.

“You’re not on the list today, Princess.” The guard with the five o’clock shadow mocked me. They turned to leave but I again stopped them.

I knew they were wrong.

“Cccccccall Dr. Strong. He wwwwwwill tell you that I am supposed to go see Alpha.”

The scientist looked at the guards and rolled his eyes.

“All of our information comes from Dr. Strong. If your name isn’t on the list, it’s because he didn’t want it there. Now sit your ass down.”

I ran to stand in front of them, blocking the door so they couldn’t leave.

“Take me to Alpha.” I demanded.

The guard with the five o’clock shadow shoved me out of the way and I slammed into the wall before hitting the floor.

“You thought you were special because that freak gave you a little dick?” Once again the scientist mocked me. “Your two weeks with him is up, and now he’s moving on to fresh meat. That’s how the program works, retard.” All three men chuckled as they escort Ashley out.

“Stupid bitch thought she was special.” One of the guards said before they exited the room.

I fought the tears that threatened to fall. I know Alpha. Soon I would hear the sound of his angry roar as he came for me. He wouldn’t allow me to be apart from him. He would look for me. I knew he would .


Hours passed before the door to our room opened. Ashley walked in with a smile on her face. As soon as the door shut she started talking.

“Oh my goodness, Morgan. It was everything you said it would be. They placed me with Gamma. He’s so sweet and gentle and he talked to me. He told me he wouldn’t hurt me. It only hurt a little when he shocked me and then when he first entered me, but that was it.”

I tried to be happy for Ashley. I promise I was very happy for her. Everyone’s first time should be special. It’s just hard to focus on her happiness when I was now realizing breeding was over, and I didn’t see Alpha. I kept telling myself that he must had been locked down in his isolation cell because he refused to mate with anyone else, or maybe he didn’t get placed in a room at all. I gave myself many reasons as to why he didn’t come for me. I was willing to believe anything other than what my head wanted me to believe. He didn’t come because I was no longer what he wanted. The voice of doubt that was nourished by my parents told me that Alpha was just like Trevor. In the beginning, Trevor was attentive. He gave me all his attention and seemed to love me, then it all changed after we were married. Maybe I was the problem.

For the rest of the day, that’s all I could think about. Even now as I laid in my small bunk bed, I continued to second guess myself. It was only because I was wide awoke that I heard the locks on our door disengage. I sat up in bed, my heart pounded. This was probably Alpha finally coming to me. For just a split second I shook with excitement. My feet hit the floor to run to him, but then I saw them. Three guards still in their green fatigues entered the room. I’d seen all of them outside our bedroom door. They’re part of the guards that walked our halls.

“Wwwwwwwwhat are you ddddddddoing in here?” I asked as I got to my feet.

The blonde guy with the blue eyes shoved me back down on the bed.

“Sit your ass down. No one’s here for you, retard.”

The biggest guy with the brown hair and wide nose went to the top bunk and yanked Ashley out of her bed. She screamed and I started to fight my way towards her. The blonde guy punched me hard in the face making me nearly black out. I crumbled to the floor. My eye swole instantly. Ashley’s screams kept me from allowing the pain to take me under. I heard the sound of clothes ripping and I wanted to puke. They were going to rape her.

“Yyyyyyyou can’t. She’s mating. I’ll tttttttttell Dr. Strong.”

I knew that Dr. Strong would be pissed if these soldiers were to jeopardize his experiment by contaminating Ashley.

Blonde chuckled as he dropped his pants.

“Long as we don’t touch her little pussy, no one cares.”

The other two laughed and I was completely confused at what the hell he was talking about. If he wasn’t going to have sex with her, why do all this. Then I watched in horror as the big brown haired man spit in his massive hand before rubbing it on his cock. While the third guy held Ashley down on her stomach, big guy shoved his penis into Ashley’s butt. She screamed and I cried out for her. I fought, trying to save her. The blonde guy tackled me to the floor and pinned my arm behind my back painfully. He smashed my face into the cold concrete floor.

For longer than I wanted to recall, I watched as all three men took turns raping Ashley. It was disgusting and brutal. I would forever be scarred from watching it. Her screams of pain was enough to haunt me for a lifetime. The sound of their pleasured grunts and moans mixed in with her tears would forever be burned into my memory. I could only imagine what she was feeling.

When they finally pulled their pants up, laughing at the whimpering girl on the floor, and walked out of the room, I crawled to Ashley. She flinched when I first touched her. I didn’t blame her. I imagine she didn’t want to be touched at the moment.

“Aaaaaaaashley, it’s mmmmmme.” My tears made my words unclear.

“Morgan?” She cried out. “Why did they do this? It hurts so bad, Morgan.” She let out a loud sob that had her body shaking.

I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her into me. I cradled her shaking body as she sobbed into my chest.

For most of the night I sat on the floor holding Ashley as she cried into my arms. Neither of us fell back to sleep. I didn’t think I’d ever sleep again. It wasn’t until hours later that Ashley had calmed down enough to talk to me. Her head was in my lap as I rubbed her scalp the way Alpha did mine.

“I should have just given in.” her soft voice spoke.

“What? Dddddddon’t say that. You shouldn’t…..”

Ashley sat up, her light brown eyes glanced down at the floor between us. Her eyes were red and puffy.

“They use to come to the room and tell me how bad the super soldiers were. The things they said those soldiers would do was terrifying. But the guards said that if we would do certain things to them, they would protect us.” Her eyes finally looked to me. “I wouldn’t do it. I didn’t trust the guards, but they wouldn’t touch me because I had a red seal.”

“Wwwwhat’s a red seal?”

“The color of your file. It’s to let the Doctors here know that I was a virgin and should be specially bred. It’s why I haven’t been sent to the breeding rooms before today. The guards knew I was off limits until my seal was broken. That didn’t stop them from mistreating me. When I turned down their offer for help, they started to mess with me. They would bring me food that they had urinated in. I was so paranoid, I stop eating all together. They would come to my door at night and beat on it just to torture me. They have made my life here a living hell.”

That explained how much weight Ashley had lost when I saw her, and it also explained why she was cowering in that corner when I first walked into the room. I again reflected on my hellish time here. Even as I sat in that ice cold room freezing, I had thoughts of Alpha to keep me sane. Ashley had faced all her hardships on her own. Well, now Ashley had someone on her side. Whatever hell she went through, I was going to go through it with her.

The next two weeks truly tested that statement. When they came to get Ashley for breeding that next day after her attack, I told them what happened. I even demanded to see Alpha or Dr. Strong. They took Ashley away for three days. When she came back, she told me that they stitched her up and gave her time to recover, but they didn’t address how she got that way in the first place. The following week she was back in the breeding room with Gamma. Apparently Gamma must have sensed something, because he refused to mate with her. I didn’t blame him. From the first time she spoke to me on that bus, there was always something in her eyes. She was terrified, just like everyone else on the bus, but there was always this light. It was a light that let me know that outside these walls, Ashley was probably so full of life and kindness. After the attack, her eyes dulled. She wasn’t the same person. Those guards took something more from Ashley than her body. Neither of us slept. I survived off of short naps during the day. I’d yet to see Alpha again. I asked for him every day they came to take Ashley, yet they ignored me. And he of course had yet to show up here. The voice of doubt grew louder with every day that went by.

Once again, I was awaken in the middle of the night by the same three guards. This was the third time this week that they’d come for Ashley. She fought and cried less and less each time. No matter how many black eyes and busted lips I received, I continued to fight to save her. Once they were gone, I crawled to her and held her tight until the next morning. This was our routine.

Until today. Last night, after the guards left, I went to hold Ashley like I always did, but she pulled away from. She climbed inside her bed, turned her back to me, and went to sleep. I sat on the floor, holding my twisted arm and stretching my sore jaw. I knew something was off with her.

We used a communal shower. It’s like a High School locker room. Rows of small shower stalls stood side by side. A simple yellow plastic curtain was the only thing that offered us privacy from the guards prying eyes.  We usually only got five minutes to shower, brush our teeth, shave, and wash our hair. When I stepped out of the shower with the towel wrapped around my body, I walked by Ashley’s shower. She should’ve been out by now. She started before me. I peeked underneath the mildewed shower curtain, not wanting to invade her privacy, but I was worried about her.

The ring of red swirling around the clear water was the first thing that alarmed me. My heart started pounding in my chest. I yanked the dingy yellow curtain back to find Ashley lying under the shower nozzle. Her face was pressed into the floor of the stall. Blood poured from her wrist and fingers. The small razor they provided us with to shave was laying by the drain. Her fingers were bloody from fighting to get the small blades out of the plastic razor.

“Help!” I screamed. “Help!” I crawled to Ashley, still wrapped in my towel. I placed her head in my lap as the tears poured down my face mixing with the water.

“Just let me go, Morgan.” Her soft voice pleaded so helplessly. “I just want it to end.”

“No, yyyyyyyyou can’t leave mmmmmme.”

I knew that was selfish of me, but I couldn’t do this without her. I’m alone now. Alpha had abandoned me and even Dr. Strong had become sparse. If Ashley left, I’d have no one else. And what if those guards decided to take from me the way they took from Ashley?

I held Ashley tighter to my chest as I cried over her cold body. More and more girls came to stare at the two of us. I saw it in all of their eyes, the urge to give up the way Ashley did. They envied her. They wanted me to let her go so that she could find peace outside of this hell, but I wasn’t having it.

Finally, a few guards came running towards us. They looked at the scene before them with little interest. The fire inside me grew. Watching them look at her naked body like she wasn’t a real person, just some inconvenience to their day knowing that it was because of them that she was in this position. My hatred and anger fed my fury like gasoline. They were going to pay. All of them eventually, but right now, the three assholes that stole my friends will to live. They would pay first.



I chuckled as I watched the figure on the screen stumble into the wall. No weakness my ass. I tried to do it the easy way. I placed Alpha in the room with a new breeder that first day after his two weeks with Morgan was up. He refused to mate with a new breeder. That didn’t surprise me. I knew that he wouldn’t let go of Morgan that easily, but it didn’t mean he got to have his way. This was my program. You followed my rules or you suffered the consequences.

The subjects really only had one weakness, and it wasn’t truly a weakness. They needed sunlight. It strengthened them. However, not having sunlight wouldn’t necessarily kill them, but it made them weak—almost human.  I don’t understand how that little anomaly showed up in their genetic makeup. It might have had something to do with the alien species we crossed them with. We often used the lack of sunlight as punishment for the subjects—Alpha more than the others. This time I added a newer form of torture. With his body weakened from the lack of sunlight, I’d been pumping hallucinogens into the room. At this moment, Alpha had no idea what was real or fake.

The knock on my door had me clearing my desk of the glass vials.

“Come in.” I called to the person on the other side of the door.

The door opened and Asim walked in.

“Sir, we need to talk.” Asim looked around my office. His eyes took in the little clutter that decorated the corners. I admit that I hadn’t been able to keep up with the cleaning. I’d been too busy taming Alpha. It’s an around the clock job. And occasionally it required me to skip certain things.

“When’s the last time you showered?” Asim asked as he covered his nose with the back of his hand.

I discreetly sniffed myself. Did I smell? I’d been so preoccupied, I couldn’t remember the last time I showered, or left my office.

“I don’t really know.” I chuckled.

Asim’s eyes watched me wearily. “Sir, we’ve been having some issues.”

I placed my tablet down and gave Asim my full attention.

“First of all, we’ve had some employees take missing.”

“How many?”

“Twenty-five. We’ve been waiting to report it,”

“Don’t!” I said holding up my hand to stop him. “Declare them as deceased and send the report. If we declare them missing, I’ll have Scott here breathing down my damn neck. I don’t need that right now.”

“What if they are found?”

“Then we kill them.”

Asim’s eyes widened. He acted like it didn’t happen all the time. A few staff missing wasn’t anything to worry about. Most likely they were already dead anyway.

Asim seemed to shake off his earlier reservation. He looked down at the tablet in his arms.

“Morgan has been asking to see you.”

I smiled and leaned back in my seat. It amazes me how smoothly this plan was going. While Alpha weakened and faded away in his isolation cell, Morgan was desperate to see me. I knew this would be the outcome. I’d cut her off and she’s struggling without me. She craved my attention.

“Is that so?” I played it cool.

“Yes, I think we should place her back with Alpha.”

The rage inside me reared its head. I fought myself not to grab the gun under my desk and place a bullet in his fucking skull. Instead, I maintained my cool composure.

“We will not.”

“Dr. Strong, I have to admit I am unclear of your intentions. I thought we were focusing on breeding the subjects. Yet, we have not had one pregnancy. And instead of figuring out why, you are spending all your time locked away in your office. What is the game plan here? And why is Alpha still in his isolation cell?”

“You let me worry about Alpha.”

“And Morgan? Are we to let you worry about her as well?”

It was clear now, Asim wanted Morgan for himself. That explains why he was always so concerned about her. His intentions were finally clear. If I didn’t protect Morgan, Asim would try to take her away from me. He didn’t understand that Morgan was playing a game with him. He’s taking her flirtatious smiles and gentle caresses as a sign of interest. He’s just like Alpha, easily manipulated. They couldn’t see that she was playing them for me. They didn’t realize that it was my attention she sought. I was the one she wanted. They were too weak minded for Morgan. She needed someone that understood her games. Someone that knew how to control her. It was obvious her husband was weak minded as well. Which was why she came to find me.

I leaned up in my chair, sitting with my back straight.

“I have everything under control. In a few days, Alpha will be where I want him to be. I will take him out of isolation then and only then. I have it all worked out.”

Asim didn’t look reassured. In fact he looked even more suspicious than before. But I didn’t need to answer to him. I was the one in charge.

“You are dismissed, Asim.” I stated, picking up my tablet.  Asim stood in his spot for only a second before turning towards the door.

“Asim.” I called back out to him. Asim turned to look at me. “I advise you to stay away from Morgan. It will be detrimental to your wellbeing if you do not.”

He stared at me with narrowed eyes before turning towards the door. The moment he reached the office door it flew open and Donavan rushed in. He took only a second to check the scene before speaking.

“Sir,” He said turning to me. “You have to come, quick. It’s Morgan.”

The world fell beneath my feet. I didn’t even hesitate before I rushed out of the room with Donavan and Asim on my heels.

Donavan led me to the female showers in unit B. A few of the B unit breeders were standing around one of the stalls.  Two guards were talking loudly to someone. Donavan pushed his way through the crowd and I followed. Standing, drenched in water in nothing but a towel was Morgan. She’s shivering, one side of her face was swollen, her eyes were wide and red rimmed. There was blood on her towel. My eyes scanned her body rapidly. I saw no injuries, but the blood had to come from somewhere.

“Ok, Morgan, calm down now.”

“Dddddddon’t tell me ttttttto calm down. Get me Dr. Strong.” She demanded of Donavan.

She needed me.  I finally saw the emergency as Morgan held out her arm. She hovered her other hand over her wrist and I caught sight of the small blade in her hand.

“Get Dr. Strong, or I’ll ssssslit my wrist.”

“I am here, love. Put the blade down.” I placed my hands up in a surrender posture.

She’s confused. Her urgency to see me had her slightly delirious.

Morgan turned towards me. I waited to see that alluring smile she’s known for, or either a look of contentment knowing that I had come to save her. Her expression didn’t change. This was why I was the only one for her. I knew that even though her outward appearance didn’t change, I could sense her relief of seeing me. I’d stayed away too long.

“Put the blade down, Morgan.” I said softly.

“I want to see Alpha.” Her demand had me seeing red.

She still felt the need to play this goddamn game. Just the fact that she mentioned him had me wanting to go down to that cell and finally end that creature’s life.

I took a deep breath and exhaled. She would not get to me. She’s trying to punish me for avoiding her. She wanted to see me rattled. That’s what she did to the other men—Alpha, Asim, her husband. Not me.

“Leave us!” I demanded of the others gathered around me.

Everyone seemed to stare at me as if they were unsure of what to do.

“GET THE FUCK OUT!” I shouted.

 Guards and breeders scrambled out of the showers. When I was only left with Morgan, Asim, and Donavan, I spoke again.

“I can’t do that, Morgan.”

Her eyes narrowed on me. “Fine!” She stated before she brought the blade down to her wrist. Donavan, Asim and I all shouted wait at the same time. Morgan’s hand paused.

“I. Want. To. See. Alpha.”

“Morgan.” I spoke slowly and calmly to her. She was distressed. I really shouldn’t have ignored her for so long. “Alpha doesn’t want to see you.”

 I felt Asim’s eyes on me. He knew I was lying, but I wouldn’t turn to acknowledge him.

“You’re llllllllying.” She argued, but she didn’t quite believe that.

I’d studied Morgan from the day she arrived, I could read her well. The look in her eyes told me that she wasn’t so sure that I was lying.


At first when I set this plan in motion, I thought that it would never work. No way that I could break the bond they were trying to make. Now, when I looked at that slither of doubt in her eyes, I knew that I was on the right track. I couldn’t help the smile that appeared on my face.

“Alpha has been very busy. I guess I should say thank you for that. You opened up his eyes to the joys of sexual intercourse.”

Those round brown eyes showed more of her hurt. This was something she had already been thinking. A self-doubt that she must had been stewing over recently.

“Hhhhhhhhhe wouldn’t do that.” Her voice wavered. “He wwwwwwouldn’t sleep with someone else.”

I shook my head and made a tsking sound. “Before, Alpha was just afraid of intercourse. It was new to him, but you showed him that there is nothing to fear. Now he has a healthy addiction to sex. All thanks to you.”

Her arm dropped a little and so did her spirit.


Her eyes looked away for a moment. I tried to read them, see what she was thinking, but she turned back to me quickly and that determination was back. She lifted her arm up again.

“I don’t believe you.”

Her captivating eyes shimmered with her tears.

Oh Morgan, you’re trying to be strong but I could read right through you. I saw the vulnerability in those bright brown eyes. A smile curled my lips.

“I’ll show you.”

“Sir,” Asim tried to cut in.

“Asim, get a breeding room ready and place breeder #122 in it.”

Asim seemed unsure of what to do, but eventually he started setting things up on his tablet.

I pulled out my walkie-talkie and spoke with the only people that knew of my plan. It’s a little too soon. When it came to Alpha, you could never be too careful. The plan was to keep him in the isolation cell and feeding him the drugs through the vents a little longer in order to further his fall into insanity. We’d also been playing the recordings of Morgan’s voice to really drive him down that rabbit hole. Now it’s time to see if all that work would pay off.

“Set everything up. We’re doing this now.” I didn’t wait for their response. I knew my demands would be met.

“Bring her.” I said over my shoulder as I head out of the shower.

 I heard Donavan speaking softly to Morgan.

“Put this on, Morgan.”

I didn’t turn around to see what he gave her.

My adrenaline was pumping. I was finally going to get the results that I craved. After I show Morgan that Alpha had moved on, she would never put her trust in him again.

We took the elevator down to the breeding level in complete silence. Once we got to the viewing room, I watched as Morgan walked bare foot up to the two way mirror. She’s wearing a man’s green shirt that fell to her knees. She still had water pooling at her feet from her hair. I noticed that Donavan was only wearing a white tank top.

The breeder entered the room first. She’s wearing a red robe, I watched Morgan’s face to see if she recognized it. She didn’t. She watched the brown skinned girl closely. I chose this breeder for her slight resemblance to Morgan. She didn’t have Morgan’s sad eyes, or luscious curves. She also didn’t have her full lips and button nose, but to Alpha she would be close enough.

“Alpha is here.” One of the scientist in the room announced.

I again watched her face. It lit up for him. This disappointed me, but I buried the disappointment.

“Be patient, Ryder. It will all change in a minute.” I thought to myself.

The breeding room door opener and Alpha appeared.  His name fell from her lips in a whisper.

When his head turned to the mirror, I froze. Did he hear her? There was no way, he’s too weak and this room was sound proof.

“Start the pheromones.” I said and got a nod from the scientist.

I needed this plan to work. There would never be an opportunity like this again. I only got one shot to make this work.

 Alpha turned away from the glass. His eyes narrowed on the girl laying in the bed. She was one of our volunteer breeders from unit A. All volunteer breeders knew the importance of having Alpha’s offspring. The money they’d receive at the end of their contract doubled if they supplied us with his baby.

Alpha rushes to the bed and Morgan stiffens at the window. I watch in delight.

Do it, Alpha. Destroy the little bond you thought you made.

Alpha snatched the girls robe open ripping the silk fabric. He held it to his nose and sniffed. His eyes closed as he took in her scent. Only I knew that it was Morgan’s scent he was taking in.

I walked up to her at the mirror. Her back was to the room.

“He looks happy doesn’t he?”

“Hhhhhhhhe’s not going tttttttto do it.” Her voice was barely above whisper. I could hear the pain in her words.

My excitement grew.

“Why do you think he wouldn’t? He has no loyalty to you, Morgan.” I reached out and stroked her arm. She flinched away from me.

“He does.” She murmured.

Not once did she take her eyes away from the mirror. “He lo…….” She stopped, swallowed, and started again. “He cares about me.”

The moment the words left her mouth, Alpha sealed the deal. His lips found the breeder’s and he pulled her towards him. The first tear fell down Morgan’s face. We both watched as Alpha pulled the breeder from the bed onto his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. Alpha pulled away. There was a brief moment of clarity in his eyes as he pushed the girl off of him and stood to his feet. I turned to nod at the scientist, and he cranked the pheromones up higher. Alpha shook his head like he was trying to unclog his brain. The breeder approached him, her hands rubbed his chest. The look of confusion clouded his eyes again and once again he’s kissing her.

When I looked to Morgan this time, the tears fell rapidly from her eyes.

“I’m sorry that you are hurting, Morgan.” I lied effortlessly. “But I told you on that first day, they are not to be trusted. They do not feel the same way that we feel. Alpha does not know loyalty or love, his range of emotion is limited to the basics. He feels tired and hungry just like the rest of us, but even that is delayed. He is incapable of caring for you or loving you, Morgan. He is not human.”

Her eyes closed as the truth finally sunk in.

“I wwwwwant to lllllllleave.” Her soft words were spoken so low I nearly missed them.

Regardless of what she said, I didn’t want her to leave. I wanted her to watch this monster fuck the brains out of this breeder. I didn’t just want to break their little bond, I wanted to completely destroy everything they had. I wanted to erase him from her mind permanently.

“You need to stay and see all of this….”

“I SAID I WANT TO LEAVE.” She shouted.

Once again her voice seemed to grab Alpha’s attention. He pushed away from the breeder and turned to the mirror. His eyes cleared again.

“Alright, alright, Morgan. I’ll take you back to your room.”

“NO!” she demanded. “Take me to Beta.”

That request had everyone in the room going silent.

“Morgan, we cannot do that.” Asim interjected. “The subjects are extremely territorial. You going to Beta could cause war between him and Alpha.”

“I don’t care. Ttttttake me to Beta, Now!”

I stopped for a moment to think this through. Asim was right, if Morgan even attempted to mate with Beta, Alpha would kill him. I had no doubt about that. However, wouldn’t that be torture enough for Alpha, knowing that Morgan chose another? It’s true, this could have horrible ramifications, but at the moment all I could think of was the way Alpha would look when I later showed him the video.

“Bring Beta to the room next door.” I ordered with a lascivious smile on my face. This was going better than I had even planned.

“Dr. Strong,” Asim started to interject, but I cut my eyes to him. I’d had enough of Asim’s input for today.

Donavan must have sensed my irritation with my assistant.

“Just do it, Asim.”

Asim looked to Donavan for a silent moment and then nodded his head.

“Alright, Morgan.” I said towards her. “I’ll take you to the room.” The beating on the two way mirror made everyone in the room jump. We turned to the mirror to see Alpha slamming his fist into the glass.

“Get her out of here.” I demanded.

Donavan grabbed Morgan’s hand and led her out of the room. I watched for a moment longer as Alpha continued to smash his fist into the glass. No doubt the lack of sunlight made him too weak to break the sturdy glass.

“I told you, I was the one in charge Alpha. I guess now you will learn your place.” Although we were separated by a thick concrete wall, I knew that he heard me.

He slammed his fist into the glass one more time, before that dazed look clouded his eyes once again and he fell to his knees.

“Take him back down to the isolation cell.”

“Yes, Sir.” The guards around me quickly jumped into action.


I felt broken. There was no other description that I could give that explained how I felt. I’d admit that maybe I read too much into us. Maybe all the signs were there, but I was just too dumb and naïve to see them. I’d only known Alpha for a few months, maybe Dr. Strong was right and I was trying to make him human when he clearly wasn’t. It didn’t matter, I now knew the truth. I meant nothing to him. Just like I meant nothing to my husband. I thought that Trevor was the problem, and admittedly he was, but what if I was partly to blame. Maybe I was unlovable. My broken pieces were unappealing and too much trouble for those around me. I’d lost a little weight while here, but I would still be considered fat. My brown skin wasn’t as beautiful and exotic as Monroe’s or Mother’s. Then add to all of that my embarrassing speech problem. How could I even think that someone like Alpha would fall for me?

Although I felt like falling apart, I kept it together. I had come to the realization that I was alone here and that I may even die in this hellhole, but I started this task for Ashley. If I could make things a little better for her then that’s what I was going to do.

Alpha would be no help for saving Ashley, but I knew that Beta could still help me. At least I could ask him to help me.

When the door to the breeding room opened, and a naked Beta walked inside, I gave him only a second to catch sight of me. His eyes widened and then narrowed before I rushed to him with a kiss.

Beta didn’t kiss me back. In fact, his arms were spread out wide as if he’s showing the cameras that he wasn’t even touching me. I pulled away from the kiss.

“I need you to pretend with me.” His eyes narrowed and I went back to placing my lips to his.

We both pulled away when we heard the roar from the other room.

Alpha knows.

My heart started racing in my chest. The pain in the sound of that roar had me wanting to rethink my actions. Even now I didn’t want to hurt him. I wasn’t doing this as some type of revenge to get back at Alpha. No, I couldn’t fault him for how I felt. He never once told me that he loved me or that he was going to be faithful to me, it was all me placing feelings on someone I barely knew.

I had to stay focused. I went to grab Beta again, but he dodged my grasp.

“Why are you doing this?”

The words oddly appeared in my head.

Beta’s golden eyes stared back at me as if he was the one to ask the question.

“I need your help, please.” I said as I slowly approached him. “Pretend.” I whispered against his lips before I kissed him again. He didn’t pull away, but he also didn’t kiss me back. “We have to make them think we are together.” I placed kisses to Beta’s neck as I whispered the words in his ear.

Once again, Beta pulled away from me. His eyes stared back at me, but he looked a million miles away. All of sudden Beta’s eyes cleared and I could tell he was paying attention to me now. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pushed my back against the wall. For a split second I was terrified that he’d starting to take this serious. Sure, I was angry with Alpha, but I had no intentions of sleeping with Beta. But then I noticed that in this position, he hid me from the cameras. With his body blocking the cameras you couldn’t really tell what we were doing.

The word “Explain” appeared in my head again.

“My roommate is being attacked. They’re hurting her, Beta. I’m trying to fight them, but they are stronger than me. I need your help.” I said all of this in the crook of Beta’s neck. When I looked back up at his eyes, he was doing that thing again where he’s looking at me, but seemed a million miles away.

Then he blinked and he’s back. Beta stepped away from the wall and let me down, my feet hit the ground. He stepped away from me, but he didn’t say anything else. He walked to the door and knocked three times. The door opened and he walked out without acknowledging me. I had no idea if he would help me or not. This all could have been a big waste of time and energy.

The weight of the day finally hit me and I fell to my knees. My body shook as the tears flooded my eyes.


It’d been three days since I’d last seen Ashley in that shower. In those three days, I hadn’t been myself. For the most part of the day, all I wanted to do was sleep. I was always tired, crying, or hungry. I’d been emotionally eating and I’d already started to see the side effects of it. This morning, I noticed the slight pudge of my belly. I probably should care, but I didn’t. It’s not like I was ever going to get out of here. Since the meeting with Beta, I hadn’t been able to leave my room. My showers have been monitored closely and now they refused to give me a razor. I didn’t blame them, I wasn’t sure what I would do if I had access to one. The entire compound had been tensed since that day in the shower. Everyone’s been on lock down. Apparently the super soldiers had been causing problems. They’d been throwing rage fits left and right, they refused to work or breed, and now they’d started the grunting. Day in and day out all you heard through the halls from their cells was this gorilla like grunting. It changed in tempo throughout the day, but it never stopped. I would be impressed at how long they could make the noise without needing to breathe, but I couldn’t muster up the emotion to care about anything.

When my room door opened and Ashley stepped in, I stood from my bed. I didn’t know how she would respond to me. I did keep her from dying three days ago. I admit my reasoning was selfish, but I still wouldn’t change a thing. I didn’t want those assholes to win. They didn’t get to take Ashley away from me.

When the door closed, Ashley and I both stood quietly. Her head was down and her wrist were bandaged up. She hadn’t looked at me.

My heart dropped. She’s angry.

“I’m ssssssorry, Ashley.” I confessed.

She still hadn’t looked up from the floor.

“I couldn’t lllllllllose you.”

She lifted her head and her almond shaped eyes glistened with tears. She rushed to me with her arms out and wrapped them around me for a hug.

“I’m sorry, Morgan.” She explained before bursting into tears.

For a moment, we held onto each other as we both shed our tears.  Eventually she let go of me.

“I didn’t know what else to do. I just wanted them to stop hurting me. I just wanted…..”

I silenced her cry with another hug. She didn’t need to explain her actions to me. I knew what she was experiencing night after night. I witnessed her attacks every time and I knew what it did to me, so I could imagine what she was going through. This place had a way of breaking you and making you want to give up. The thought of death sings to you in your most vulnerable moments. Its ballads offer peace and joy, it beckons you in the darkest of times. I knew how hard it was to ignore. But I won’t let it win. If I died behind these walls I would die with visions of freedom in my eyes, not the bitterness of defeat on my breath.

“Don’t worry. We will get through this. We wwwwwwwillll fight together.”

I meant those words. I didn’t care if I had to fight every night, I was going to fight for her.

Ashley nodded her head. We were in this together.

That night as I lay awake listening to the barking grunts of the super soldiers, I thought of Alpha. It wasn’t uncommon for him to be on my mind. I’d thought of him a lot these last three days. Mostly when I thought of him, that ache in my chest came back and the tears started to fall, but this time there is no ache or tears. This time when I thought of Alpha, I got this feeling of calmness. There was this warming feeling running through my body that made me feel like no matter what, everything would be alright.

“I miss you, Alpha.” I said the words out loud to the empty room.

The sound of the locks disengaging had me springing up in my bed. Again I allowed my desire to see him let me believe it was him. Finally Alpha was coming to me. Then reality kicked in. Three figures appeared in the dark and I knew it wasn’t my dream coming to pass, but my nightmare.

“God, I wish those fucking monsters would shut the hell up.” The large guy with the brown hair said as he walked into the room.

“They are driving everyone bat shit crazy. Nobody knows what the hell they want. They should just put a bullet in all of their fucking skulls and spare us this experimental bullshit.” The blonde stated.

I got to my feet, placing myself between the three men and Ashley.

“Get out!” my only weapon was a pillow case I filled with mine and Ashley shoes. It wasn’t much, but it was all we had.

“Damn I’m tired of this dumb bitch!”

“Maybe tonight, we give the little one a break.” Big guy said.

Blonde hair chuckled. “I’ve never fucked a fat chick before.”

My stomach rolled at the thought of them pinning me down and doing to me what they did to Ashley.

Before I could respond, the door to my room opened again. For the love of god please don’t let this be another guard coming to join them. Three was already going to be a tough fight for me seeing as all I had was a sack of shoes, but four would be impossible. I waited on bated breath to spot the familiar green fatigues of another guard. However, it wasn’t another guard. Dark gray and black fatigues entered the room. It was Gamma.

Gamma closed the door behind him. The three guards turned to look at each other.

“What the fuck are you doing out of your cell?” Big guy stated boldly.

“Call down to the boys on the main floor. Tell them one of their freaks is out of his cell.” Blonde hair said to the skinniest of the three.

The skinny guy pulled the walkie-talkie out of his belt loop, but faster than what was humanly possible, Gamma had the guy around the neck. He took the walkie-talkie out of the guard’s hand and stuffed it down his throat. Like a cobra swallowing a goose egg, I could see the entire imprint of the device in the guard’s neck. The soldier dropped to the floor kicking and gagging. The commotion woke Ashley who stood behind me clutching my arm.

“What the fuck, man?” The blonde haired guy said.

He held up his arms toward Gamma like he was being arrested by the police. Gamma took no time grabbing the soldier and twisting his head around his shoulders. The blonde fell to the ground in a lifeless heap.

The last guard was the big guy. The sicko that seemed to get the most joy out of hurting Ashley. Big guy ran to the door pounding with his fist to get out. I don’t know if it was his fear that kept him from turning the knob or did he just not remember that the doors locked from the outside. Either way, he never made it out of the room. Gamma grabbed him by the back of the neck and tossed him to the middle of the floor. The guard landed on his back and Gamma was quickly standing over his body.

“Please! Please don’t hurt me. I have a wife and kids at home that depends on me.”

“Did you think about your wwwwwwife and kids when yyyyyyyou attacked my friend at night?” I screamed down at him.

How dare he use his wife and kids as an excuse? This asshole raped my friend for weeks. He pinned her down and took her body against her will. He laughed when she cried and begged for him to stop. Not one time did he think of the people she had at home.

“Did yyyyyou think about them when you threatened to rape me tonight?”

Gamma’s eyes cut to me, and for a split second, the green turned silver.  The room was pretty dark, so maybe I imagined it, but I could have sworn for a second I saw Alpha looking back at me. Gamma turned back to the man lying on the floor and snarled down at him before he lifted his foot and brought it down hard on the man’s genitals. The guard screamed so loud my ears rung. The crotch of his green fatigues turned dark. Initially I thought it was urine, but the more I watched the stain spread I realized it was blood. By now the skinny guy was no longer convulsing on the floor. I was positive the blonde was dead as well. Big guy was either dead or passed out because he was no longer screaming.

Gamma turned to me, those green eyes stared intently at me.

“Thank you.” I said.

He simply nodded his head.

Ashley came from behind me and flew into Gamma’s arms. He wrapped his arms around her and she cried as she told him thank you over and over. Gamma placed a kiss on Ashley’s fore head, and I had to turn away from the look on his face. He didn’t do this for me. That look told me that this was all for her. I hoped that Ashley got her very own happily ever after. Even if I never got mine.

Gamma pulled the bodies out into the hallway later that night after he put Ashley back to sleep. She refused to let him go, so he stayed until she fell asleep in his arms. I tried to help him move the bodies out into the hall, but he wouldn’t let me help. Then, before dawn, just as silently as he came, he left.

I knew that Ashley and I would have some explaining to do about the dead bodies on the outside of our door. I was ready when the door to our room flew open and five guards, Dr. Strong, Asim and Donavan entered the room.

Even though we could hear the super soldiers grunting from inside our cell, it was always much louder when the door was open.

I stood from the bed, I had just placed my wild curly hair in two braids.

“Good morning, Morgan.” Dr. Strong said in greeting.

Ashley quietly sat up in her bed, her legs crossed in front of her.

“Good morning.” I said back.

Dr. Strong’s eyes watched me. He’s studying my every move.

“You had an eventful night last night didn’t you?”

I looked to Ashley very briefly, her eyes flashed down to me, and without discussing anything we had an understanding.

I turned back to Dr. Strong. “Not really. I slept fairly well.”

He frowned. It’s only a split second reaction but I caught it. “Oh!” He said placing his hands behind his back. “So you have no idea why there are two dead bodies lying in front of your door?”

I tamped down on my reaction. Two dead bodies? It should have been three. I didn’t say this to him, instead I shrugged my shoulders.

“No I haven’t heard anything about it. Was it someone I knew?”

“It was Jones and Cooper.” One of the guards spoke up angrily. “You filed a report about them awhile back.”

“Oh! You mean the bastards I reported for rrrrraping my roommate? The ones you guys dddddid nothing about?”

All the guards looked around nervously.

“What do you mean, raped?” Dr. Strong’s voice was cold. I knew that voice, he was pissed.

“I reported to your sssstaff that three men would come into my room at night and rape my roommate while they held me dddddddown and made me watch. Apparently the complaint wasn’t high up on their list of concerns.”

The room falls eerily silent as the tension grows.  “Did they touch you?” His question caught me off guard. Was he seriously concerned about me? I never even thought to tell Dr. Strong what was going on. I assumed he knew and just didn’t care.

“No, not in that way.”

 Dr. Strong nodded his head towards me.

“I’m assuming this report got lost in the files on my desk.” Dr. Strong turned his attention to Asim.

“I never received any report of a rape.” Asim turned to the guards in the room.

“It….uh…..it must have gotten lost. I’ll see if we can find it.”

“Yes you will do that.” Dr. Strong demanded before turning back to me. “It is obvious that someone handled the situation. Do you have any idea who it might have been?”

“Aren’t there videos. There are cameras in every corner of this building, you didn’t catch anything?” I asked, placing my hands on my hips.

I was not going to volunteer any information. I didn’t know if or how they would punish Gamma for killing those guards and I wasn’t going to find out.

“It seems the cameras conveniently got turned off around the time of the murders.” Dr. Strong admitted between clenched teeth.

They had nothing.

I crossed my arms over my chest and smiled. “Ssssorry, I can’t help you.”

He watched me closely. I had no idea what he was searching for, but he wouldn’t get it.

“Ms. King?”

“I have no idea.” Ashley lied smoothly.

Again the room was silent.

“Alright!” Dr. Strong chuckled.

He knew we were lying, but he couldn’t prove anything.

“I guess we are done here.”

Before he turned around, Ashley stepped down from her bunk.

“Sir,” She stopped Dr. Strong.

He turned around and gave her his attention. Ashley must’ve felt the same way I did when Dr. Strong looked at me. His eyes were calm, but I still saw that madness dancing in his pupils. Ashley wrapped her arms around her body protectively and looked down.

“Why are they making that sound?” As if her words alone cranked up the noise, I could now hear the grunting sound much louder.

“Because they’re fucking freaks.” One of the guards mumbled .

Dr. Strong cut his eyes to the guard and then back to Ashley.

“I believe they are upset. They are like children. When they cannot have their way, they act out. This is a temper tantrum. We will treat it the same way one would treat a toddler throwing a fit in the store, you ignore it until they calm down.” Dr. Strong then turned his eyes to me. “We do not negotiate with animals. Eventually, they will stop.” With that, he turned and walked out of our room.

Everyone else left with him. Asim caught my eyes as he walked out. There was something in his eyes, something he was trying to tell me. I don’t think Asim quite believed what Dr. Strong was saying. If I was being honest, I didn’t either.


It’s been three weeks. Morning, noon, and night the super soldiers chanted non-stop. It was driving everyone crazy. Well, everyone except me. There was something about the noise that soothed me. I was still tired often and found it hard to stay awake most of the day, but even still the sound of the chanting put me at ease.

I was about to take my first nap of the day when our room door flew open and Dr. Strong and his usual band of merry men entered.

“Get up, get dressed.” Dr. Strong demanded.

I sat up in my bed, the thin blanket barely covered my body.

“What time is it?”

“Morgan, get out of that goddamn bed.”

Ashley was standing on the other side of the room nervously watching me.

I wiped the sleep from my eyes and stared back at him.


Dr. Strong sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “You’re going to see Alpha.”

“No.” I rolled back over in bed and laid back down.

For a moment there was only silence. I imagine they were all confused by my response. I spent most of my time here begging to see Alpha. Now they were offering to take me to him and I wasn’t interested.

“What do you mean no?” Asim asked from behind me. “Morgan you have to. They won’t stop if you don’t see him.” The hysteria clear in his voice.

 So that’s what this was about? The grunting was because I wouldn’t see Alpha. Well he could bark and grunt all he wanted, I was done with men using me. The time away from Alpha had allowed me to really think. Maybe I wasn’t as pretty as girls like Ashley and Monroe with their exotic looks. Maybe I was awkward and sometimes I get hung up on certain words, but I had value. I didn’t care if no one else saw it, I knew it was true.

“Tell Alpha, if he wants company he should seek out one of his other breeders.”

The sound of the grunting grows louder and now in the distance the sound of metal banging accompanied the noise. I sat up in bed and turned towards the sound of the noise. Everyone else seemed to notice the new commotion.

“Morgan, you will get up and get dressed. That is a demand.”

“No. You wanted me to see the truth, well I have. Alpha is now your problem.  Congratulations, Dr. Strong, you win.”

The banging increased and the tempo of the grunts changed. It’s faster paced now.

“For fucks sakes, Ryder, I can’t take much more of this shit.” Donavan shouted over the noise.

 Ashley had even covered her ears to block out the sound.

For the first time since I met him, Dr. Strong looked absolutely out of ideas. I guess if he really wanted to he could make me see Alpha. He obviously wasn’t opposed to acts of cruelty in order to make me comply, but he knew that even that would take time. I went weeks without eating before he could make me obey him about how to act around Alpha. Even then, I didn’t exactly do as he asked. I think the noise has everyone at their wits end, even the mad doctor.

“Fuck it! Get Alpha in here.” Dr. Strong demanded. Asim started tapping at his tablet instantly.

I pushed the covers down and climbed out of my bed. I didn’t care that I was only in a t-shirt and my too little panties.

“I said I ddddddon’t want to see him.”

Asim appeared in front of me with my blanket, he wrapped it around my body like a robe. I held the front of it closed.  I didn’t give a shit that everyone could see my panties or my pudgy belly, I just wanted them to know I wasn’t going to see Alpha. I couldn’t. Yes, I’m feeling empowered after weeks of crying and feeling hurt. I’d finally gotten to a place where I could think of him and not start sobbing again, but I was definitely not at a place where I could see him. It’s too soon for that.

“Take the other girl to one of the breeding rooms.” Dr. Strong pointed to Ashley.  “She can stay there tonight. Morgan and Alpha has some things to work out.”

“Are yyyyyyyou not lllllllistening to me?” I stomped my foot. “I have nothing to wwwwwork out with him.”

Everyone in the room continued to ignore me. Ashley gave me a sad look before being escorted out of the room by two green fatigue guards. I don’t have to worry about anyone hurting her. Ever since those two bodies were found, the guards barely looked our way.

“I don’t care what it takes, Morgan, as long as you get them to stop that goddamn noise. Do you understand me?”

Both Dr. Strong and I glared at each other. I can see the threat in his eyes, the chanting has him on the verge of losing it. I’ve never seen the man this shaken. Admittedly he’s always danced on a thin line of sane and insane, but today he looked closer to the latter.

The door to my room opened again and he entered. The moment he walked in those keen eyes are on me. He’s without a shirt, but he’s still in his boxers. His body looked bruised and dark circles are under his eyes, just like they were the day he was in the breeding room. Thick silver cuffs were on his wrist and feet. He looked like he was coming from a maximum security prison. I’d never seen him this locked down.

“Remove the chains.” Dr. Strong’s voice rung out in the room bringing my attention away from Alpha.

The sight of him, no matter how battered and bruised he was, did nothing to curve my desire for him. I still wanted him. Even the soft flutters in my belly seemed to ignite when he walked in.

“I ttttttttold you I ddddddon’t want to ssssssee him.” I wrapped the blanket tighter around me as I focused my eyes on anything but Alpha.

Despite my aversion to his eyes, I could still feel him watching me. That silver gaze is like a furnace burning a hole through me.

“I’ve given you what you want Alpha. You get an hour, now make the noise stop.” Alpha growled and the noise outside increased. How is that even possible? It was already loud enough to rattle the walls.

“FINE,” Dr. Strong shouted over the noise. “Four hours.”

This time Alpha didn’t have to say anything for the noise to increase. The banging noise sounded like metal scraping across a floor. It even made me flinch.

Dr. Strong’s face turned bright red. “I’ll come back in the fucking morning, is that enough for you goddamn animals?”

Like a light switch flicking off, the noise stopped. For the first time in three weeks, there was true silence.

Everyone in the room let out a collective sigh.

Through gritted teeth, Dr. Strong said, “Someone will be up to take you back to your room in the morning. You will not make this a habit, Alpha.”

Alpha cut his eyes to Dr. Strong in a way that had everyone in the room, including the Doctor, stepping back.

“We will go.” Dr. Strong said before he led everyone out of the room.

Once the door closed, I am left alone with Alpha. He turned back to me.

“Yyyyyyyyou wasted yyyyyyyour time. I don’t wwwwwant to see you.”

“Morgan, please.”

I had to close my eyes at the sound of his voice. I realized it was something else about him that I’d missed.

“No! Yyyyyyyyou’re just like Ttttttrevor. You got what you wanted from me and moved on. Well I hhhhhhhave news for you, Alpha, I am not useless. I’m not stupid, or worthless. I am not someone that can be tossed out like she doesn’t matter. You don’t get to just hurt me and come back when you want.” With each sentence my voice grew higher and the tears fell more. By the time I was done speaking, I was screaming, sobbing, and barely coherent.

Alpha walked towards me and I backed away from him until my back hit the wall. When I had nowhere else to go, Alpha stood in front of me. His imposing height towered over me. I was so tiny compared to him. If he wanted to, he could’ve easily taken from me whatever he wanted. I was left alone with him and for the first time since we met, the thought of him not being human frightened me. Maybe he didn’t understand why I was upset or what I was feeling. Dr. Strong might have been right about Alpha not understanding emotions.

Suddenly Alpha dropped to his knees in front of me and hung his head dejectedly.

“I’m sorry, Morgan. I have failed you.”

His words hit me in the heart. Alpha was a powerful, strong, and dominant man. His name wasn’t just a name, but a specific stamp to who he was. Seeing him on his knees in front of me was empowering, yet disturbing. I didn’t want to see him like this.

“Get up, Alpha.”

He shook his head no.

“I allowed them to use me in order to hurt you. In my weakened state, I was unaware of the drugs they gave me.”

“Dddddddrugs, what drugs?” I lifted his head so that I could see his eyes. I knew that his eyes would tell me the truth no matter what.

“I need the sunlight, Morgan. It is my only requirement. When I go without it, I become susceptible to things. The drugs they gave me made me see things. You mostly. I always saw you. I was not myself with the breeder and I thought she was you. It was your scent.”

Everything started to make sense now. The way he looked, those intense eyes weren’t nearly as focused as they usually were. His body all battered and bruised, even the way he inhaled that red robe. The robe just like the one I hadn’t seen since being brought into this room.  Even the way he seemed to catch himself and pushed away from the breeder. I was so blinded by my own self-doubt that I couldn’t see the signs that were right in front of me. Dr. Strong truly was playing a game, and he almost won. He almost took Alpha away from me.

How could I have been so stupid?

I dropped to my knees in front of him with tears in my eyes.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry for ever doubting you.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder. He pulled me so tight into his chest, I could feel his double heartbeat.

“I missed you so much. I lo……” I stopped the words before they flew out of my mouth. It was still too soon for those words.

Alpha pulled away from me and sealed his lips to mine for a kiss I didn’t know I needed until his tongue was dancing against mine. He turned his head to the side to deepen the kiss and I moaned into his mouth. Alpha stood to his feet lifting me with him. Without breaking the kiss, he snatched the blanket from my grasp, yanking it away from my body and dropped it somewhere on the floor. He backed me up against the wall, breaking the kiss just for a second. His eyes scanned down my body and stopped at the meaty flesh of my belly. He noticed the little weight I’ve gained since the last time we were together.

I placed my arms over my stomach shamefully. “Iiiiiiiiii’m an emotional eeeeeeater.” I tried to explain.

Alpha knocked my hands away and smiled down at my stomach. That fluttering in my belly started again. It’s amazing how much control he had over my body. When his large hand came out to lie flat across my stomach the fluttering turned into a grumble. No way could I be hungry again.

Alpha laughed out loud. It always made him laugh when my stomach growled.

His beautiful eyes came back up to mine and the laughter gave way to his passion. His lips found mine again in a hungry kiss.  The sound of my panties being ripped had my pussy tightening and me moaning. Alpha lifted me up against the wall, he placed his arms under my knees opening me up so wide the cool air flowed across my wet sex.

He placed the head of his cock at my entrance, then he dropped me down letting gravity do most of the work. I threw my head back and cried at the sudden intrusion. There was no time to adjust to his girth. He lifted me again and repeated the process. My body weight forced me to slam down on his cock. He was so deep inside me he took my breath away. Again and again he lifted me and dropped me down and every time I cried out at the beautiful bite of pain. He eventually leaned my back against the wall, allowing it to support me while he drilled into my center. My hands reached up over my head trying to find some kind of support, something for me to hold onto to ground me.  I watched as his glistening cock exited and then quickly entered me, splitting my lower lips in half. It was a beautiful sight, pale flesh moving into dark brown. I came on a loud scream and Alpha continued to piston into me through my orgasm causing me to spiral into another one. My body shook from the impact, my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Alpha slammed into me so deep my nails dug into his shoulder. He growled as he flooded my insides with his cooling semen. He didn’t pull out of me, instead he walked us, still attached, over to the bed where he laid me on my back and crawled on top of me to kiss me.

I had to come up for air to catch my breath.

“Don’t ever stay away from me that long again.” I playfully scolded Alpha as I caught my breath.

It amazes me that after all the work he just put in, and trust me he put in a lot of work, he didn’t seem to be out of breath. He’s not even sweating.

Alpha smiled down at me, that beautiful smile breaking up the seriousness of his face. “I will keep that promise to you. This I swear.”

I felt him grow inside of me, his length and girth stretched my walls again. Jesus, I don’t think I had it in me again. Yet, when Alpha grabbed the back of my thigh and hiked my leg over his shoulder to move inside of me, my back curved off the bed and I moaned. I guess I did have it in me for another round.


Another round turned into five. Each time I thought I would be too tired to go again, but Alpha had a way of reawakening my body. He finally decided to allow me to rest once my stomach started to growl again.

I laid quietly on my back as he laid his head in my lap. One hand wrapped around my thighs while the other rubbed my belly.

“Tell me of your husband.” My fingers paused in his hair.

His words caught me off guard. Not like it used to when I didn’t know he could speak, but because I had no idea why he would want to know about Trevor.

“You don’t want to hear about that. It’s not a happy story.” I admitted.

Alpha sat up from his position, he crawled back up to the top of the bed and laid down beside me to face me.

“You said I was like him, tell me how he hurt you so that I never will again.”

It was in these moments, when Alpha said things so pure and raw that my heart sped up and I fell so hard for him. Despite Dr. Strong’s words of caution floating around my head reminding me that Alpha did not feel the same way I felt, I still knew in my heart that I loved him. It’s pathetic, I know, but it was true.

“You aren’t like Trevor, Alpha. I shouldn’t have said that. Trevor is selfish and uncaring. He was only nice to me when we first started dating. He treated me like I was a queen. He seemed to always know what I wanted or what I needed without me having to tell him. He liked the same things I liked and he was so understanding. But in spite of all of that, I still couldn’t make myself love him. I liked him and enjoyed his company, but something inside me just couldn’t fall for him. I should have listened to that inner part of me.  When he asked to marry me, I didn’t want to. Everyone thought I was crazy, even my sister thought something was wrong with me. The only people that agreed with me were my grandparents. They never liked Trevor. But I married him anyway. I thought that I would grow to love him over time. Besides, it wasn’t like I had the right to be picky. There weren’t many guys knocking at my door to take me out.” I sighed and looked away from Alpha. I turned onto my back as I stared up at the top bunk. “He was perfect up until the day I signed that marriage license. It was like a switch had turned off. He went from understanding, caring and thoughtful, to cold, mean, and dismissive. He lost interest in me.  The things he once told me he loved, he started to hate.” I didn’t realize I was crying until Alpha wiped away my tear. “By the time he started to hit me, I felt like It was all my fault. I had obviously done something wrong that turned him away from me.”

“I am not like him. I will never be.” I turned to face Alpha and those penetrating silver eyes are staring back at me. His truth spoke from his eyes. I cupped his jaw with my hand and placed a gentle kiss to his lips before pulling away.

“Sleep now, Morgan. When you wake, I will show your body that I am not like your husband.”

I smiled at his words, then snuggled into his chest. My were eyes heavy and almost closed until something popped in my head. “Alpha,” I yawned.

“Yes!” His fingers came up to my head to massage my scalp.

“What did Gamma do with the other guard?”

I felt his body tense beneath my head. “He threatened you, so he had to answer to me. Rest, he is done.”

I probably shouldn’t have been so at peace with that explanation, but I was. My eyes finally closed and I drifted off to sleep. That night, I dreamed of that farm with lots of land and open air. I had Alpha by my side and children at my feet. It was beautiful.



Journal Entry: #550

Number dead since last Entry: count unknown

Number missing: 25

“This is the voice recordings of Dr. Ryder Strong. It has been a month since I allowed Alpha into that room with Morgan. He thought that he had won, all the grunting and banging he allowed them to do, but he did not win. I am still in charge.”

I stuck the needle into the glass medicine vile, filling the barrel up with the clear liquid.

“She is good, though. The game she plays when I am around has caused me to grow restless. Her attempts to ignore me have become so obvious. I see her in the hallways watching me, begging me to look at her and touch her. I fight against her desperate plea for me, I am stronger than she is, but with each day I become weary. I hear her voice calling for me. She begs me to touch her glistening sex and to make love to her the way she pretends he does. Right now her scent still lingers in the room. I know she has been here. She sneaks in when I am gone to leave me small messages. She moves my things around and paints the room in her succulent fragrance. It drives me mad.”

The plunge sends the clear fluid pushing through my veins. The short burn of the meds run through my body, then the euphoric feeling hits.

“It has come to the point….”

Knocking at my office door had me clearing my desk of the needles and medicine vials.

“Come in.” I called to the person at my door.

The door opened and in walked, Dr. Harvey Thompson. He was the lead geneticist and oversaw the breeding. Harvey was a tall man with mouse like features and dark brown eyes he hid behind large glasses.

“Dr. Strong, you’re a hard man to get in contact with.”

I frowned slightly at his comment.

“What seems to be the problem Harvey?”

“I thought that when you finally found out we had a viable pregnancy you would be much happier.”

Now I understood the shit eating grin on his face. I leaned up from my chair. Could this be real? Could we truly have a successful offspring?

“Who, who is the father?” My excitement had me stumbling over the words.

Harvey grinned proudly as he handed me his tablet. The moment my eyes register the name on the screen, he answered my question out loud.


The desire to celebrate evaporated. Though I had told Morgan countless times that Alpha had been with other women, he had not. The last attempt to trick Alpha into betraying her backfired on me. That meant, there was only one female that could be carrying his offspring.

“And the breeder?” I asked the question already knowing what the reply would be.

“Breeder number 1362, Morgan….”

“Downs.” I finished his sentence.

She’s pregnant by him. She’s fucking pregnant by that monster. I couldn’t describe the angry rage that flowed through me. I felt like my blood was boiling.

“How can this be?” Asim gave her the morning after pill and he was supposed to start her on the birth control. “She is only supposed to carry my child.” The words came out without thought.

Harvey looked at me alarmed. My mind was telling me that I was saying things I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t find reasoning.

“Does Asim know?”

Harvey looked too afraid to answer. “I…I…” he stuttered over his words. “I told him of this information a week ago.”

“A week. A FUCKING WEEK?” I shouted jumping to my feet.

Harvey took a cautious step back. “Why am I just hearing about this?”

“I…I….I notified Asim multiple times to see what you wanted me to do about this. I thought you would be happy.”

I flipped my desk over. The contents falling to the floor. Harvey tripped over his feet running towards the door.

My secretary rushed into the room. Her eyes widened at the mess.

“Get me Asim. NOW!” I barked at her.

She ran out of the room followed by Harvey.

How the fuck did this happen? I rushed to my locked cabinet. I didn’t stop to worry about the lock, I yanked at the metal snapping the lock off. I reached into the bottom drawer and pulled out two small medicine vials that are filed with the gene altering serum I used to create my subjects. I quickly inserted the syringe into the vial and sucked up the medicine. I tossed the bottle onto the floor shattering it into sharp pieces. I quickly absorbed the second bottle into the needle and inserted it into my arm. It didn’t burn nearly as much as the first one. Again that anger seemed to cloud my thoughts. I tossed my head back and allowed the medicine to do its job.

“You called for…….” Asim appeared in the doorway. He looked around at the destroyed office. His eyes hitting the scattered papers, the broken lock, and the flipped over desk.

“You know?” he finally looked at me and said.

“I know? That’s all you have to fucking say to me?”

“Dr. Strong, I was….”

I held up a hand to stop him. I didn’t want to hear what he had to say. It didn’t matter. This would be handled. Just like I had to handle every goddamn thing around here, this would be no different.

“Call up to the hospital unit. Get an operating room prepped. We will terminate the pregnancy immediately.”

Asim gasped. His eyes widened as he stared at me in shock.

“You can’t do that. Think about this, Dr. Strong. You’ve done it. You have finally achieved what you set out to do. In 6 to 7 months you will have a living breathing unstoppable genetically enhanced soldier with all the attributes and mannerisms of a human. All your life’s work is in Morgan’s belly. Why would you throw it away?”

“NOT HER! It can’t be HER!” Her scent surrounded me. I turned to the left spotting her in the corner of my office. She smiled at me, beckoning me to come to her like always. She wanted me to destroy the parasite inside her. I could see it in her eyes. “I’ll do it for you, Morgan. I’ll take care of it.”

“Dr. Strong?” I turned back to Asim, he’s looking at me strange. “Who are you talking to?” He asked.

I turned towards Morgan and she was gone. She must had left when I didn’t solve her problem fast enough. She thought I wouldn’t do it for her. She thought I wouldn’t help her. She was angry with me again.

I heard Asim walk further into the room, but I didn’t pay him any attention. I had to find Morgan. I had to tell her that I would take care of our problem. I would make her better.

“What is this?”

I turned to the sound of Asim’s voice. He’s holding up one of the glass vials from my secret stash.

“That is none of your business.”

Asim looked to me and shook his head. “It all makes sense now. I knew something was off about you. Your fits of rage, your sporadic thought pattern, even the way you have become obsessed with Morgan.”

“I am not obsessed with Morgan. We are in love.”

Asim took a step back. “You are sick, Ryder. Do you remember the results the soldiers had after taking the serum? It caused delirium and bouts of uncontrollable rage in the human subjects. It’s why we had to shut down the project. Why would you purposely insert this into your bloodstream?”

I laughed at his question. This was always the problem when you worked with common men. They didn’t understand your genius. They didn’t know the risk one had to take to be great.

“Why wouldn’t I? The first round of serum wasn’t flawed. By the time we perfected the serum for Alpha, we had already stopped experimenting on humans. But I knew that the new serum would work on human subjects. It would just take time. Instead of injecting large amounts, I just needed smaller doses spread out over time. I have no side effects, and I am as strong and as indestructible as Alpha.” I held my hands out at my sides to show him how well the drug had benefitted me.

Asim shook his head. “You are in denial. You have the same side effects as the soldiers from the earlier trials. The only difference is your symptoms took longer to manifest. You are not like Alpha.”

His words, though spoken calmly, really pissed me off. He thought Alpha was better than me. He believed that Morgan would be better off with Alpha. He wanted to take Morgan away from me.

“Don’t let him separate us, Ryder.” Morgan whispered in my ear.

She never stutters when she was with me. I made her calm, unlike her husband and Alpha. My presence put her at ease.

“I’m sorry, Sir. But I am going to have to report you. You are unstable and not thinking straight. You need help.”

Asim turned to leave, I was on him before he could think about it. I smashed his head against the wall leaving a bloody smear. He fell to the ground. Unlike that beast Alpha, I didn’t have to do it twice. I knew that one time was enough to kill him. I had restraint. Which proved that the serum worked better on me. I was the true super soldier, not them. I no longer need any of them.

“You don’t, baby. All you need is me. Just take care of this little problem for me, and then you and I can be together. Just like I always wanted us to be.” Her sweet voice pleaded with me.

I knew she wasn’t here in the room with me, it was just my impeccable new hearing that allowed me to know what she wanted. And I was going to provide it for her, but first, I needed to secure our future.


“Morgan! Wake up. You must eat.”

Jesus he was going to make me big as a house.

Lately, it seemed like the only thing I liked to do was eat, sleep and have sex. I was once again awaken by the sound of Alpha’s voice.

“Mmmm” I grunted. “I’ll eat later. Let me sleep.” I answered without opening my eyes.

I snuggled closer to his chest, absorbing the warmth. His double heart beat pounded in my ear.

Alpha chuckled. “We only have a few more hours, is this how you would like to spend it?”

I could hear the teasing naughtiness in his voice. The more Alpha spoke to me, the less robotic it sounded. When he first spoke, he didn’t have much inflection to his words and he never said more than a few words at a time. Not because he didn’t know how to talk, I think it was because he never had. Now you could even feel the emotion in his words. I didn’t need to feel the heavy weight of his pulsing erection on my stomach to know that he meant to tease me.

My eyes popped open with a smile. I lifted my head to look down at Alpha. He winked at me before planting a quick kiss on my lips.

“I wish I could wake up this way all the time.”  I confessed.

He smiled and I loved what smiling did to his face. “Would you not grow weary of seeing me so often?”

“Are you kidding? I would never tire of being with you, Alpha.” I gazed into those silver eyes that had always had the ability to speak to me. “I love you.” Yes, I finally admitted it.

I no longer cared that it made me sound insane, or that he might be incapable or unable to understand what the emotion was. I didn’t even care if he didn’t feel the same way. I just couldn’t hold on to the words any longer. They were like caged birds trapped behind my lips fighting to come out. They needed to be free. I’d never said them before and actually meant them. When Trevor said them after three months of us dating, I thought he was joking. He was nice and I enjoyed spending time with him, but I knew I wasn’t in love with him. I wasn’t even in love with him when he asked me to marry him five months later. I did it because my parents told me I would be a fool and a disappointment if I didn’t. However, I know that I am in love with Alpha. I felt it that first day we made love. I told myself that I was just being sensitive to the first man that has truly showed me attention, but it is more than that. I knew it was.

“Yyyyyyyyou don’t hhhhhave to sssssssay it back. Iiiiiiiiii just.”

Alpha rose up from the bed and I sat up with him. He placed a hand to my cheek and I lifted my downcast eyes to him.

“Is love the word you use when you can’t stop thinking about another person? When the sight or mention of that person makes you smile and calms the rage inside you. Is love the word you use, when not being with that person brings you actual pain? Is it the feeling of floating when their eyes are on you, or when you feel their heart beat or the touch of their skin? Is love the word you use when no matter what happens to you, you will risk everything you have, even your well thought out plans of freedom, for that one person?”

My mouth hung open at his declaration. It seemed he understood the meaning of love better than any human that I knew. Even myself.

“Yes! That’s exactly what love means.”

Alpha smiled at me, those stunning eyes warming. “Then yes, Morgan. I love you, too.”

My lips found his in a kiss that was not sweet or slow. It was hard and rough and full of passion. His hands ran through my wild curly afro, holding me right where he wanted me. I moaned into his mouth and climbed to my knees, my hands on both sides of his face. I straddled Alpha’s lap, my breasts pressed to his chest. One of Alpha’s hand slid down my spine to my lower back to squeeze my ass. He broke our kiss to latch onto one of my puckered nipples. I threw my head back and whimpered as his hot tongue lapped over my sensitive breast. His hands continued to move lower until his fingers found my slippery slit. He growled when he felt the wet heat. He didn’t hesitate before he slipped two fingers inside me. I arched my back at the intrusion. My hips danced on his fingers.

“I need you.”

“You will have me, Morgan.” He removed his drenched fingers from inside my pussy and soon I felt his large cock head at my entrance. He rubbed the head against my slit, running it over my swollen clitoris, before parting my fat lips with it. Slowly, I widened my knees so that I could slip down onto his dick allowing the swollen flesh to stretch me open.

“Yes!” I moaned as I rocked my hips forward and then back.

“Ugh!” Alpha growled as he allowed my nipple to fall from his lips.

His pleasure filled moans sparked me on and I rocked faster, enjoying the little bite of pain from how deep he was. The sound of my moans and slippery center sucking him inside me echoed throughout the room. Alpha placed both of his hands at my side, guiding my hips in the rocking motion. He felt so good, tears slid down my face.

“I love you. I love you so much.” I chanted repeatedly as our bodies rolled together.

Soon I found myself underneath him. I lay on my stomach as his lips tracked slow kisses down my spine. I whimpered in protest when he slipped out of me.

“No. Dddddon’t stop.”

He chuckled from behind me as his tongue swirled around the middle of my lower back. He placed one hand under my right thigh and pushed it up towards my chest. From this position I was open wide for his eyes.  He placed a kiss on my ass cheek. I could only imagine what it looked like from that close up. From there he could probably see the stretch marks where the skin had expanded over time to give me the curves I’ve grown accustomed to. However, Alpha treated my backside as if it was the greatest thing he had ever seen. His wet and sweet kisses circled the entire area. And trust me, it was a lot of area to cover. Then he did the last thing I was expecting, he gently bit one cheek. The sting was exciting and painful at the same time. Before I could register the bite he was gently kissing it and licking the area. He did this multiple times in a few different spots. Biting, kissing, and then licking the sting away. By the time he moved lower I was a panting and horny mess.

No matter how turned on I was, I wasn’t prepared for what he did next. With one hand on each of my round globes, he spread them apart and then ran his tongue around my forbidden hole.

“Alpha!” I squealed, trying to pull away, but he held me down and continued to feast on my most private area. I buried my face in the pillow. This was one of those taboo things that I didn’t believe people actually did. Trevor definitely never attempted this. Yet Alpha had me moaning into this pillow like a crazy person. The way his tongue intruded into my rosebud, stretching it just a little. Before long, my hand was reaching back behind me and I pressed his head closer. Alpha growled at my demanding move. His tongue slipped out of my ass and slid down to my pussy. He cupped the lips into his mouth and sucked, all the while his tongue danced around my clit. I pushed my ass back, feeding him more of me.

“Yes, Alpha! Oh please don’t stop.”

He pulled away from his task for only a second to reply. “Never.” Before going back to my puckered star. He buried his face between my cheeks. When he inserted his two fingers into my heated center, I came with a soundless scream. My entire body shook as he continued to feast. When the orgasm finally started to wane. Alpha slowly kissed back up my body to my neck. I was too exhausted to lift my head to kiss him back. He covered my entire back as he held his heavy erection and slid it between my sensitive pussy lips. I flinched, but enjoyed the feel of him sliding home.

“I love you, Morgan.” He whispered the words in my ear as he slowly made love to me.

I reached for his hand and clasped it by my head, I planted a kiss on his hand wrapped in mine. He continued to push into me in slow deep strokes. My body was covered in sweat. Alpha picked up his pace, pushing my knee further up, he slid in deeper and I cried out as my second orgasm started to build. I felt it in the tips of my fingers and toes. This was going to be a big one. Alpha’s pace had picked up so much the bed was sliding from the wall and then slamming back against it making a banging sound.

“One more, Morgan. Give me one more.” He demanded in his deep voice.

My body obeyed. I came so hard I nearly buck him off of me. Alpha shoved into me so deep my toes curled up, then his odd cooling semen bathed my walls. He placed a kiss on the back of my neck then slid out of me. He fell to the mattress and pulled my body into his. We lay in silence as we came down from our high.

“If we leave this place, will you still stay with me outside these walls?” The words were not spoken, but just like many times lately, they pop into my head. They appear so loud and clear it’s like someone was speaking them to me, but they aren’t.

 I lifted up, leaning on my elbow to look down at him. His eyes were closed and his arm was lying across his face. He looked as if he were asleep, but I doubt he was.

“Did you just….” I didn’t finish my sentence.

Alpha’s finger came up to my lips to silence me. His silver eyes danced with secrecy and mirth. He slowly lowered his hand back down placing it behind his head as he continued to watch me.

He was waiting for me to answer, I didn’t need the mysterious words popping up in my head to know that’s what he wanted.

I placed my hand to his cheek, loving the feel of his short facial hair prickling my palm. He turned his head and placed a kiss in the center of my hand.

“Where ever you are, Alpha, I want to be.”

I prayed for the day that I would be able to leave this place with Alpha. Those dreams of living on a farm with him and our children had started to come more abundantly. I wanted them more than anything. I had no plans of going back to my family. I would send Trevor divorce papers and he could keep the house. I didn’t have any good memories in that place anyway. It was just as much of a prison as this facility. I was done being locked in any more prisons.

He leaned up from his position and placed a soft kiss on my lips.

“Soon.” He simply replied.

For only a moment I allowed his words to fill me with glee.  How I wished that he would get us out of here. I didn’t doubt Alpha’s capabilities, I knew that he could do anything he wanted to do. However, I also knew that Dr. Strong still had the upper hand. As long as he had that kill switch, I wasn’t going anywhere. I refused to leave this place without Alpha. I’d waited all my life to find someone to love me the way he did. For someone to look at me and know that I was enough, that I was perfect just the way that I was. I finally had that and I was not going to give him up. No! When I left this hell, I was leaving with Alpha by my side and as long as Ryder Strong had that device, I wasn’t risking it.

I lay back down beside Alpha, cuddling up to his warmth. He wrapped his free arm under me and held me close. We only got a few moments of peace and quiet before the alarm went off.

Alpha leaped up from his position. I’d never heard this alarm before, not even during the common weekly drills. I could hear the sound of shuffling feet outside the door.

“What’s going on?”

 Alpha turned to me and quickly demanded. “Get dressed.” He was on his feet pulling his black army fatigues up his muscled thighs. I stood to my feet on wobbly over worked legs. I barely got into my blue jumpsuit before the room door flew open.

Dr. Strong walked into the room surrounded by ten guards. The guards were dressed in their usual green fatigues, but they were wearing black Kevlar vest and big heavy guns.

“What’s going on?” I asked from my normal position behind Alpha’s back.

Whenever we were together, he always made sure he was standing between myself and any other male, especially Dr. Strong.

“We’re under attack.”

“By Who?”

“The government. They’ve become restless in their wait and have decided to take over project X. We have to take shelter, now.” Dr. Strong came towards us but Alpha gave one of his warning growls that had Dr. Strong stopping in his tracks.

“I don’t have time for this, Alpha. I must take Morgan and secure her before it’s too late.”

Again, Strong tried to come towards us. Usually in times like this, in order to keep the tension down, I’d go with Dr. Strong. If I didn’t, Dr. Strong would find a way to punish Alpha. I could handle the starving and cold, but I couldn’t stand not being able to see Alpha every day. I headed towards Dr. Strong.

Alpha’s arm shot out in front of me cutting me off. I stopped immediately and looked up to him. He wasn’t looking at me, he’s watching Dr. Strong.

“Alpha, what are you doing?” I whispered towards him. “He’ll try to keep me from you.”

Alpha paid me no mind.

“Come, Morgan!” Dr. Strong demanded.

I did notice that look in Dr. Strong’s eyes. Typically that look of madness was nothing more than a twinkle or glimmer. If you blinked you would miss that psychotic gleam in his eyes. However, now there was no hiding that deranged look. I believe Alpha must had noticed it too. He had yet to let me pass.

Suddenly, Dr. Strong started to laugh. It was the hysterical cackle of a madman. I wrapped my arms around Alpha’s biceps. My heart rate kicked up. I had a very bad feeling. I’d always known Dr. Strong was insane. I’d known since the first time I saw him on that terminal, but I was now convinced that it wasn’t just madness I was seeing. There was something else here, something unnatural.

“You always did think you were clever, Alpha.” Strong said as his laughter finally subsided. “You thought you were in control. When all this time, I was just using you.”

Alpha’s head turned to the side slightly as if he was studying more than just Strong’s words. I saw it too. There was something off about the way Dr. Strong was behaving.

“I needed them to think that my project was working. They thought I was making super soldiers, but the world doesn’t need soldiers, they need scientist.  Men that are intelligent beyond belief. Ones that can solve wars with their brainstorming and problem solving skills, not some brainless beast whose only skill is to fight and shoot. You aren’t special, Alpha. You aren’t the future of war. I am.”

Oh, my god! It was worse than I thought. Dr. Strong’s common sense had completely left the building and we were left with a lunatic.

“I will hold him off. You must run. Find Beta.” The words appeared in my head again.

This time I knew it was Alpha communicating with me. I clutched his bicep harder. I was not leaving him. I didn’t care what happened to me, I’d rather leave my life here in this place with him than to go back to the real world alone.

“I’m not leaving you.” I said the words out loud as I gripped his arm harder.

He still didn’t take his eyes off of Dr. Strong. Meanwhile, Dr. Strong watched me.

“You will go.” The words appeared again.  “You must keep our son safe. He grows inside you.”

I gasped as I released my hold on his arm and placed them over my belly.

I’m pregnant? I’m pregnant by Alpha! The tears well up in my eyes, all those things that I wrote off as common were actually signs of pregnancy.  I thought that the idea of having a baby in this place would upset me, but nothing will take away the joy of having Alpha’s child. Now I was even more determined to get out of here. I don’t want to leave Alpha, but I had to think of our child. Our child!

“Take the girl.” Dr. Strong announced.

Alpha blocked me with his body as the guards approached. The first guard got too close and Alpha quickly grabbed him by his vest, placed his hands on his head and snapped his neck dropping him to the floor. The first gun went off and I immediately knew something was different. It wasn’t the sound of the regular tranquilizer guns. Also, only one gun went off, usually it took a few shots to take him down. Alpha staggered and placed his hand over his chest.

“Alpha?” I called his name.

Before he could turn to face me, another gun went off, dropping Alpha to his knees.

A scream ripped from my lips. I quickly made my way to stand in front of him. Two bloody spots were in his chest, one only slightly higher than the other one. I ended up on my knees clutching his head to my chest.

“You hhhhhhhhhave to get up.”

Tears were pouring down my face. His silver eyes were still just as intense as the first day I saw him. Only this time, I saw more in them, I saw the love he had for me. How could I ever think he didn’t know what love was when it was always in those silver eyes. It had been there all along.

“Yyyyyyyyou can’t go. Yyyyyyyyyou can’t lllllllleave me.”

He placed a hand on my cheek. “I love……” The gun went off again and the bullet hit him in the middle of his forehead. Alpha’s hand dropped away, his head fell back and his eyes closed. I screamed. I let out all of my hurt and pain in that one scream. My body shook from the impact of my sobs.

“Take him down to his isolation cell. We will dispose of the body in the morning.” Dr. Strong grabbed my arm and yanked me off the ground.

I fought against his hold, but it felt impossible to break as he drug me out of the room. The last sight I saw of Alpha, was one of the guards kicking his lifeless body.

The moment we walked out into the hallway, the sound hit us. Even over the sound of the alarm blaring, we could hear the sound of the other super soldiers. They were doing a new kind of grunting chant. It wasn’t the same as the one they did for three weeks straight. This one was more like the sound I heard in the Cafeteria that day they brought me in to calm Alpha down. Only this one was a little longer drawn out sound. I wasn’t sure, but a part of me felt as if this chant was for mourning their fallen leader.

“I told you, Morgan, I always had a backup plan. Special made bullets. They are expensive to make, but worth every damn penny. In the morning, we will put one of those bullets in every single one of those creatures’ skull.” He continued to drag me through the hallways.

When we finally got to his private quarters, the first thing I noticed was how trashed his office was. Everything that was usually on his desk was now lying on the floor. The desk itself was even flipped over onto the floor. Broken glass bottles littered the ground. They looked like empty medicine vials. A few needles were tossed on to the pile. A smear of blood was on the wall near the door. I looked down to the floor beneath the smear and a scream leapt out of my mouth. Asim was lying on the ground, a pool of blood surrounded his head.

“Don’t worry! I took care of him for you. He tried to take you away from me, Morgan. I did it all for you.” Dr. Strong lifted his hand up in front of me, his palm faced out towards me. Those deranged eyes stared patiently back at me. I had no idea what he wanted until those crazed eyes glanced down at his hand then back to me. He wanted me to place my palm to his the same way I used to do with Alpha. He had lost his fucking mind. Even the thought of doing that with him made me want to vomit. Finally he gave up on waiting, grabbed my hand and placed it to his. He smiled at me like we were sharing a moment before he clutched his fingers to mine and walked me pass the destroyed office and into his sitting room. My heart was beating so fast I felt faint. Alpha was dead, and I was now locked in a room with a psychopath. I had to find a way out of here. There was nothing good that could come from this. I didn’t know what Dr. Strong had planned for me, but I knew that I wouldn’t like it.

“Have a seat, Morgan.”

He pushed me down onto the sofa. I remember him sleeping on this sofa when I was forced to stay in his bedroom. From my view on the couch I realized that he could see me the entire time. That feeling of being watched wasn’t just a feeling. It makes me nauseous to know that while I was lying in bed asleep, he was watching me.

He walked over to the wet bar on the other side of the room. My eyes scanned the area for anything I could use as a weapon. Then I spotted it, on top of the television stand was a ceramic figurine of a faceless man playing a saxophone. It looked just heavy enough to knock someone out.

“Here you go.” Dr. Strong’s voice appeared in front of me.

He held two wine glasses with dark red liquid inside.

“I thought we should celebrate our first night together.”

My eyes widened at his words. What the hell does he mean our first night together? Did he honestly think I was going to be intimate with him? He just killed the love of my life, and not to mention there is a possible dead body in the other room.

I take the glass only because I was too shocked and confused to think straight.

“I know you are married,” Dr. Strong went on to say as he sat down beside me. That madness was dancing in his brown eyes as he watched me. “But don’t worry, I plan on taking care of him as soon as possible. Right along with the bastard in your belly. My offspring will be of greater value than Alpha’s.”

I fought to not vomit all over myself. He was not taking my child away from me. This baby was all that remained of Alpha and I would never let him go. The tears started to fill my eyes again when I thought of Alpha. How could a love as strong as ours be wiped out so easily? Our love grew despite these horrible conditions, like a rose in cracked cement. We deserved forever. There was no way my life could be this damn awful. To finally find true love just to have it ripped from me.

“Don’t cry, my love. I will always take care of you. To our future.” He lifted his wine glass to mine and clinked it before taking a sip. I placed my glass on the coffee table in front of me. I was not up for celebrating and I was definitely not drinking anything he gave me.

“Wwwwwwhen will you get rrrrrrid of my bbbbbbbaby.” I needed to know how much time I had to get out of here.

“You don’t stutter when you talk to me.” His eyebrows furrowed in anger.

I didn’t even know how to respond to that. However, I did know that Dr. Strong was on a thin line of sane and chaos. I had to be smart about not triggering him. I would have to pull out all the lessons I’d learned while dealing with Trevor and my parents. I settled my nerves and pulled a smile from the depths of me.

“Iiiiiii’m just nervous.”

His smile returned and he ran a hand over my cheek. I dug my nails into the palm of my hand to remind myself not to flinch.

“I know. And I will take care of the bastard first thing in the morning. Then you and I will disappear. In about a year we will come back out from hiding where I will showcase my new project.”

“What’s the nnnnnnnnew project?”

He smiled and it wasn’t a kind smile, it’s more deranged than I’d ever seen.

“Me.” He simply said. “And our children.”

Oh, My God! I was going to be sick.