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Virgin Ready To Eat

Victoria Parker

### GC-1027 ###

Virgin Ready To Eat

by Victoria Parker


The onset of puberty invariably brings with it the dawning awareness of sexuality, of a child’s inherent masculinity or femininity, and the struggle to put that sexuality into proper perspective.

For some, the transition occurs with relative ease. For others the change is marked by tension and anxiety, and a growing awareness that their world is changing much faster than they would like.

For the young girl in this book, the initiation into the world of sexuality is full of frustration and fear. Eager to explore the bounds of her femininity, she becomes a victim of her own desires, until she learns the power she holds over the men in her life.

VIRGIN READY TO EAT—the story of a young girl’s struggle to make her own, very personal transition into adulthood. It is a lesson for society.

-The Publisher