Winifred Avalda

Sex ahead!


It was past eleven and if a stranger had been in Tuttleville that evening he would have assumed that most of the people who lived there went to bed with the chickens. He would have been right, even if they didn't go right to sleep after they got into bed.

Maple Street, which was in one of the town's nicer residential areas, was in darkness, except for the lights that glowed in several upstairs windows. At number 212 which was the Baker residence, a light shined in the upstairs' window that was Mrs. Baker's bedroom. Inside, Dorothy Baker was giggling instead of sleeping. She couldn't help giggling when she was being tickled, and right now she was giggling uncontrollably.

"Oh Mark, stop!" she gasped, trying to catch her breath. "Please, no more… don't."

She was naked and face down on the bed, her head and shoulders resting on the mattress, her beautiful blonde hair in disarray. But she was on her knees, so that her rear end was sticking up in the air. Pressed up close behind her, Mark was sitting between her calves, his legs stretched out on either side of her. He had a firm loving grip on her smooth satiny buns with his face thrust from time to time, into the groove between the round fleshy globes of her ass.

"No more now," said Dorothy. "Take it easy."

"I thought you liked analingus, Mom," said Mark with a laugh.

"My, what a fancy name for running your tongue up and down the crack of your mother's bum, and kissing and licking all over and around her butthole," Dorothy replied, breathing heavily. "You know I like it, or I wouldn't be letting you do it. My God, if our neighbors could see us like this. You'd think that doing naughty things with my son is something I'd be used to by now."

"Gosh, Mom, I thought I'd found all your ticklish spots. I never knew about this one before."

"Well you know about it now. Gimme a break."

"How come I've never found this ticklish spot before, Mom?" asked Mark. "It doesn't bother you when I put my prick up your bumhole. And I've been fucking you in the ass for the past two years. Since…"